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Gender aspects of tabacism by 9th grade elementary school pupils in the area of Most
Matějů, Kamila ; Marádová, Eva (advisor) ; Kučírek, Jiří (referee)
This thesis is aimed at tabacism problems encountered by 9th grade elementary school pupils in the area of Most (Czech Republic). Comparison of gender aspect is accented. The primary target was to figure out the age of first experience with tobacco smoking and to investigate the subjective reasons leading to this act. The other domain of investigation was the attitude of adolescents to tobacco attractiveness and their tolerance to smoking of their future life partners. The thesis also compares my investigation results to studies related to the influence of smoking parents on their children's early experience with tobacco, and related to the manner in which are the elementary school children informed about tabacism issues. Some results of investigation are compared with existing research in the comments. The following facts were discovered - Adolescent girls smoke more than boys, and smoking parents have substantial influence on their children. The majority of children with smoking parents has more experience with tabacism than the children of non-smokers. The primary prevention in schools is performed as part of health education lessons, or similar subjects' lessons. The most usual way in which the children receive information about tabacism is speech and lecture. It was figured out, tabacism...
In the name of progress: Destinies of inhabitants of "disappeared" Dolní Jiřetín.
Kryšpínová, Tereza ; Cassi Pelikán, Hana (advisor) ; Vaněk, Miroslav (referee)
This master thesis deals with the story of village of Dolní Jiřetín, liquidated on the beginning of 1980s, and a destiny of its inhabitants who lived in the village until it disappeared. Dolní Jiřetín was one of many villages destroyed in region of Most since World War II because of an expansion of coal mining and chemical industry. However, its liquidation was unique because the village was divided into two parts. The southeast of the village became part of sanitary zone of chemical works in Záluží, the rest of Dolní Jiřetín was undermined by colliery called Centrum. This thesis describes history of the village and life of its inhabitants before the liquidation, especially in time of industrialization boom. The text concentrates on development of both causes of disappearance of the village - brown coal collieries and chemical works in the region of Most. Then it follows the liquidation itself, since preparation through realization to what happened in the village after all the inhabitants left. It shows the process both from the side of institutions which organized the liquidation and from the view of inhabitants of Dolní Jiřetín. In the end the thesis deals with a case of village of Horní Jiřetín which shared some parts of its history with Dolní Jiřetín and today it faces probably very similar...
Kopisty: why we had to leave!
Pšenicová, Barbora ; Cassi Pelikán, Hana (advisor) ; Vaněk, Miroslav (referee)
Diploma thesis "Kopisty: why we had to leave!" refers to a village in Most district which has been destroyed and its people had to be evicted based on the plan of the mining industry. As the official reason for the liquidation has been mentioned the open-cast mine Ležáky. But, the thesis demonstrates, is not the only cause. The other causes of the liquidation are deep mines Jan Hus and Julius III. and expansion of sanitary zone of chemical plants. It has been proven by the investigation and it is stated in the thesis, all these factors had crucial influence on the village. The need of increased production has caused a slump of the houses and roads in Kopisty. It is surprising that, except Ležáky and chemical plants, there is no allusion to these reasons in the official plan of liquidation. The entire thesis is based on archival sources, research and oral history. The main goal is to precisely reconstruct the process of dismantling and demolition of the village. There is a documentary evidence that the phase from 1976-1981 was not the only one and that there were already demolition of buildings before. This is also confirmed by the fact that local people knew about the liquidation already in the sixties. I do not want to avoid even the up-to-date themes as are the reclamation of the city Most,...
