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Learning objects for interactive systems at high school
Schoř, Vlastimil ; Lapeš, Jakub (advisor) ; Vaňková, Petra (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of using interactive technologies in the high school environment. The thesis discusses both didactic and technical topics and describes current trends and technological possibilities. The differences of several types of interactive technologies used in different types of schools are also described here. The work depicts the possibilities of obtaining educational materials for teaching professional subjects and foreign languages, as well as the creation of teaching materials. It describes the possibilities of interactive whiteboards and displays or interactive projectors, as well as other technologies enabling an interactive way of teaching, such as HP Sprout Pro 3D scanners. The thesis evaluates practical teaching experiences and represents the use of these technologies by teachers based on information obtained through online questionnaire from several schools of various types. In the final part of the thesis are summarized knowledge and experiences gained from implementation of teaching materials for interactive methods used in teaching.
Development of pedagogical staff in relation to trends in secondary school management
Andr, Jiří ; Paulovčáková, Lucie (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
The subject of the diploma thesis entitled Development of pedagogical staff in relation to trends in the management of secondary schools is the analysis of approaches in terms of national strategy, but also in terms of secondary schools themselves. The theoretical part presents the educational policy and educational system in the Czech Republic, the legislative concept and definition of education and a description of the control body, which is the Czech School Inspectorate. The work also contains a theoretical basis and theoretical background of the issues focused on the strategic management of human resources in general, but also in the concept of secondary education. The starting point of the research is the approach to strategic management of human resources in the field of education of teachers at secondary schools according to conceptual documents focusing on the quality of education and development of teachers in the Czech Republic and the use of funds offered by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Documents and approaches related to the strategy of educational policy for the following period had examined, as well as the set quality criteria of secondary schools and grammar schools. Based on the findings from the above strategic and conceptual documents concerning secondary schools...
ICT in Strategic Management of Companies
Priščák, Miroslav ; Svobodová, Karolína (referee) ; Zich, Robert (advisor)
The target of the thesis will be to propose a business strategy for a company operating in the field of digital design with emphasis on the use of ICT support for the proposed strategy. The thesis is divided into three basic parts. The first one is the theoretical part which will outline the theoretical basis characterizing the strategy and its implementation in connection with ICT. The second part will be an analysis of the internal and external environment of the company in order to obtain the basis for decision-making in the design part of the thesis. The third, design part will be devoted to the definition of business strategy and implementation of ICT to support it.
Use of the educational robotics kits in education at primary and secondary schools
Tocháček, Daniel
The aim of the final work is to describe implementation of educational technology in to the teaching process. It focuses on the use of specific teaching resources - educational robotics kits - for teaching at primary and secondary schools. The final work is aimed at two parts - on the theoretical level, when dealing with areas of robotics, educational robotics, constructionism and constructivism and at the practical level through the detailed characteristics of available resources and methods of use of educational robotics kits in education. Both views on the issue reflects formal arrangement of final work on theoretical and practical (empirical) part. Theoretical part is mainly based on information sources and primary and secondary resources, which were subjected to detailed analysis. The practical (empirical) part is based on the author's educational activities - undertaken work with specific material instruments used in the context of continuously held educational robotics projects and courses, as well as the application of empirical qualitative methods, including experimental model of teaching and longer-term verification methodologies and teaching strategies used in the field of educational robotics. Powered by TCPDF (
ICT in work of principal of primary school
Kubínová, Lucie ; Hubert, Vlastimil (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with deficiencies that elementary school principals must solve in the field of ICT. In particular, there is a lack of the resources available, especially hard sources including ICT equipment, a lack of space for ICT equipment and inadequate connectivity on the Internet, but also soft resources in the field of human resources are missing. This thesis has two goals. The first goal is to find out what kind of deficiencies it is and how big they are and the second goal is to make recommendations for elementary school principals how to deal with these deficiencies. The research that is part of this thesis was focused on principals of elementary schools in the South Moravian Region. The research is conceived as a quantitative survey using an online Internet questionnaire. From the 66 expected respondents to 16 research questions, an analysis is found that leads to the conclusion that my four hypotheses were right. The questions are mainly focused on the finding the type of the shortage and its size from the point of view of elementary school principals, while there is 1 sorting question ( concerning school size) and the last question is focused on the type of education / training of elementary school principals in ICT. Based on the existing deficiencies the recommendation is...
Výběr interního rezervačního systému pro zvolené ubytovací zařízení
Galkina, Alena
This Bachelor thesis deals with the issues of a Hotel Internal Information System and the choice for the selected accommodation, which has led into efficiency in the company's processes and an increase the number of customers in selected hotel. In the theoretical part of this thesis, the methodology, general information and hotel systems, differences between the hotel's systems, choice criteria are explained. In a second, practical part, there is a detailed analysis performed of the company and its structure, target groups and the individually defined criteria of the selected accommodation.
Optimalizace procesu inventury a správy majetku obchodního podniku
Štursová, Klára
This diploma thesis deals with the optimization of processes in business enterprises. It proposes a generally applicable process for business units and their components, based on methods in the fields of facility management, logistics, process management and economic-mathematical methods, and defines the optimization limits in enterprises. The thesis describes the methodology according to which it is possible to proceed with the optimization of the asset management processes using modern information and communication technologies. This methodology is then applied to the selected company - Student Hostels and Canteens Administration of the Mendel University in Brno. The application of methodology to this unit has been evaluated in terms of economic benefits, which had positive result. The main benefit of this thesis is its general applicability to any type of business.
Znalostní ekonomika jako faktor ekonomické výkonnosti firem
Šulcová, Darina
Šulcová, Darina. Knowledge Economy as the Factor of Firm Economic Performance. Diploma thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2018. The main aim of this diploma thesis is to find out if there is any relation between the Knowledge Economy and Economic Performance. Member states of the European Union are compared within each other in accessing the Knowledge Economy not only according to composite indicators, but also according to sub-indicators of the Knowledge Economy. This thesis focuses on the situation of the Czech Republic and how it accesses sub-indicators of the Knowledge Economy. Member states are then compared also according to their national, high-tech industry and firm Economic Performance. The analysis of the relation between the composite indicators or sub-indicators of the Knowledge Economy and national, high-tech industry or firm economic performance is the key part of this thesis. In the end, there is a summary of main findings and some recommendations are made for the Czech Republic to improve its Knowledge Economy situation.
Vývoj investic v odvětví ICT v České republice
Říhová, Lenka
This diploma thesis deals with the development of investments in the information and communication technology sector in the Czech Republic. The ICT sector is analysed in terms of foreign direct investments in the sector, exports and imports of products and services. The general trends and impacts of major macroeconomic events such as the country's entry into the European Union and the financial crisis on this sector through quantitative methods are described. The development of investments in the ICT sector in the Czech Republic is compared with other states of the European Union.
Využívání sociálních sítí ve vzdělávání žáků středních odborných škol
Alenková, Ilona
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of using social networks in education of secondary vocational schools. The aim of this thesis is to find out the use of social networks in teaching and learning of secondary vocational schools. The thesis is divided into two parts. The theoretical part deals with information and communication technology in education. The core of the theoretical part is described by chapters social networks and social networks in education. The aim of the theoretical part is to get acquainted with the concept of information and communication technologies and social networks, description of the most frequently used social networks and their influence in education. The theoretical part is processed on the basis of current domestic and foreign professional sources, printed and electronic. The aim of the practical part is to find out the use of social networks by secondary school students of secondary vocational schools and to describe the results of a survey based on a quantitative approach in the form of a questionnai-re. Based on the obtained data and the survey results will be written a recom-mendation for pedagogical practice.

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