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The lifestyle of fitness-minded people - a case study
The bachelor's thesis is focused on a healthy lifestyle, specifically for people who have chosen the focus of fitness as their life belief. A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on our physical and mental health, and it has recently become very popular, especially due to being frequently propagated on social networks. The theoretical part deals with basic concepts inextricably linked to lifestyle, but also with it's negative effects on our health, which can be various forms of addiction such as alcohol, drugs or doping with its dark side. The practical part focuses on qualitative research in the form of an interview with a man and a woman and compares their physical and psychological state. The main goal of this work is to find out what effect a fitness lifestyle has on the life of women and men of productive age, which I am trying to achieve with the interview I mentioned.
Marketing research comparing fitness centers in Sedlčany
Procházka, Martin ; Voráček, Josef (advisor) ; Opelík, Daniel (referee)
Ttitle: Marketing research comparing fitness centers in Sedlčany Objectives: The aim of this bachelor's thesis is to use quantitative research to find out the preferences of customers in two selected fitness centers in Sedlčany. the next task is to propose a series of recommendations for fitness center owners, based on the knowledge obtained in this way, which would lead to an increase in the satisfaction of the customers of these fitness centers. Method: In this bachelor's thesis, the questionnaire survey method was used. Specifically, it was a quantitative research that took place through an electronic questionnaire. This work will draw on both primary and secondary data. Primary data was obtained using an electronic questionnaire, which was conducted with visitors to the fitness centers PeVan Gym and Vltavan sport. Results: The result of the work is the identification of the preferences of the customers of the investigated fitness centers, on the basis of which a recommendation for the future development of the given fitness centers was subsequently created. The most important preference for choosing a fitness center is the quality of the machines. Furthermore, when choosing a fitness center, respondents pay the most attention to the location of the equipment. Respondents cited recommendations...
Trade-offs in parasitoid resistance and competitive ability in Drosophila
Trade-offs in fitness traits in Drosophila were studied in a laboratory environment. Fly and wasp lines originated from an ecological community in a tropical rainforest in Queensland, Australia and were established in České Budějovice. Experimental evolution was used to impose selective pressures on populations of flies to select for parasitoid resistance and competitive ability. The selection regimes were followed by two separate phenotyping experiments to measure the resulting phenotypic changes and impose novel conditions to the evolved flies in order to identify trade-offs.
Mistakes in fitness for clients with functional back pain from the perspective of physiotherapy
This bachelor thesis deals with mistakes made during workout in fitness by clients with functional back pains. Workout in fitness is very popular these days. The aim is individual for everyone: someone wants to achieve his/her dream figure, someone wants to lift up the heaviest weight, others take sport as a hobby, and it brings them a psychological release. It is still necessary to take care about our health in all cases and not to be too demanding on the motion apparatus and its overstraining. Changes do not have to be visible in the short term, but if our body is overloaded constantly by an inappropriate activity, there might be problems such as the above mentioned back pain. This thesis is divided into two main parts. The first part includes theoretical knowledge such getting to know workout machines in fitness and performing selected exercises correctly, and it also includes fitness from a physiotherapy perspective and how to prevent back pain during fitness exercises. In the second (practical) part, a method of qualitative research was used. The given research was processed based on case reports including the collection of patient's anamnestic data, the entrance kinesiological analysis, a design of a short-term therapeutic plan, the course and description of individual therapies and subsequent output kinesiological analysis. This research also included evaluating therapy and a designing a long-term therapeutic plan. The data collection was carried out with the help of interviews with clients, observation, removal of anamnesis and kinesiological examination. My research sample consisted of three clients of a fitness centre. Those clients had problems with functional back pain. The therapy lasted for three months roughly one day per week under my supervision and those clients did exercise roughly three times per week. Physiotherapy knowledge and selected physiotherapy methods were used within this therapy, among others soft tissues techniques, postizometric relaxation, stretching and breathing exercises, activation of a deep stabilisation system, exercises for flat feet, sensomotor stimulation, dynamic neuromuscular stabilisation, exercises for spine rotation, Thera-Band exercises and balance surfaces. The aim of this work is to describe correct and incorrect exercise in fitness, to describe possible connections of incorrect exercise and functional back pain, and to propose basic exercise rules that fitness clients should follow. My results indicate that chosen therapeutic procedure, the explanation of the correct technique and the notification of mistakes positively affected the condition of all three clients. This bachelor thesis can serve as educational material for students of physiotherapy, expert public, coaches and clients of fitness centre for better orientation on the given topic.
