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Burnout Syndrome in Professional Team Sports
Halbichová, Adéla ; Mudrák, Jiří (advisor) ; Janák, Vladimír (referee)
Název: Burnout Syndrome in Professional Team Sports Cíle: The aim of this study is to assess a prevalence of burnout syndrome and engagement in team professional sports and explore relationships between burnout and engagement and social resources and demands produced by teammates, coaches, and global sport environment and other selected variables (motivation, perfectionism etc.). Metody: The research was carried out by means of an electronic survey. The questionnaire was constructed from 7 separate questionnaires, each focusing on one of the selected predictors of burnout and engagement. It was distributed to professional male and female players of volleyball (extra-league), hockey (Chance League and 2nd League) and handball (extra-league). A total of 102 professional athletes participated in the study. The obtained data were processed using descriptive statistics and correlation and regression analysis. Výsledky: The results provide an overview of the relationships between burnout and engagement and the selected predictors, which are types of motivation, effort goals, perfectionism, coach-created motivational climate, and team cohesion. The general assumptions of the relationships of engagement and intrinsic motivation, and conversely burnout with extrinsic motivation and its related introjected...
Burnout Syndrome among Social Workers in Low Threshold Facilities in the South Bohemia Region
The bachelor thesis deals with the burnout syndrome among social workers in low threshold facilities for children and youth in the South Bohemia Region. The aim of the thesis is to find out the frequency of burnout syndrome and what is the prevention of burnout syndrome in social workers in NZDM. The thesis is divided into several chapters. In the first chapter of the theoretical part, the burnout syndrome itself is characterized, the symptoms, the stages, which persons are most at risk of burnout syndrome, what is the prevention, and finally its treatment. In the second part, low-threshold facilities for children and youth are characterized, what are their goals, target group and methods, as well as what competences the social worker has in the facility and what activities he/she performs. The practical part presents the results of quantitative research conducted in the form of a questionnaire survey, which aimed to determine the frequency of burnout syndrome and to find out what is the prevention of burnout syndrome among social workers in low-threshold facilities in the South Bohemia region.
Potential Causes Of Afternoon Tiredness. Fatigue and exhaustion in the context of contemporary art.
Zentková, Barbora ; Kralović,, Ján (referee) ; Hrončeková, Ivana (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The dissertation focuses on the topic of fatigue and exhaustion, which I consider to be one of the characteristic features of today's society. The imperative of constant productivity and high workload is written into all areas of our lives, not excluding the non-work sphere. My intention is to explore and name the main socio-economic causes and consequences of fatigue and exhaustion through the lens of contemporary art, and to introduce readers to the work of domestic and foreign authors who respond in a particular way to the challenges posed by the current neoliberal system. My aim is also to try to present a number of inspiring artistic approaches that can also serve as certain starting points and tools for rethinking established practices and offer concrete solutions to prevent the imminent collapse. At the same time, I have been working on the theme of fatigue and exhaustion for a long time in my collaborative artistic practice with Julia Gryboś. The theoretical part of the dissertation is therefore at the same time an effort to name and define the research carried out within the framework of its own artistic results.
Personality of a Teacher's Aide at a Primary School for Children with Physical Disability
Vintr Bolardtová, Markéta ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on the personality of a teacher's aide at an elementary school for pupils with physical disabilities. In the theoretical part, the history of the profession, the personal and qualification requirements of the teacher's aide, and their job description are given. Furthermore, the theoretical part is devoted to mental hygiene, burnout syndrome, and the last part is focused on personality typologies. In the practical part, the author finds out with the help of mixed research what kind of personalities we meet in the position of teacher's aide at the elementary school for pupils with physical disabilities, in what way this profession affects their personal life and how they take care of their health due to the demanding nature of the profession. The research took place at the Elementary School of the Jedlička's Institute in Prague.
