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Does the size of an economy matter (a lot)? The economic potential of a country as a necessary or sufficient condition for regional dominance.
Boukal, Tomáš ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Karlas, Jan (referee)
The current economic rise of China entails one question. What significance can we attribute to the size of economy of countries for the accomplishment of regional hegemony? The ongoing debate agrees that economic might is a significant indicator of national power and thus the countries aspiring to dominate their regions should be displayed by lead in the economic sphere over other regional actors. Nevertheless, the consensus on the extent of this relationship has not yet been established. This thesis aims to contribute to the debate by determining whether economic potential constructed on GDP numbers is a necessary condition, a sufficient one, or neither of those, for regional dominance of countries. Based on the examination of historical cases from 1700 to 2010 and regions of Europe, Northeast Asia, and Western Hemisphere, we present a new indicator of regional dominance consisting of six sequential levels. By employing the "Necessary Condition Analysis", we argue that economic potential is a necessary but not a sufficient condition for higher levels of regional dominance with the effect of necessary condition denoted as "medium". Further, we provide a robustness check for the computation of economic potential using the Beckley's "GDP * GDP per capita" measure and Paul Bairoch's "Total industrial...
Evaluation and remuneration methodology of top managers
Procházková, Kateřina ; Paseková, Marie (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (referee) ; Suchánek, Petr (referee) ; Škapa, Stanislav (advisor)
The dissertation focuses on the creation of a new methodology of evaluation and remuneration for top managers in the environment of the Czech manufacturing industry. Based on a literature search, individual methods of evaluation and remuneration of this selected group of employees were defined. Due to the complexity of the issues addressed, it is also necessary to focus on the company's performance, which is monitored through the EBITDA indicator. This indicator is then the main pillar for the remuneration of managers. The methodology consists of two more pillars. The first is the macroeconomic indicator of gross domestic product, the second is the qualitative factor of the ethical aspect of the manager's work. The work aims to create a remuneration methodology that will be usable for the Czech environment, will combine the manager's remuneration with his performance and the performance of the company and could lead to a reduction in the cost of representation. The key to its creation was the acquisition of primary data through questionnaire surveys and pilot studies, which were evaluated by mathematical and statistical methods. The resulting methodology is applied to a specific company within the verification of the proposed methodology.
The impact of international trade on Slovak economy
Voleková, Zuzana
The bachelor thesis provides an overview of the international trade of Slovakia and its impact on the economic growth. It determines the relationship between Slovak export and import on the GDP and studies if these variables influence each other. This investigation is made according to the econometric analysis measured in programme Gretl. It also describes how the Euro adoption in year 2009 affected the trade and the GDP and in what dimensions. Afterwards, it analyses the trade from the commodity and territorial point of view.
Vývoj exportu Řecka a Irska po vstupu do ES
Vávrová, Gabriela
Bachelor´s thesis is focused on the analysis of development of export of Greece and Ireland after they joined the European Community in eight selected years (within the period from 1967 to 2014). Those years were selected according to historical, political and economic events in the World, which affected the economy of both countries. Objective of the thesis is to analyse, if changes in the structure and volume of export baskets can affect the economy of countries and may indi-cate its revival in case of any crisis.
Vliv změny ceny ropy na ekonomiky
Peterka, Vít
Peterka, V. Oil price impact on economies. Bachelor`s thesis. Brno: Mendel Uni-versity in Brno, 2017. This paperwork is about the impact of oil price on compared economic indicators in chosen countries. Compares the evolution of economic indicator of chosen countries and verify dependence of these countries on oil price in period 2004 to 2015. It also tries to identify different political-economics solution attitudes to occurred situations. To analysis of data is used correlation analysis and trend removal method by HP filter. Using correlation analysis was defined a relation among oil price and economic indicators.
Souvislosti vývoje akciových indexů a HDP států G8
Brychtová, Tereza
The aim of the thesis is to reveal the relationship between stock indices and GDP of selected countries. The theoretical part explains the concepts of financial mar-kets, the essence of a functioning of public limited companies and earlier studies dealing with this theme are also included. The practical part is focused on an ac-tual relationship between the variables, both in terms of its existence, its strength and direction. To reveal the relationship between variables and its strength, the correlation analysis is used. Then In case of direction of this relationship a multivariate time series analysis is used in a form of the VAR model using Granger causality.
