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Analysis of Landscape Deforestation Using Satellite Imagery
Javorka, Martin ; Španěl, Michal (referee) ; Beran, Vítězslav (advisor)
Today is important to protect forest resources and tracking deforestation is essential. Re- mote sensing has an important role in this monitoring effort. This thesis studies four different techniques for detecting deforestation from satellite imagery - using both optical and radar data. The specifics of Earth observation data and geospatial analyses are described. The analytical techniques are used for detecting deforestation in the study area of Chocske vrchy. Image segmentation with Unet neural network model is used to classify there all deforested patches.
Archiv družicových dat CENIA
Kvapil, Jiří
Laboratoř dálkového průzkumu CENIA, české informační agentury životního prostředí v rámci své výzkumné činnosti vyvinula a pro širokou veřejnost zpřístupnila informační systém Archiv družicových dat. Aplikace je dostupná na webu Laboratoře dálkového průzkumu na Data jsou využitelná pro nejrůznější aplikace v zemědělství, lesnictví, monitoringu životního prostředí, sledování vývoje území apod.
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Hodnocení stavu porostů obilnin s využitím spektrálních měření
Burgetová, Markéta
Master thesis is focused on the evaluation of cereal crop stands with the use of spec-tral measurements and its implementation by crop management practices. In the literature review the basics of yield formation and crop survey are described as well as the im-portance of crop monitoring by spectral measurement for decision support in precision farming practices. Practical part of the thesis includes statistical evaluation of field expe-riment in 2017 and 2018, which were focused on the mapping of crop heterogeneity within the fields with winter wheat. In this experiment, plant samples were taken and ana-lyzed for estimation of nitrogen content and amount of above-ground biomass in various part of the field. This sampling was extended by proximal measurement of solar radiation using spectroradiometer in visible and near infrared part of electromagnetic spectrum. Da-ta processing was performed using descriptive statistics and correlation and regression analysis.The results showed high spatial variability of observed fields.Correlation and re-gression analysis evaluated the relationship between spectral measurement of the stand, represented by vegetation indices, and its laboratory estimation. As the conclusion, spectral measurements was be recommended as a complement to traditional methods of agrobiological control of cereals and could be used for delineation of management zones in site specific crop management.
Uplatnění vybraných forem zinku při mimokořenové výživě kukuřice
Pajl, Jaroslav
This thesis deals with the influence of foliar application of selected forms of zinc on the yield and quality of corn grain (Zea mays L.). The issue was dealt with in the form of a small-plot vegetation experiment on the landfill site in Žabčice. Zinc was applied in the 6-8 leaf phase in three forms of ZnO, ZnSO4 and Zn-EDTA at doses of 100, 250 and 500 g.ha-1 in each of them. A zinc-free variant was used as a control. In the course of vegetation (14 days after fertilizer application (20 June 2018)) and after harvesting, an inorganic analysis of the plants (Zn content) was carried out, NDVI and NDRE index were determined during vegetation. After harvest, the yield, starch content and weight of a thousand seeds were determined. Zinc fertilization proved to be (p≤0.05) affected by the zinc content during vegetation, but had no effect on NDVI and NDRE index. Grain yield was positively influenced, although no proven zinc effect was demonstrated. WTS and starch content in the grain were neither demonstrably affected nor significantly different from control. Zinc content in the grain was not significantly affected, but zinc fertilization was positive.
Zavádění technologií precizního zemědělství na rodinné farmě
Konečný, Petr
The subject of the bachelor thesis is focused on theoretical description of all the parts, which are the part of the precision agriculture technology. The sources of informations contained the experience of experts and the domestic and foreign literature. This knowledge was theoretically applicated in the environment of the small family farm in Haná region with 195 ha. The best possible way to introduce the technologies of precision agriculture were estimated after consultations with the owner. The part of this thesis is the description of the making of the nitrogen variability map workflow.
Využití dálkového průzkumu pro odhad výnosů zemědělských plodin
Rosendorfská, Eva
Knowledge og the crop yield with sufficient lead time prior to harvest is crucial for the farm management or national agro-food policy. Spectral characteristics provided by satellite based remote sensing have both spatial and temporal resolution which allow crop yields from agricultural fields. The aim of this thesis was to test feasibility of developing crop yield. The study was focused on three major crops in the Czech Republic: spring barely, winter wheat and oilseed rape. The crop yield data were collected from 14 districts that represent regions with more intensive agricultural production and include a variety of climate, topographic and soil conditions. As a main data source for this thesis was series of digital images acquired by MODIS (Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometr) aboard Terra satellite from 2001-2014 period. Were analyzed two vegetation idices NDVI (Noramized Difference Vegetation Index) and EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index) from the 16-days composite product with a spatial resolution of 250 m. In most cases, EVI showed higher correlations to the crop yied, which can be explained due to the negative saturation effect of NDVI.
Urban vegetation - temporal analysis of urban vegetation impact on local climate using remote sensing
The urban heat island (UHI) is a phenomenon of noticeably higher temperatures in the cities as compared to their respective surrounding areas. This thesis aims at characterizing the influence of city expansion to the urban heat island phenomenon. The study is carried out in a city of Caceres in the Spanish province of the same name. A model input data is obtained with Landsat multispectral images. The analysis of satellite images shows that functional vegetation cover and water surfaces help in mitigating urban heat island effect. However, the Caceres city expansion does not influence the urban heat island intensity. A possible explanation for it is as the city expanded the ratio of vegetation to dry land remains constant in time.
Impact of different types of land cover on physical parameters of landscape surface
The aim of the thesis was understanding the energy fluxes in different types of land cover. The area of interest is located in Novohradské hory in the basins of Váčkový and Pasecký potok. On a relatively small area there are five different types of land cover to be found (field, forest, permanent grassland, wetland and built-up area). For each of the types of land cover three properties of the surface were calculated: amount of vegetation on the surface, wetness of the surface and surface temperature. Moreover, soil heat flux, latent heat flux and sensible heat flux were established therefore surface thermal balance was evaluated. Results were statistically processed with boxplot diagrams as an outcome. The results support the hypothesis of vegetation having a positive effect on microclimate conditions. Especially the permanent cultures (wetlands, permanent grassland, forest) demonstrated much larger microclimatic stability and balance as well as capability of keeping moist. Thanks to insufficient intensity of vaporization (due to lack of water), built-up areas showed higher surface temperatures and sensible heat flux at most of the cases. Vegetation is capable of holding water and redistributing it in an environment via evapotranspiration. Thus, solar energy is stored inside of the water vapour which condensates on cool objects releasing the energy spent during the vaporization process. Water moves in the landscape through the local-scale water cycle stabilizing the microclimate.

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