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Criminal Proceedings in the news coverage of ČTK
Kuchař, Roman ; Trunečková, Ludmila (advisor) ; Šmíd, Milan (referee)
The Czech News Agency (ČTK) is a media institution that collects, processes and provides its customers with information on domestic and foreign events. It represents an important source of information (not only) for other media. However, trying to provide prompt information on interesting events may lead to inaccuracies and excessive simplification, especially in areas where there is a specialised element. One of them is criminal proceedings, which take place within the limits set by law. Therefore, this diploma thesis aims to map the form of criminal proceedings taking place before the Czech courts, as depicted in the ČTK news, and possibly to draw attention to their shortcomings in terms of legal standards and ČTK's ethical rules. The diploma thesis is divided into five basic parts. The introductory part briefly describes the concept of criminal proceedings, its course, selected basic principles and terminology. The following part outlines the importance of news for criminal proceedings (public control over the lawfulness of the criminal proceedings) and the boundaries between protecting freedom of speech on the media's part and the personal rights of prosecuted people and the victims. ČTK, its legal status and structure, ethical rules (ČTK Code) and a text report as a basic research unit of...
Remedies in civil procedure under Czech and Slovak legal order - comparative view
Majchrák, Tadeáš ; Macková, Alena (advisor) ; Frintová, Dita (referee)
Remedies in civil procedure under Czech and Slovak legal order - comparative view Abstract The aim of the rigorous thesis is to analyze and then compare the individual remedies of the finding procedure as the basic type of civil (judicial) process in the legal regulations of two separate states, the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, with particular emphasis on the differences of both orders and their same or similar features stemming from a shared legal, historical, cultural and social past, as well as from mutual inspiration and shared value attitudes. In the first part, dealing with general theoretical background and concepts, emphasis is placed on describing the civil process in both countries, especially in terms of its division into founding and executing procedures. The stage of the finding procedure is the remedy whereby the appeals court examines the correctness of the contested decision. Finding procedures can be differentiated into dispute and non-dispute proceedings. In regards to the parties involved in civil proceedings, they are the participants in civil law relations or the parties to the proceedings, in particular litigation and court. Apart from them, other persons, such as a prosecutor (public prosecutor), a lawyer, a notary or in the Czech Republic, the Office for Government...
Foster Care
Karešová, Marie ; Stretti, Sylvie (advisor) ; Kaňák, Jan (referee)
7 Anotace v cizím jazyce Annotation This bachelor work deals with foster care in the Czech Republic. I tried to approach not only history itself but also performance of foster care nowadays. In the first part, the basic terms used in this field are explained as well as important historical moments regarding foster care. Description of different forms and kinds of foster care is also included. Second part describes mediation and fosterage itself. Duties and discretions of foster parents including outline of child care benefits are also implicated, as amended by Act no. 359/1999 Sb, social - legal child protection. Final part shows course of foster care itself in one family from my close connection who brought up 2 children. The final parts of this chapter evaluates the importance of foster care in the society including experience of real foster parents in application on valid legislation. Key words: Foster care, foster parent, family, parents, child, mother, person, trustee, office, benefits, court
Architecture and Art
Hrončeková, Barbora ; Hybská, Bohumila (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The design of City Gallery in Litomyšl reacts to the viewpoints of the city’s structure with the number of volume in various heights. The volume of the building is divided into 5 units with different height levels. The main principle is the connection of urban spaces, whether in the form of terraces, which are accessible to the public and connected by exterior staircases or in the form of volumes. Volumes tactically change their height based on the purpose and filling of a given volume, the phase of passage from one elevation to another, or the desired expression. They recede and create semi-public terraces and courtyard, ascend or protrude and form dominants. At the point of direct vision from the square, the mass of the highest floor recedes, and thus does not disturb the desired expression of the church.
The dispute over the unrealized marriage of Peter II. of Švamberk and Eliška of Žerotín
Annotation The goal this bachelor theses The dispute over the unrealized marriage of Peter II. of Švamberk and Eliška of Žerotín is to describe the events, that happened after Ludmila Žerotín of Kolovrat had married her daughter Eliška to Ladislav Berka of Dubé in 1604. Peter II. of Švamberk was interested in Eliška since her early age, and her mother betrothed her to him. Švamberk perceived the marriage of his betrothed Eliška as a public shame, which he decided to solve by a trial. The first part thesis deals with the universal development of the nobility in the Czech Kingdom, their marriage strategies, how much was a choice of the partner a strategic verdict and what aspects played relevant role. In the second part, the thesis watches the course of the dispute at the wider royal council, the involvement of the participated people on both sides and the arguments of the individual sides. The theses will attempt to interpret the dispute in a context of researches of the aristocratic honor and free religious clashes, because unlike the evangalist Petr II. of Švamberk, Ladislav Berka was convinced catholic.
Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic about: Study 1.161
Syllova, Jindriska
Obecnost právní normy je nezbytnou vlastností každého právního předpisu. Pokud není v právním předpisu zachována, upravuje tento předpis jedinečný případ. Vzhledem k tomu, že předpis upravuje jedinečný případ jinak, než je tomu u ostatních případů, dochází tímto způsobem k diskriminačnímu postupu. Kromě toho v případě, že má jedinečný případ rozhodovat správní orgán nebo soud, a tento případ je místo toho upraven zákonem, není dodržena zásada dělby moci. Práce vybírá relevantní judikaturu Ústavního soudu ČR ve věci obecnosti zákona.
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Changes in Behavior in Families in the Context of the Educational Measure Imposed
The bachelor thesis focuses on whether the imposed educational measures influence the behavior of individual family members to such an extent that they are able to change the existing lifestyle for the benefit of their children. The main aim of the work was to compare the opinions of OSPOD workers and families on the imposed educational measures. The partial goal was to map the experience of OSPOD workers with the activation of families in connection with the imposed educational measure. The theoretical part contains the definition of the terms family, family environment and education. The greater part is devoted to the activities of OSPOD in families in connection with the imposition of educational measures. In the conclusion, the reasons and ways of imposing educational measures are described, which is crucial given the topic of the thesis. The empirical part was processed in the form of qualitative research. The method of questioning, the technique of semi-structured interview was used for the actual collection of information. The research group consisted of OSPOD workers and families with imposed educational measures; 12 communication partners were approached in total. The data was further processed by the method of generating clusters, i.e. searching for continuity in responses. The research found that the opinions of OSPOD workers and families differed in part. From the parents' point of view, educational measures mostly contribute to improving the family situation. Through them, parents realize their deficiencies in childcare and try to correct them. While OSPOD workers do not agree in their attitudes. Some identify with the views of the parents, others share the opposite view. If the family perceives educational measures only negatively, it deliberately sabotages cooperation. The results of the work can be useful for orientation of OSPOD workers in applying certain educational measures effective for solving family situation.
Other judicial persons and their involvement in the activities of the court in civil proceedings
Prášilová, Kateřina ; Macková, Alena (advisor) ; Pohl, Tomáš (referee)
OTHER JUDICIAL PERSONS AND THEIR INVOLVEMENT IN THE ACTIVITIES OF THE COURT IN CIVIL PROCEEDINGS ABSTRACT According to the § 3 Act No. 6/2002 sb. about the courts, judges, lay judges, the state administration of judges and about the changes of other acts in addition of judges, trainee judges, judge assistants, senior officers of justice, court secretaries and judicial executors are also involved in the decision-making and other court activities. The legislation about these other judicial persons is however inconsistent and could be found in several acts. The aim of this diploma thesis is to describe this fragmented legislation and to define the involvement of the other persons in the civil process. This diploma thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the persons the law considered as the possible judge candidates. This includes a senior officer of justice, a judge assistant and a trainee judge. The second part deals with a court secretary and a judicial executor that are not considered as the possible judge candidates. The interpretation of each judicial person has the identical division which sequentially deals with the legislation regarding individual judicial persons, their legal status, responsibility, presumption of performance, activity in a civil process and their individual...
In an Apartment in a small town, Mikulov
Solár, Michal ; Kozelský, Tomáš (referee) ; Hora, Jan (advisor)
The concept is based on the historical development of the plot and the city as such. Historically, the area has been defined by self-help and without clearly specified dogmatic guidelines. It is thanks to this that the city is enriched with moments that do not fulfill only the aesthetic or spiritual, but also the functional nature of the city. The moment of surprise and certain visas enriches the interior of the yard as well as the city. At first glance, such annoying spaces have a certain quality, caused by the play of light or the overall concept of space. An important feature of the object is the moment of surprise from the perceived space. The transition from a clearly defined ground floor to the rear, at first glance, irrational courtyard is enhanced by a passage, which also refers to the typical division of the small town house. ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTION The principle of layering of individual spaces clearly reflects the moments of surprise. By specific fragmentation of the building, a character that resembles rather a family house as a residential object, spaces of different quality and utilization are created. The lower dwellings have a spatially and optically separated garden from the total mass, with the top terrace being terraces which are optically linked to the courtyard, but are not accessible to the public. The apartments in the attic have mostly urban character. This creates the principle of co-existence, which is typical of the whole area of the city. The layering is evident in the distribution of flats with different connections to gardens and terraces as well as the variety of housing units. The spirit of the place is a standing cellar that reflects the historical transformation of the parcel and is a symbol of the locality.

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