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Design of Testing Center
Šrůtková, Markéta ; Paliatka, Peter (referee) ; Rubínová, Dana (advisor)
The topic of the master thesis is the design of the sampling centre. The aim is to design a specialized sampling center for a team of workers who will be able to easily collect patient samples from saliva or nasopharynx and then test them in appropriate working conditions during a pandemic situation. The design is supported by design, technical and ergonomic analysis and complemented by insights from expert consultation. The design is beneficial in addressing problematic situations in product use from the perspective of both workers and patients. The solution respects the links between human, machine and environment. The final design stands out with an elegant and compact solution that also comprehensively addresses the exterior and interior of the product. The main contribution of the design is the idea of a possible space solution with the placement of the necessary equipment in the situation where a collection centre has to be implemented. The design has aesthetic quality and innovative solutions.
Construction and application of mobile robots suitable for non-industrial (non-production) use
Kocanda, Jakub ; Pavlík, Jan (referee) ; Knoflíček, Radek (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with mobile robots, their construction, applications in many non-manufacturing spheres. The literature search summarizes the principles of construction of these robots based on their possible application in a wide range of work environments. The research also includes an analysis of the key factors that affect their functionality and efficiency in assigned tasks and situations. In the next part are presented advances and potential directions for innovation in this area by using examples from practice. The summary of the work is to evaluate the key aspects and suggest further possible procedures in the development of these intelligent machines, in order to achieve a comprehensive understanding of this diverse subject.
Security management system in industry enterprise
Hochman, Jan ; Kotek, Luboš (referee) ; Rozehnalová, Jana (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the health and safety management system in the company TIRAD s.r.o. The first part contains a general introduction to the concept of health and safety and its importance for the company. The second part deals with occupational health and safety in the company, evaluating the measures related to the health of employees at work and the safety of the company. The third part evaluates the safety of the enterprise and a possible proposal for some improvement of safety in the enterprise.
Proposal for Changes of Motivational Programme in a Selected Company
Zadražilová, Kateřina ; Krobot, David (referee) ; Petrová, Kateřina (advisor)
The diploma thesis focuses on the motivational system within a selected company. This system is explored through a qualitative research and analysis of employee satisfaction. A deductive-inductive approach is used in the research, and data are collected using unstandardized questioning techniques combined with individual semi-structured interviews involving 18 employees, the company owner, and an HR representative. The analysis reveals that employees are primarily dissatisfied with the flexibility of the workplace and working hours, transparency in remuneration, the setup of performance bonuses, the lack of sick days and pension insurance benefits and communication. Therefore, the proposal section outlines measures to increase flexibility, reset internal wage regulations and performance bonuses, expand employee benefits, and improve communication.
The influence of the working environment on the quality of posture - applied ergonomics and physiotherapy in the office environment
This bachelor's thesis explores the impact of the work environment on body posture quality within the context of office settings. The objective of this study is to analyze how factors of the work environment, such as furniture ergonomics, workstation arrangement, and work tools, affect employees' body posture, and how these factors can be optimized to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and enhance overall comfort. The study focuses on two primary areas of intervention: applied ergonomics and physiotherapy. Concerning applied ergonomics, the thesis investigates principles and practices for designing work environments that promote healthy body posture and mitigate the risks of adverse effects caused by prolonged sitting. Additionally, it evaluates the ergonomic aspects of technical equipment and employees ergonomic habits. Physiotherapy constitutes the second pillar of this work. The research examines how a physiotherapeutic approach can assist employees in improving body posture quality, enhancing muscle stability, and preventing potential musculoskeletal disorders. This section of the thesis presents specific physiotherapeutic exercise procedures and techniques suitable for office environments. The practical part of the work was conducted in the form of a qualitative research on a sample of three subjects. I conducted an analysis of existing ergonomic and physiotherapeutic approaches and case studies investigating the specific implementation of these approaches in a selected company. The results indicate that proper ergonomics of the working environment and regular physiotherapy can effectively contribute to maintaining healthy body posture of employees and thus their overall comfort and productivity.
Motivation and Satisfaction of Managers in the Selected Company
Dlabajová, Eva ; Kruntorádová, Markéta (referee) ; Konečný, Štěpán (advisor)
This master's thesis deals with the satisfaction of managers and the correct grasp of the motivational style by management and society. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and empirical. In the theoretical part, basic concepts are defined: manager, management, leader, leadership. Next, the types of leadership styles of managers are defined and compared. Subsequently, the concept of need, motive, motivation is explained here and the most basic tools for motivation are presented. The empirical part contains a qualitative research study carried out through semi-structured interviews, the aim of which was to answer the main research questions. At the same time, it was investigated what influences this phenomenon and what type of cooperation or help the respondents would welcome to improve their work performance. The goal of this work is to make a concrete proposal that will lead to an increase in work performance.
Communication and corporate culture in construction engineering
Macinková, Martina ; Molnár, Josef (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on communication and corporate culture in the construction engineering, with an emphasis on importance and improvement. The thesis aims to capture the importance of this topic in the context of the construction engineering. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the issue of communication and culture in the construction industry is examined in detail to provide a comprehensive overview. The practical part presents the results of the research conducted, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. The data was obtained through questionnaire surveys and guided interviews with employees of selected construction companies. The paper concludes with a summary of partial conclusions and formulates recommendations for improving communication and corporate culture in construction companies. This work included a proposal for a more effective survey methodology and tips for making the industry more attractive to young people.
Employee Motivation and Possibilities of its Influencing
Koranda, Lukáš ; Chlebková, Iva (referee) ; Jakubcová, Marie (advisor)
The thesis discusses the importance of motivation and possibilities of its increasing on knowledge-based motivational profile of employees. In the first, theoretical part, there are provided the basis of motivation, definitions and basic concepts. The second part analyzes the current state of the work, methods of motivation and motivational profiles of workers. The following section, based on findings from previous parts, presents the draft measures increasing work motivation.
Creativity, Innovation and Organizational Culture
Lahučký, Jakub ; Koutná, Radka (referee) ; Franková, Emilie (advisor)
The Diploma thesis is dealing with creativity, innovation and organizational culture. In the theoretical part are defined relationships between these aspects. In the practical part, based on a questionnaire survey, personal observation and interviews with employees of IBM Delivery Center Brno Central Europe an evaluation of organizational culture is created. And based on the identified deficiencies, the proposals leading to increased creativity of individuals and teams in the company, increased employee‘s motivation and improved overall organizational culture of the company, are made.
Stainless steel for steam sterilizer components
Hradil, David ; Němec, Karel (referee) ; Pacal, Bohumil (advisor)
The thesis titled "Stainless steel for steam sterilizer components" is focused on the selection of the optimum stainless steel for the device, in our case, pure steam generator. In this thesis are introduced the main mechanisms and types of corrosion. There are divided and characterized by various types of stainless steels. The choice of material is carried out with regard to the working environment and the technological possibilities of the individual types of stainless steels.

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