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Security Of Web Applications In Php
Slunsky, Tomas
This article deals with the security of web applications, focussing on vulnerabilities inweb applications written in PHP language. This work reveals existing security issues, demonstratesthe impact of them and propose solution with more approaches. The solution focuses mainly onthe level of network filtering with Intrusion Detection System (IDS) or Intrusion Prevention Systems(IPS). There are more issue solution approaches and it will therefore be possible to propose the bestone and describe it more.
Admissions in Information System
Witassek, Pavel ; Musil, Rudolf (referee) ; Hruška, Tomáš (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a solution for the electronization of the study department within the BUT IS, which will be universal for all faculties. The work deals with the electronization of administrative procedures within students. The final implementation consists of several parts, the first part is the settings module of administrative procedures and the second module is management for concrete procedures.
Smart Digital Mirror for Individual Sports
Opichal, Tomáš ; Beran, Vítězslav (referee) ; Herout, Adam (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is to create a practical solution for individual athletes in the form of a digital mirror, which can become an alternative to observing yourself in an ordinary mirror. The work contains and emphasizes the benefits of a digital mirror. Much of the work is devoted to the transfer of video between various devices for the ability to combine multiple videos on a single screen. The core of the solution is a mobile application for the Android platform, which works in various modes, the choice of which depends on how the application is used. The application was continuously tested with a group of users, resulting in iterative improvements to the application's features and the addition of new features. Furthermore, a web variant of the application was implemented, which increases the possibility of using the digital mirror across different platforms. The results of testing show that this whole solution can be used in the practical training of sports exercises and the application has the potential to connect with various sports.
Timetable Planning Information System
Kuchynka, Marek ; Veigend, Petr (referee) ; Dytrych, Jaroslav (advisor)
This work deals with the planning of teaching and exams schedules at the Faculty of Information Technology of the Brno University of Technology. The goal is to design and create a new web-based information system that will help to create new schedules and allow students to be involved in the planning process. The application will be tailored to the requirements of the faculty, whose detailed analysis forms the first part of this work. The second part deals in detail with the design, implementation and testing of the created application, which was already used in planning the actual schedules.
Interactive Visualisation of Manufacture Schedules with Editing Capabilities
Gladiš, Damián ; Kočí, Radek (referee) ; Hrubý, Martin (advisor)
Bachelor thesis deals with visualizing production schedules using a web application where the displayed production schedule can be interactively edited. According to Gantt's diagram, a scheme was designed to display the production schedule and its editing properties. Technologies such as PHP, HTML, MySQL, XAMPP, CSS, JavaScript and SQLITE3 were used to develop this web application. The solution was tested on several different production schedules.
Information System of a Company Focused on Surface Treatment
Viščor, Matúš ; Hynek, Jiří (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
This work solves the analysis of the requirements of the company engaged in surface modifications and subsequently a proposal and implementation of the information system. It is emphasized to manage contracts to plan the activity to commute a minimum resident of production in the company. The system also offers management stocks of various colors from different manufacturers and offers statistics on their consumption for analysis. UML diagrams for your design and Framework Laravel together with JavaScript libraries for its subsequent implementation were used to address the selected problem.
Information System for Evaluating the Activities of the Criminal Police
Frandel, Martin ; Hynek, Jiří (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
The aim of this work is to create a system for evaluating criminal police investigators. The necessary data needed to evaluate investigators are obtained from regular and mandatory inspections during the investigation. This informations are used for evaluating of investigators in real time. These informations are necessary for superiors who are according to them then able to take the necessary measures in a timely manner.
Information System for Management of Company Employees
Sklenář, Pavel ; Křivka, Zbyněk (referee) ; Bartík, Vladimír (advisor)
Purpose of this thesis is to help companies in terms of managing their own employees including analysis of employees shifts using OLAP, thanks to OLAP analysis companies can find out for example total delays on employees shifts. Information system is created as a web application implemented in PHP using the Laravel framework with MySQL database. Information system functionalities are: employees management, including management of employees attendances, Google Drive management, generating various files in PDF format, viewing various statistics, employees ratings, shifts management, vacations management, diseases management, employees languages management, reports management, injuries management. 
Database for Genealogical Models
Hoffmann, Michael ; Zbořil, František (referee) ; Kočí, Radek (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is part of the DEMoS project, aiming to create a system for managing digitized records of old registries. This thesis aims to design and develop an application with a database to allow users to manage created or generated genealogical models. At the same time, it will be possible to link people listed in the models with records in the database of digitized registries. Following technologies were used for the solution and implementation - PHP, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Neo4j. 

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