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Design of controllable heating of the spinning head and reheating of fibers with controlled air flow for devices for centrifugal spinning of nanofibers
Janošík, Lukáš ; Vyroubal, Petr (referee) ; Čech, Ondřej (advisor)
This Master thesis deals with the design and implementation of the spinning head heating for the fibers manufacturing. The first part of this thesis compares the problems of spinning head heating by means of radiant heat and electromagnetic induction. The next part of the thesis deals with the design and implementation of the selected induction heating of the spinning head together with its partial peripherals. The thesis continues with the design of a controlled air flow through the chambre and design of reheating fibers. In the following part of the thesis, functionality tests and partial measurements are performed on the device. At the end, the measurement results are evaluated and compared.
Formula Student Cooling System
Marek, Jiří ; Šebela, Kamil (referee) ; Janoušek, Michal (advisor)
The bachelor’s thesis deals with Formula Student cooling system, analysis of the current cooling system, it’s construction and possibilites for it’s improvements. Based on the research of Formula Student cooling systems, the water radiator was implemented into rear double diffuser in order to support aerodynamics and other important parameters for overal vehicle dynamics. Some of the computational resources were supplied by the project "e-Infrastruktura CZ" (e-INFRA LM2018140) provided within the program Projects of Large Research, Development and Innovations Infrastructures.
Design and Realization of Acoustic Treatment of Small Recording Studio
Tkadlec, Vojtěch ; Husník, Libor (referee) ; Schimmel, Jiří (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the topic of acoustic properties of an enclosed space, their detection and modification. The thesis examines the acoustic properties of a small enclosed space, which were determined by simulation using a virtual 3D model and subsequently verified by measurement. After finding out the properties, a substantial part was also devoted to their modification, where the task was to design the acoustic elements so that the resulting length of the reverberation time corresponds to the optimal values for a small recording studio. The design of the elements is followed by their construction, followed by a re-measurement of the space. Furthermore, the work summarizes the principles of modeling and simulation of 3D models.
Steam backpressure turbine with integrated gearbox for the drive of the compressor
Votoupal, Adam ; Lokaj, Jakub (referee) ; Fiedler, Jan (advisor)
The master’s thesis deals with the design of steam back-pressure turbine with integrated gearbox for compressor drive according to given parameters. The first part of the thesis is literature review which comprises a general division of steam turbines, especially a description of the types of blading. Furthermore, it describes the conversion of energy in the steam turbine stage in detail. The second part of the thesis contains calculations and includes the design of the flow parts of the steam turbine, the design of the outlet and the integrated gearbox. Attached to this work are drawings of a simplified section of the steam turbine with a gearbox and the layout drawing of the machine.
Computational modeling of flow field with separation
Šamša, Petr ; Elcner, Jakub (referee) ; Jícha, Miroslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis is considering with computational modeling of flow field with separation. In the first part it contains theoretical bases of flow field computational modeling with RANS models equations and wall treatment modeling approaches included. There is also flow separation in asymmetric plane diffuser modeling described in the thesis where the most suitable turbulent model and the proper mesh parameters for the successful flow separation modeling should be chosen. Next the chosen turbulent model and parameters verification via flow separation modeling on the asymmetric 3D diffuser mesh. That analysis should ensure if the chosen turbulent model is applicable also for engineering problems. At the end of the thesis there is evaluation if the setup chosen in the thesis is suitable to apply in any practical aeroacoustics problem modeling.
The computation of draft tobe of the turbine for giving parameters
Žák, František ; Veselý, Jindřich (referee) ; Haluza, Miloslav (advisor)
This diploma thesis describes design of a new shape of the draft tube for small hydro Katovice with maintaining built dimension. First part of this thesis is devoted to the formulation of the problem, description of basic function of the draft tube, its efficiency and other formulas. In the second part of this thesis the analysis is made for original design supported by CFD calculation. Furthermore a new design of the draft tube is made with comparison of original draft tube.
Formula Student aerodynamics
Egorov, Artemii ; Vančura, Jan (referee) ; Čavoj, Ondřej (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on summarizing knowledge in the field of aerodynamic elements development on formula student cars. The introductory part deals with an overview of the history and rules of Formula student competition. The second part is devoted to the description of aerodynamic elements themselves and their development methods.
Optimized design of turbine engine intake
Kubo, Michal ; Matějů, Jiří (referee) ; Popela, Robert (advisor)
This master thesis deals with design of a subsonic intake which is used to supply small jet engine integrate into the fuselage of agile small unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Some kinds of these intakes are listed in order to inspire and introduce future designers into this part of jet plane design. This thesis contains a small amount of theory about compressible flow, and necessary knowledge which are important to know before the very first attempt to design an intake. Two models were designed in order to prove that the theory listed in this thesis is useful and can be used as a guide in design process of subsonic intakes. Both designs have the same layout. S-duct design with one intake placed on the belly of fuselage was chosen. After CFD analysis of first model it was found that there are huge area with separated flow and vortex. Separated flow leads to big total pressure loss and pressure distortion. While designing the second model the emphasis was to avoid this vortex and improve flow conditions. This optimization was success and the second design have smaller pressure loss in compare to the first design. The difference is more than 50% at fly speed M=0,8.
Draft automatic pressure pumping stations
Plachý, Jiří ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is a complete draft of automatic pressure pumping station for apartment house, including centrifugal pump with electric motor, control unit and accessories in the form of pipe system, valves and pressure elements. Thesis is focused on calculation and construction of centrifugal pump, which would be able to use separately without placement to the whole pressure station. The idea is to create the station with request to the higher water-flow against commonly available standards and equally to achieve small production proportion, weight and mobility of the facility. The construction is furthermore focused on supporting elements and general layout of pressure pumping station setup. All electronics, pipes and measurement parts are solved as a purchased elements.
Daylighting of spaces with light guides
Machová, Petra ; Gábrová, Lenka (referee) ; Vajkay, František (advisor)
This thesis deals with the illuminance space through light guide. It describes it's basic principles, technical features and ways of differentiation between the technologies. The thesis also includes latest methods for evaluation of illumination of space supported by various computer simulations.

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