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Constructing the school counselling department at Royal Elementary School in Prague - a case study
Nováková, Adriana ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The case study describes the process of building a school counselling centre at a particular private school in Prague. The theoretical part provides a professional framework and describes what is the purpose of a school counselling centre, how it is defined in the legislation of Czech republic, who are its members and what is the job description of each of them. However, each school has its own specific needs of the management, teachers and pupils, and the counselling centre should respond to them. The practical section details the steps in the process of setting up a counselling centre and presents a way of thinking and specific questions that the founder may ask. The output of the work is also a proposal for the concept of a school counselling centre as it will operate in this particular school. The work is an inspiration to other schools that are just starting their counselling centres.
Biblical Stories in Hagiotherapy and Pastoral Care
Kynclová, Dana ; Kučera, Miloš (advisor) ; Viktorová, Ida (referee)
KYNCLOVÁ, Dana. Biblical Stories in Hagiotherapy and Pastoral Care. Praha, 2013. Master's thesis. Charles University. Faculty of Education. Department of Psychology. Supervisor M. Kucera. Keywords: pastoral care, hagiotherapy, Christianity, integrated approach, psychology, theology, spirituality, religion, psychotherapy, Bible, Bible stories, exegesis, existential psychotherapy This thesis deals with the relationship of hagiotherapy and pastoral care on the basis of their approach to work with motifs from biblical stories. The theoretical framework of the study are various findings on the relationship of psychology and theology and their application disciplines of psychotherapy and pastoral care from a clear definition of the boundaries of both disciplines to their integration. Due to the default assumption that personality is composed of bio-psycho-social-spiritual needs, an integrative model has the potential to meet human needs in this wholeness. Hagiotherapy, as a direction of existential psychotherapy using Bible stories as a therapeutic tool, is close in nature to pastoral care and this fact gave rise to the research project. The aim of the research is to determine how hagiotherapy and pastoral care work with the motifs of biblical stories and whether it is possible to find similarities in...
Communication between Clergy and Communicants in crisis situations
Vacková, Lucie Isabela ; Liguš, Ján (advisor) ; Kolář, Pavel (referee)
Summary: Komunikace duchovního s věřícími v krizových situacích Communication between Clergy and Communicants in crisis Lucie Isabela Vacková This thesis entitled Communication between Clergy and Communicants in crisis focuses on the work of hospital chaplains. At the beginning, there is a description of basic terms such as communication, priest and crisis. Furthermore, the thesis discusses the pastoral care with regard for the ill and dying ones. In particular chapters biblical and psychological view of illness, dying and death are introduced. In the Chapter Pastoral Care I describe the main goals of care, the history of charity in term of the Christian Church, the main method of pastoral care- conversation and the current situation in the area of care in hospitals in the Czech Republic. The research was conducted in hospital in Chrudim on the department of long-term care. The research`s objective was to determine how the patients percieve the pastoral care, what they expect from the pastoral care and whether they would personally use this care. Pastoral care in hospitals in the Czech Republic is still being shaped up. People often worry that a priest will try to persuade them to believe, if they use his services. Therefore, they are rather indifferent to this care, sometimes aggressively refusing. The...
Pastoral care at the facilities of The Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren
Kazmířová, Jitka ; Beneš, Ladislav (advisor) ; Janečková, Hana (referee)
This work deals with pastoral care at the facilities of The Diaconia of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren (DECCB) with a focus on residential facilities for the elderly. It brings a closer look into the organization DECCB, its history and organizational culture, it summarizes the current knowledge of elderly age. Attention is paid to communication with seniors as well as to residence facilities for the elderly and to spiritual needs in elderly age. The practical part of the thesis presents the results of qualitative research carried out among pastoral workers who work in the residential homes for elderly people. The research deals with the offer of pastoral care in homes, specific questions within individual pastoral care of the elderly, and also personal requirements of the pastoral worker.
