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Vila - apartment house
Selivorstov, Pavlo ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The bachelor's thesis follows up on the studio assignment from the second year of the bachelor's study. This is a villa building in the Brno-Líšeň district. The plot is located on its outskirts near the Marian Valley. During the design, it was necessary to take into account the specific northern slope of the plot, and therefore make the most of a small amount of natural light. The location of the villa completed the corner of Ondráčková Street with Zlámanky Street. The proposed building contains three floors. Parking is provided outdoors on a paved area. The proposal contains the Documentation for the construction and the Documentation for the building permit. Viladům contains a total of thirteen housing units. Ten units are flats 3 + kk and three 1 + kk. These can also serve as an apartment or studio. The villas are designed from the Porotherm system, supplemented by reinforced concrete structures. The material solution is very simple and clean. The facade has white plaster, windows wooden shutters that open horizontally. The slope of the land is used for roads and a garden, which is located in the southern part of the land, where the stairs lead. The aim of the work was to design modern housing on the outskirts of Brno-Líšeň.
Living in the suburbs
Nováčková, Karla ; Klimecký, Martin (referee) ; Gerö, Jiří (advisor) ; Pěnčík, Jan (advisor)
The subject of my bachelor's thesis is to design a residential building on the outskirts of Brno. The building site is located on the outskirts of Líšeň, in a lucrative area near Mariánské valley. During the process it was necessary to consider the specific northern slope of the building site and thus make maximum use of a limited amount of natural light. I designed a house with seven housing units, common areas and commercial space. The apartment complex consists of two buildings. The main one has an L-shaped floor plan and there are all housing units, including garages, cellars and technical facilities. The second building is also L-shaped, but this time frontal viewed, there is a commercial space with a glass wall to the main street, space for facilities and on the roof there is a spacious walking terrace for social life and a small common room. The two objects together create a semi-public space. This courtyard is optically separated from the busy streets by the buildings themselves. There is greenery and the space is ideal for young families with small children. Another widely used space will be the garden, a strip of greenery left in the southern part of the plot. The residential building itself is very indented in terms of material. Four terraces and three atriums are taken from the whole mass of the letter L, which creates a private outdoor space for the residents. Terraces and atriums are only in the maisonettes, so that even bedsits located on the ground floor have a private outdoor seating area. There are also ground-floor terraces, which are accessible from each living room. The construction is actually a wall system made of Porotherm bricks. Ferroconcrete columns are used in the underground parking spaces. Horizontal load-bearing structures are ferroconcrete monolithic ceilings. The material solution is clean and simple. The façade is light grey with a concrete screed on the plinth and anthracite-colored doors and window frames.
Living on the outskirts of the city
Brabcová, Eliška ; Žalmanová, Petra (referee) ; Šindlar, Jiljí (advisor) ; Matějka, Libor (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis follows on from the courses “Studio creation AG 032” and “Complex project AG 036”. The main theme of the bachelor's thesis is the design of a residential building on the outskirts of the city Brno. The corner plot is situated on the very edge of the Líšeň district, near to the Mariánské údolí valley. The building is located in the northern part of the plot, in the southern part there is a garden. The main entrance to the plot is from Ondráčkova Street. The entrance to the underground garages is from the side road. A significant element of the building's concept is an exterior staircase. The staircase is used not only as a vertical communication, but also as a design element of the facade. The staircase is situated on the northern facade of the building. Considering cardinal directions, north facing orientation of the staircase is ideal. The floor plan of the building is regular, rectangular in shape. The building is not divided in any way, only in certain places the material is appropriately removed in order to create loggias. Each apartment has its own loggia, except for the “1+KK” (one bedroom apartment with kitchenette) on the 2nd floor. Each apartment on the ground floor has a secured terrace, which is accessible from the living room. It is a four-storey residential building. The upper floors are used for living, there is a total of 6 housing units of various sizes, including one duplex. The basement is used to access the house – collective garage, cellar, utility room and cleaning room.
Sanitary installations and gas pipeline in the building for living
Zálešák, Adam ; Vrána, Jakub (referee) ; Vaščáková, Alena (advisor)
This Bachelor´s thesis deals with design sanitation installation and gaspipeline in object for housing. It is a object for housing with three floors and basement. The theoretical part is focused on the rainwater and rainwater managment. The computational part and project includes a proposal sanitary and storm sewer, water supply system, gaspipeline and their connection to the current pipes.
Sanitation installations and gas installations in the building for housing
Němcová, Kristýna ; Vaščáková, Alena (referee) ; Vrána, Jakub (advisor)
This Bachelor´s thesis deals with design sanitation installation and gas installation in object for housing. It is a object for housing with three floors and basement. The theoretical part is focused on the installation precasts. The computational part and project includes a proposal sanitary and storm sewer, water supply system, pipeline and their connection to the current pipes.
Multifunctional Building
Šrejma, Jan ; Klimek, Karel (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
The aim of this diploma thesis is design of multifunctional building in the town Zábřeh in dis-trict Šumperk. The house is no basement. It is divided into two operating parts – commercial space and residential space. The building has four floors. Vertical supporting structure are formed by ceramic system Porotherm, horizontal supporting structures are formed by ceramic inserts Porotherm. The building is covered with a flat roof.
Nursing Home
Uhrová, Anna ; Klímek, Karel (referee) ; Čuprová, Danuše (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with design of nursing home on plot in Říčky, Brno–country district. The house is without cellar and has two parts - apartment building and public building. Public building has two floors; apartment building has three floors. The vertical load-bearing structure consists mainly of Porotherm ceramic system, horizontal load-bearing structure consists of Spiroll panels. Both buildings are roofed with a gable roof.
Block of flats Velká Bíteš
Ustohal, Libor ; Mizera, Pavel (referee) ; Smolka, Radim (advisor)
In the masters´s thesis I make the layout documents of a building for living which will be used for 88 persons. The building is cellarless with five overhead floors and eight inbuilt garages. Peripheral structural framings are made of Porotherm blocks. The whole building is covered with flat roof.

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