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Čermák, Jiří ; Král, Lubomír ; Roupcová, Pavla
Hydrogen sorption in chosen intermetallics MgmXn (Mg17Al12 , Mg2Ga, mixture of beta-Mg-In phases, Mg2Si and Mg2Sn) formed by magnesium and elements from the 13 th (X: Al, Ga, In) and 14 th (X: Si, Sn) groups was studied between the room temperature and T = 350 °C. Hydrogen pressure p varied from 10-3 MPa to 6 MPa.\nHydrogen solubility in alpha phase (solid solution of hydrogen in MgmXn before the hydride phase was nucleated) was close to hydrogen solubility in pure Mg. Concentration cH of hydrogen solved in Mg m X n depended linearly on pressure p , dependence of cH on temperature T was relatively weak. MgH2 was the main hydrogen storage phase in all the compounds MgmXn . Nucleation of MgH2 at 350 °C was observed at pressure above approximately 1 MPa in Mg17Al12 and above 2 Ma in other compounds. Maximum values of c H in hydride-containing compounds MgmXn detected at T = 350 °C depended on the stability of MgmXn .

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