Josef Cardinal Beran
Pěstová, Pavla ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (referee)
Cardinal Josef Beran S.M.Bernadetta Pavla Pěstová, OSU This thesis deals with reference and work of Josef Cardinal Beran, especially from the perspective of his pastoral work as an educationalist, the diocesan bishop and cardinal living in forcible exile. The thesis consists of five chapters. The first charter describes Beran's life hierarchically and emphasizes his clarical activity. The second charter deals with his teaching activities. Furthermore, this charter focuses on the selected publications that Cardinal Beran wrote during his life. A fundamental part of this thesis is the third chapter, dealing with the activities of the Archbishop from 1945 to 1949. The final chapters are devoted to activities in the intervent of Josef Beran in Roman exile. Cardinal Josef Beran ranks among the leading personalities of the 20th century. His legacy remains alive even today. Keywords pastoral care, teacher, the Catholic Church, totalitarianism, exile, Archbishop, Cardinal
Parish development Lysá nad Labem and Milovice in the years 1985-2006
Zoubek, Alois ; Opatrný, Aleš (advisor) ; Eliáš, Vojtěch (referee)
The work describes the life of the parishes in Lysá nad Labem and Milovice term of demographis changes, changes in the composition of the population, changes in kontent and style of pastoral work and he history of parishes. It describes the involvement of laity in pastoral work, the development of cultural and social life in the parishes over the years 1985-2006 with respekt to charles in society dutiny that period and in connection with the departure of Societ troops from our territory.
Pastoral care for palliative patients and their families
Víravská, Marie ; Kolář, Pavel (advisor) ; Stretti, Sylvie (referee)
This study is aimed at a pastoral care of palliative patients and their families (the bereaved). The first part is dedicated to the content of the pastoral care of the dying person and the naming of individual tasks. There is described a pastoral conversation that is accompanied in the course of caring typical for this group of patients and the pastoral targets. The second part is devoted to the care of the bereaved and its possibilities in the current time. There is giving a description of the particular stages in terms of the bereaved and the carers and the specifics of the care of a bereaved child. It is ended with a chapter discusses about the importance of the hope (particularly transcendental) in the pastoral care of the dying person and the bereaved families.
Reminiscence in pastoral care: the use of memories and recollection in the pastoral care of the elderly
Fojtů, Daniela ; Janečková, Hana (advisor) ; Čížková, Hana (referee)
This Master's thesis focuses on the presence and use of remembrance in the context of pastoral care for the elderly within the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren. The aim of this thesis is to explore various ways, in what specific situations, reminiscence is present and used in the context of pastoral care as well as to identify specific reminiscence tools that are utilized in the process of pastoral care for the elderly. This thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part focuses on explaining the theoretical bases for this thesis by focusing on two main topics: pastoral care for the elderly and reminiscence work, and outlines ways in which both areas are connected. The second part is focused on qualitative research using semi-structured interviews with pastors. This investigation aims to arrive at an answer to the primary reseach question about the role of reminiscence within pastoral care for the elderly.
Pastoral Care and Worship of Churches with the Focus on Roma People
Koucká, Dana ; Vik, Dalibor (advisor) ; Vogel, Jiří (referee)
v českém jazyce Ve své bakalářské práci se zaměřuji na pastorační a bohoslužebné aktivity církví v romské komunitě. Na začátku hovořím o romské historii, dále o pastoraci a sociální práci a nakonec rozebírám duchovní činnosti v rámci romské komunity, organizované jak českou, tak i romskou populací. V části praktické se pak zaměřuji na rozhovory s duchovními, jež se v této komunitě pohybují. Mezi romskou menšinou se již sama delší dobu pohybuji při různých kulturních a náboženských událostech. Je pro mě důležité, že se mohu ve své práci podělit i osobní zkušenosti. Cíle práce jsou v rámci rozhovorů s duchovními následující: 1) Zjistit, jaké prospěšné aktivity pořádá církev pro romskou komunitu 2) Zjistit, jak funguje spolupráce s Romy na církevních aktivitách 3) Objasnit specifika romské spirituality
Word of God in the Pastoral Care of the Sick
Brejla, Pavel ; Tichý, Radek (advisor) ; Prokeš, Josef (referee)
The aim of this bacherol's thesis is to map God's Word in pastoral care of the sick. And getting these questions to be answered: By which methods is the God's Word utilized in the pastoral care of the sick? In an introduction of this thesis I will look into the usage of the Word of God in a pastoral care, defining the Word of God's source, its main effect on the pastoral care and the difference between The Spoken Word of God and The Incarnated Word. In addition, the thesis will focused on the Spoken Word - in the Testament and how to work with it. It determines a dissimilarity of the Word of God's impact on a everyday life and in a disease. In the second preparatory chapter I will deal with the pastoral care defined by a pastoral conversation and its principles. I will also describe theological aspects of illness, an overview on death and sickness seeing with eyes of Faith. In an analytical chapter I will examine literature sources related to exact topics later to be thoroughly analyzed. In the final synthetic analyse I will emphasize particular crucial topics. A methodology of work: by an analytical-critical method I will analyse effective pastoral care of the sick noticed in literature sources. It will also classify individual segments to be further Keywords: the word of God, the sacramenta, a...

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