Psychic burden of a kindergarten teacher during the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic
The bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of psychological stress in job of kindergarten teachers. More specifically, it discusses the burden during the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the work is to ascertain how the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic affected the interviewed kindergarten teachers.The theoretical part presents the topic of stress and burden in connection with the profession of kindergarten teacher. The thesis is also aimed to burnout syndrome and its prevention. The empirical part centeres to the analysis of data obtained through qualitative research. The questions of the semistructured interview with the five kindergarten teachers concerned mainly the experience of the situation, the changes due to the pandemic and the burnout syndrome. Final results showed that the situation was more difficult for kindergarten teachers, paradoxically they did not show any symptoms of increased mental stress.
Helping Professions in Hospice Care
The thesis deals with the experience of the death of a close person of the workers helping professions in Hospice care. The first part of the bachelor thesis is focused on the theoretical definition of mourning in general. It defines the very concept and process of mourning, which is followed by manifestations of mourning within the overall complexity of man. Furthermore, the views of experts on the various stages of mourning are described and compared. The conclusion is devoted to the description of uncomplicated and complicated mourning and the difference between them. The following section extends the general concept of mourning to the personal experience of the death of a close person of the workers in helping professions in Hospice care who encountered the loss of a person before practicing the profession. The research part focuses mainly on their coping with the loss of a loved one, whether this experience influenced them for choosing a profession in hospice care and how this death affects their performance within their profession. The last part deals with the processing of a loss and the risks of an unprocessed loss.
Streetwork in České Budějovice
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to find out and describe job duties of a Field worker and map the positives and reefs of the working life of these workers in České Budějovice. One research question has been chosen: 1."How is that burnout syndrome effects Field workers?" The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts, theoretical part and practical part. The theoretical part describes theoretical basis. Specifically definition of outreach work, terminology, history, outreach work in Czech Republic, legislation, target groups, forms and methods of field social work, specifics of field social work, ethical principles, screening, social services using the "streetwork" method, the concept of burnout syndrome and supervision as prevention of burnout syndrome. I worked on the practical part using a qualitative strategy, questioning method and semi-structured interview technique. I conducted interviews with field workers in České Budějovice, that I addressed on the basis of the snowball sampling method. The interviews were evaluated using the open coding method. I created eight categories. Research has shown which positives and negatives are perceived by field social workers on their work and how their work is perceived by society and whether field workers in České Budějovice encountered burnout syndrome. Based on the evaluation of the interviews, it was found that the society need to gain more awareness of what field workers do and how important their work is. The results of the bachelor thesis can serve as a basis for further research into the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on field social services. This thesis can also serve as study material.
Copingové strategie u sociálních pracovníků orgánu sociálně-právní ochrany dětí
The bachelor thesis entitled Coping strategies of social workers of the child protection authority seeks to analyse coping strategies that are most often used in coping with stress by social workers of the child protection authority in selected districts of South Bohemia. The bachelor's thesis used a quantitative research strategy, method of questioning and techniques of a standardized questionnaire SVF 78 focused on coping strategies for stress management.
Stressors in social work from the student's perspective
BUKOVSKÁ, Gabriela
The aim of this thesis is to compare the theoretical starting points of relevant literature, perspective and experience of social work students (social and charity work). The main goal is to find out whether professional theory in the field of demands on social work, stress and its management differs from practice, and how university students deal with stress. The thesis contains both theoretical and practical parts, but for clarity and greater complexity it is not divided into parts, but directly in the text it connects both parts. The theoretical part is always commented on by quantitative research, which deals with the view and experience of students of social work (social and charity work) on stressors.
Subjective experience of students of Leisure time education at the TF JU with burnout syndrome
The diploma thesis deals with subjective experiences of students with stress in the field of leisure time pedagogy at the Faculty of Theology od the University of South Bohemia. The theoretical part of the work deals with a professional description of stress and explains concepts, such as stressors. Furthermore, in this part I focus on experiencing stress and also on possible ways to manage it. Due to the focus of the topic of the work, I also explain the very concept of burnout syndrome. The practical part that follows describes the course and results of the research survey. The research is carried out using interpretive phenomenological analysis. Based on the analysis of the interviews, I find out what subjective experience with stress university students have. In the research, I also point out what stressors affect students, how they experience stress it self and what defence mechanisms they use to manage it.

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