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Software Application for Assessment of Selected Indicators
Bureš, Marek ; Novotná, Veronika (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
This bachelor’s thesis aims to create a financial plan for the company Smartgym s.r.o. through the usage of chsoen indicators. All of this is going to be contained in an excel application, which will be available for continual usage in upcoming years for the company, not only for repeated calculations of economic indicators, but also statistic indicators, which are going to serve as basis for strategic decision making in investment field.
The consumer loans analysis using statistical methods
Božíková, Barbora ; Löster, Tomáš (advisor) ; Šimpach, Ondřej (referee)
Consumer loans are part of loan products provided by bank institutions. This diploma thesis is focused on possibility of identifying risk clients with the consumer loans, using available data set. In the first part of the work was briefly mentioned the credit process and also theoretical basis of statistic methods used in empirical part of the work. In the second part were investigated dependencies, and was described the clients structure. Then the discriminant analysis was applied, with the aim to identify the sorting criteria, which could recognize the risk and unproblematic clients. Subsequently the results of the analysis were evaluated and described the identified connections.
Statistical analysis of the consumption of table wine in the Czech Republic with a specific focus on boxed wine
Procházková, Romana ; Šimpach, Ondřej (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Věra (referee)
The aim of this work is a statistical analysis of the consumption of table wine in the Czech Republic with a specific focus on boxed wine. The work is divided into three parts. The first section describes the basic theoretical concepts and statistical methods used in the practical part of this work. The second part analyzes the respondents' answers to survey questions of MML-TGI (Market & Media & Lifestyle -- Target Group Index). The third part is focused on the analysis of time series - the evolution of prices of table wines. The conclusion summarizes the results of this work. Based on the polynomial regression approach the time series of average prices for individual types of table wine are aligned, and they are clearly shown in the graphs.
Design and creation of BI systems documentation
Andrle, Ondřej ; Pour, Jan (advisor) ; Zajíc, Ján (referee)
This work deals with the different kinds of documents and documentations accompanying an implementation of Business Intelligence Systems. The character and structure of this work is influenced by cooperation with the Cleverdecision company. This company has enabled analytic work with data from medical registers by implementing the BI solution into the medical sphere. The implemented BI solution is in this work documented in two directions. First documentation is certain specification of the BI solution including architecture, descriptions of single components and applied hardware and software. This documentation is mainly a demonstration of the description of possibilities of the BI system and it is put after the theoretical part. The Theoretical part is about document types, which originates at the projecting of BI systems. The second documentation is intended for end users of the systems and it is put in the enclosure. It explains the possibilities of work with pivot tables in Microsoft Excel backgrounds that are used for analytic work with data. By the help of this documentation the user will be able to connect to multidimensional cube and draw up quality and predicative outputs. These two documentations are the main aims of the work. This work also mentions different end users groups and their abilities to work with the reports. In the end of the work there is an analysis of the single periods and principles of formulation of the user documentation.

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