The development of Boxing in town Most from its beginnings to the present
Procházka, Tomáš ; Waic, Marek (advisor) ; Kolář, František (referee)
Title: The development of Boxing in town Most from its beginnings to the present. Objectives: The main Topic of this thesis is to obtain information about the beginning of boxing in the city Most. Describing of the development of boxing in town Most until now is another task. Methods: It is fundamental to define the main problem and reason of this thesis. It is very important to gather relevant and verified information. The author describes and analyses various situations The methods of dialogs, reading writing materials and electronic resources are used too Verbal material obtained from interviews was recorded in writing and was then analyzed and processed into an easily accessible form. Likewise it was run on with the writing and electronically gathered information. Results: The gathered information was gradually compared, then processed and interpreted by continuous text supplemented by images and attachments. information describe the origin and evolution of the boxing in town Most until now. Most of them was presented by visual demonstration. Keywords: History, Most, boxing, sports, gym, activity
Influence of the brown coal extraction on the landscape pattern changes in the Most study area
Kochan, Ladislav ; Kottová, Blanka (advisor) ; Klára, Klára (referee)
This task presents the historic character of the selected area Most area before the start of lignite mining and after mining. Trying to objectively evaluate what the impact of mining on the landscape and return to the situation in which the country found itself. The work includes photographs and a description. With the help of historical documents and photographs will be judged influence culturally - green and the result will be evaluated as a change in the influence of negative, zero, when the return of the original landscape features observed with respect to functionality and aesthetic requirements, respectively. positive when the country has exceeded the original landscape functionality and achieve high ecological value. Then comes the final assessment of the current status and sustainability of the changes described in the future.
Erosion control against water erosion on reclaimed areas
Tomanová, Irena ; Petrů, Jan (advisor) ; Kalibová, Jana (referee)
The Bachelor Thesis topic "Erosion control against water erosion on reclaimed areas" is literature review dealing with, as the name suggests, erosion control and reclaimed areas in the Most region. The first part outlines the problem of erosion, which is obviously not avoid even reclaimed areas. This thesis also shows the forms of used erosion control and describes the reclamation methods. Then it characterizes the ways of reclamation with the set up erosion control on individual plots of Most area. Bachelor thesis also introduces us the several variants of usage of the interest area according to an older study from 1991, which will be in the conclusion of this thesis compared to the currently available more recent literary sources. Thesis will provide an overview of the erosion problems in the Most region, but also the idea of the direction in which is developed and still developing reclamation sphere this area.
Mapping of non-productive habitats in reclaimed post-mining landscape in Most and Chabařovice area
Ledvina, Vilém ; Hendrychová, Markéta (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
The objective of thesis is to identify and map a non-productive habitats on areas after coal mining. The first part describes the reasons and ways of reclamation in areas after surface mining. Current knowledge and requirements for landscape protection during reclamation are presented in a literature review, and it shows the importance of these habitats. The monitored location are mines, dumps and areas affected by mining in the area of the Most and Chabařovice in the Ústecký Region in Czech Republic. Mapping has been done using the orthophoto map and field survey. Based on information from mapping the current status and composition of non-productive habitats on the monitored locations have been evaluated. The results are presented in the summary tables for each type of reclamation in monitored location. Following percentage representation of non-productive habitats in four locations has been found: location A (2.39%); location B (12.64%); location C (6.27%); location D (4.78%). The results show that the representation of these habitats is on low level compare to recommended representation resulting from current knowledge about nature conservation. Based on the results of the mapping measures have been proposed for optimal percentage representation of these habitats. The main measures include the building of landscape vegetation on large fields and increasing area of forest arising spontaneously in forestry reclamations. It is also appropriate to create non-productive forest habitats in large forest areas with absence of treeless or small forest meadow. The map outputs and thesis findings can serve as data for the protection of nature and landscape in the monitored location. Work can also serve as information source about the issue of reclamation and priorities to protect the environment during their realization.
Progress of unemployment in district of the city Most
Schichor, Jan ; Severová, Lucie (advisor) ; Svoboda, Roman (referee)
The subject of this bachelors thesis The progress of unemployment in district of the city Most is the analysis of long-term unemployment in Most country and the determination of its cause. This work is oriented on this region, because the high level of unemployment is a serious problem there for many years. The theoretical part of this thesis is concentrated on the unemployment in its own and on the terms which are associated with it. The practical part is divided into two parts. The first one is aimed to the Most region and should completely analyse the development of unemployment between the years 2005 and 2015 and compare it with development of unemployment in the Czech republic. The second part contains evaluation of the survey. The goal of this survey was to find out the causes of unemployment of those, who are registered by labour office in city Most and to suggest changes and possible steps to improvement of the current conditions on the labour market.

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