Development of a mobile application for fitness activities for the Android OS
VESELÝ, František
The objective of this bachelor thesis is to create a mobile application for the fitness activities which is using sensors in mobile phones. The application is using accelerometer and proximity sensor for different activities. It is about push ups, pull ups, squats and sit ups. The application also can show a graph with historical data of each fitness activity. Finally, the application is published and free to download in the Google Play online store. The theoretical part presents Android operating system, description of the Android Studio and java language. The practical part of this thesis contains description of the development of the mobile application, description of the creation of the user interface and a connection with the logic of the application. Then the thesis includes description of a work with data, the connection with sensors, a process of publishing the application and a summary of reviews from the users.
How the Jumping fitness programme influences body posture
Jumping is a complex type of exercise on special minitrampolines affecting a whole range of body systems, such as the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular system, nervous system and digestive system. The main goal was to process the issue and determine if and how the practice of Jumping affects the overall posture in a longer period of time. It was also necessary to monitor the condition of the musculoskeletal system within the group of beginners.
Blood glucose concentration in Barn Swallow (\kur{Hirundo rustica}): sources of variability and association with fitness
Glucose is an important fuel for intense activities of short duration, but in high concentration is reputed to be tissue-damaging at least in mammals. In birds, blood glucose concentration is naturally considerably higher than in other vertebrates of similar body mass. In this thesis, we focused on blood glucose concentration in the wild populations of the Barn Swallow (Hirundo rustica). Firstly, we investigated the level of repeatability of blood glucose concentration to find out if this trait is individual-specific and thus, it is subject to selection. Secondly, we examined which environmental and physiological variables explain variation in blood glucose level. Thirdly, we tested association of blood glucose level with fitness related traits, namely individual body mass and lifespan.
The impact of physical activity on the quality of life of persons serving a term of imprisonment
Smutná, Kateřina ; Kotlík, Kamil (advisor) ; Pavlová, Ilona (referee)
Title: The impact of physical activity on the quality of life of persons serving a term of imprisonment Aims: The main aim of this thesis is to detect, if the health-oriented fitness and the level of quality of life of persons serving a term of imprisonment increases after ten weeks of a regular exercise. Another aim is to find out, if the results of the observed aspects of persons who did take part in the exercise programme will be much different from those who did not. Methods: This is an empiric-theoretical research thesis. Four ensembles took part in this quantitative research. The ensembles I. (N=5) and II. (N=7) filled out a self- designed questionnaire about quality of life and were tested for health-oriented fitness with the Fitnessgram test battery. The partial motor tests evaluate endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. This measurement was hold before and after a ten weeks long organized exercise program. The ensembles III. (N=15) and IV. (N=15) only filled out the questionnaire of quality of life twice, in the same period as the ensembles I. and II. Results: The results showed a positive impact of regular physical activity on the physical condition of the participants, because most of them improved their health- oriented fitness. Alongside the higher value of the quality of life in...
Effect of menstrual cycle on performance of women in sport
Růžičková, Kristýna ; Vojtíková, Lenka (advisor) ; Panská, Šárka (referee)
The diploma thesis discusses the possibilities of negative and positive influences on women's menstrual cycle concerning women's performance in sports. The aim of the thesis is to help spread awareness about the mentioned issue and also inspire coaches to be more cautious about this topic while training women. The theoretical part describes the physiological processes of a women's menstrual cycle, hormonal system, and the impact of the menstrual cycle's phases on women's performance in sports. The thesis further analyses the difference between the two menstrual cycle phases in particular endurance performance. The results were completed by adding a poll that focused on personal feelings during testing and in general, the impact of the menstrual cycle regarding sports activities.

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