Kvantitatívne uvoľňovánie v Japonsku a jeho dopad na HDP
Balážová, Jana
During the period known as Two Lost Decades Japan suffered by weak economic growth, deflation and negative output gap. By the end of 2012, Shinzo Abe was elected as prime minister of Japan and his plan so called Abenomics included extensive quantitative easing by Bank of Japan, fiscal consolidation and structural reforms. Quantitative easing included a significant increase of monetary base and its goal was to achieve the 2% inflation target. It should have encouraged the private consumption and closed the output gap. The aim of this paper is analysis of macroeconomic indicators related to quantitative easing and finding whether inflation and real GDP have increased and the output gap has been closed or not.
Dopady vlády prezidenta Huga Cháveze na ekonomický rozvoj Venezuely
Kolmačková, Alena
The aim of this thesis is to analyze the impact of government of Hugo Chávez on economic development of Venezuela. This thesis is divided into three parts: The theoretical part, the analytical part and the proposal. In the theoretical part are defined basic economic concepts, such as national economy, economic development and growth, selected economic and social indicators that determine economic development of the state, the international trade and forms of government. The analytic section is mostly focused on the analysis of five selected indicators in three time periods, which clarify the impact of government of Hugo Chávez on economic development of Venezuela. Final findings of the analysis of five selected indicators are summarized in the SWOT analysis to evaluate the government of Hugo Chávez, together with two possible future scenarios of development. In the proposal are described possible solutions or suggestions for heading of the policy of President Hugo Chávez to ensure the economic development of Venezuela.
Vliv turismu na socio-ekonomický rozvoj Egypta
Rýznarová, Nikola
Tourism is the one of the notable and fastest growing industry in the world today. It presently accounts for about a good share of world capital investment. Egypt is regarded as a strong tourism trademark, offering a wide variety of tourism and sites that draw millions of tourists every year. The primary aim of this thesis is to investigate and analyse the impact of tourism on the Socio-economic development in Egypt which is measured by the economic growth GDP. This thesis used both quantitative and qualitative techniques in analysing the data to achieve the required results. A linear multiple regression model was used to estimate the relationship between the variables used in the model. Statistical reports like graphs, bar charts and others were used in reporting. The data used was time series ranging from 2000 to 2014 and it was obtained from the World Bank country indicators, the Egypt Statistical Service as well as the central bank of Egypt. From the panel data regression analysis, it was found that income from tourism was negatively related to the economic development in Egypt (GDP) and also, did not have any significant impact. This implies that, income from tourism in Egypt should be looked at since it has recorded a downward trend for some time now. This downward trend could be attributed to the Arab-Spring and the political instability in the region, thereby increasing the fear of safety among tourism especially from Europe and America. It is high time for Arab governments and their international partners to focus on the economy and on building inclusive institutions in order to safeguard security in the region if the full potential of tourism is to be realised.
Dopady vývoje hlavních makroekonomických ukazatelů na exportní výkonnost české ekonomiky
Šibal, Filip
Šibal, F. The impacts of the development of selected macroeconomic indicators on the export efficiency of the Czech economy. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel Univer-sity, 2020. Bachelor thesis deals with the evaluation of the influence of the selected macroeco-nomic indicators on the Czech export into Germany, the European Union and the Euro Zone. It focuses on the changes of the GDP, CPI, real effective exchange rate, interest rate and unemployment rate. The first part of the thesis focuses on the main terms of the foreign trade and shows the development of the foreign trade in Czech Republic. There are also theoretical concepts of econometrics methods which are used in the practical part of the thesis. The second part contains the regression analysis of time series with quarterly pe-riod between years 2000-2019. The multiple regression analysis is used, and con-structed models are estimated by the OLS method. The results of the analysis con-firm the influence of first differences of the GDP, CPI and real effective exchange rate on the Czech export into selected regions.

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