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Loose-it-all machine
Švik, Ondřej ; Hůlka, Tomáš (referee) ; Cejpek, Zdeněk (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the design and construction of a prototype of a “lose-it all” machine for educational purposes. The lose-it-all machine serves to implement a simple gambling game. The machine uses proprietary jettons as currency. The practical part of this bachelor’s thesis is dedicated to the description of the functionality, design, basic features, build construction, and the software solutions of the machine. It describes the physical implementation and creation of the various necessary parts of the lose-it-all machine. The theoretical part of this thesis includes research about gambling as well as an introduction to hazard addiction and its prevention.
Analyzis of Lottery, Gambling and Betting in Czech Legal and Fiscal Context
Hladík, Milan ; Zapletal, Petr (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
This bachelor thesis comprises an analytical as well as a theoretical part and is completed with suggestions for improvement of existing arrangement. In its theoretical part it is focused on Czech private and public treatment of gambling. In its analytical part evaluation and description of a current financial regulation of gambling sector is described.
Consumer Decision Making under Risks
Kmínek, František ; Chládek, Libor (referee) ; Škapa, Stanislav (advisor)
The subject of thesis is to create analyze of the decision-making process of consumers in terms of risk. Readers provide information on ways to eliminate the risk and about which groups of people are seeking risk and how to behave with them. The work include proposals for best practice in selecting insurance and study which focus on players of gambling games.
Taxation of Gambling from the Perspective of a Specific Municipality
Vašinová, Kateřina ; Guštafíková, Silvia (referee) ; Kopřiva, Jan (advisor)
The thesis discusses legal regulations of lotteries and similar games especially from the tax perspective and according to the state before and after 1 January 2012, when a significant amendment of the Lottery Act and related regulations was carried out. The work explains the development of community income as a result of the amendment and also the development of funds spent on community purposes. Possible changes to the issue are suggested herein.
Gambling licence
Hubálková, Zuzana ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Staša, Josef (referee)
PERMISSION TO THE OPERATION OF GAMBLING - ABSTRACT This diploma thesis deals with the legal regulation of the obtainment of a permission to the operation of gambling in the Czech Republic. Gambling and the conditions for their operation are currently regulated by the Act No. 186/2016 Coll., on gambling, which was significantly amended with effect from 1 January 2024. The most fundamental changes include the introduction of an initial licence, simplification of the blocking of unauthorised online games and the introduction of other measures for responsible gaming. The introductory part of this diploma thesis deals with gambling operators, individual gambling types, their operation via the Internet, as well as the general legal requirements that gambling operators must fulfil for the legal operation of gambling. The permission to the operation of gambling and the procedures of its obtainment are examined in more detail in the next part of this diploma thesis. In the Gambling Act, the licencing procedure is used in particular, while for some gambling types, the notification procedure is used; none of that applies to the raffle with the game receipts not exceeding CZK 200 000. In order to obtain a permission to the operation of a lottery, an odds bet, a totalizator game, bingo, a technical game and a live game,...
Pathological gambling: betting and gambling in the life of sport journalists
Činátlová, Monika ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Frouzová, Magdalena (referee)
This thesis deals with the definition of the concept of pathological gambling, diagnosis, prevalence and a description of vulnerable groups. It also discusses the creation, development and various stages of pathological gambling. Theoretical knowledge is enhanced by our own research, carried out a questionnaire, which has pointed out that the profession can be a risk factor for developing an illness / addiction. The research objective is to describe the rate and quality of risk-taking behavior in gambling on sports editor, and identify any related pathological gambling with their selected characteristics. The paper looks at what it looks like gambling and betting on sports editors in terms of rates, forms and circumstances. Whether the people in this group of pathological gambling occurs and, if so, to what extent and with what consequences. They try to answer it then also, what is the relationship between work characteristics and playing sports editor of gambling or betting. How this relationship sports editors perceive themselves and how to understand. Keywords: Pathological gambling, pathological player, gambling, gambling
The rise of online betting over the past 5 years in the South Bohemian Region
REZKOVÁ, Natálie
The bachelor's thesis deals with a topic that is not so discussed by the public, namely the issue of non-substance addictions, especially online gambling. In the introduction, the definition of non-substance addictions is presented, the thesis also deals with online betting, the Prevent 99 organization and especially counseling centers for non-substance addictions. The aim of my work was to shed light on the development of online gambling, based on professional sources, literature and research, how the department of Prevent 99 - Counseling Center for non-substance addictions and its employees reacts to this situation. To fulfill my goal, qualitative research was used, which was conducted using a semi-structured interview.
Gambler in the family
The diploma thesis Gambler in the family deals with the topic of gambling, with a specific focus on the issue of gambling in the family. It focuses on family members and examines the phenomenon of gambling from a family perspective - it analyzes its impact on individual family members and examines whether this impact is the same or different in different families. The main goal of the diploma thesis is to examine gambling from multiple angles, the influence of the various components on the successful cure of pathological gambling, from the perspective of the family (dominant perspective), from the perspective of society and from the perspective of the helping organization. First, the researched problem is described from a theoretical point of view, and then qualitative research is carried out, in which the researched problem is analyzed in more depth. The main method used in the empirical part is qualitative research, in which the influence of the above components on the pathological player and his treatment process is examined through a research tool - a semi-structured interview. For a more comprehensive picture of the diploma thesis, case studies are added - case studies focusing on individual cases of gamblers and serving as a comparison for similar cases.
Comparison of the Origin and Course of Gambling Addiction in Video Lottery Terminal Players and Betters
The diploma thesis focuses on the comparison of the origin and course of gambling addiction in video lottery terminal players and bettors. The theoretical part focuses on pathological gambling, types of gambling and the distribution of bettors and players of video lottery terminals, for which sociodemographic data, origin and course are described. The next chapters specify the concepts of treatment, relapse, recurrence, prevention and self-limiting measures. Then, the gambling games that predominate abroad and their preventive measures are compared. In the practical part, attention is paid to the methodology used, results, discussion and conclusion. The aim of the thesis is to describe and compare the origin and course of player dependence between video lottery terminal players and bettors. Following the aim of the thesis, two research questions have been chosen. The first question is, what is the course and origin of gambling addiction among video lottery terminal players? The second question is, what is the course and origin of gamblers' addiction? A qualitative research strategy is used to fulfil the goal. The method is a form of questioning with the technique of semi-structured interview and secondary data analysis. The set of informants consists of 12 players using a purposeful selection in the Prevent 99 Non-Substance Addiction Counselling Centre. It has been found that video lottery terminal players and bettors have similar characteristics of the course of gaming, but a different onset of gambling addiction. The reason may be online gaming. For common characters, there is a reason to replay. Different aspects can be seen in the origin, frequency or length of the overall game. In practice, it may be useful to know these details about groups of players and to work with them accordingly. The diploma thesis will be used for professionals who work or want to work with this target group and also for students.
Social work with clients addicted to gambling
This bachelor thesis deals with social work with clients addicted to gambling. The thesis is theoretical and divided into three chapters. The first chapter deals with the definition of addiction, common features of non-substance and substance addiction and symptoms of addictive behavior. The second chapter describes gambling as well as the associated problem of gambling addiction, in other words pathological gambling. It also deals with the types of gambling, online gambling, the effects of gambling addiction and the regulation of gambling in the Czech Republic. The third chapter focuses on social work with clients addicted to gambling. It describes social counseling which aims to stabilize the addict's social conditions, through brief intervention and debt counseling. Another important subchapter is working with the family and strengthening the motivation of addicts.

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