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Teacher's authority by mental disability children
Koželuhová, Aneta ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
Diploma thesis deal with topic of teacher's authority, specifically by pupils with mild mental retardation. Authority is polysemous term so it is impossible to limit it only for one definition but it is necessary to look at it as a process which is formed in a long-term interaction - in this thesis namely between teachers and pupils. In the theoretical part I pay attention to the term authority in a historical and modern point of view and also contexts authority with phenomenons as for example media or discipline. Shortly I mention personality of pupils with mild mental retardation and teacher's personality. Attention is also paid to communication with pupils, solving problems at school and relationship teacher - pupil. In the practical part I condukt a survey of this phenomenon using qualitative method of halfstructured dialogues. In order to it could be objectively assessed perception of authority by pupils with mild mental retardation it is necessary to compare (their) results with pupils without mild mental retardation, with whom were led discussions too. The practical part precedes preliminary research. The target of this thesis is to find out which aspects affect teacher's authority by pupils with mind mental retardation, how is the authority formed. In response to this finding to apply in...
Delegation of competences in Kindergartens
Daňková, Lenka ; Trojan, Václav (advisor) ; Trojanová, Irena (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the process of delegating management competences of pedagogical process in kindergartens with one or more detached places of work which form one legal subject. This work is to present the process of delegating, shows its positives as well as negatives and possible risk. It also brings survey of competences which can be delegated to teachers by a headteacher. There are two parts of the thesis, theoretical and a research. The research is based on the analysis of the questionnaire which main aim is to find out who are the competences delegated to. I was also interested in finding out if the delegation is connected only with deputy headteachers or also with other teachers. Powered by TCPDF (
Student with specific dystrophy in the educational process
Solničková, Marie ; Hanušová, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Blažková, Veronika (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the issue of specific behavior disorders. The author defines the term of behavior disorder in a theoretical part, she classifies particular behavior disorders and she decribes them in depth in the way they are described by The International Classification of Diseases. The author also tries to cover possible causes and factors which participate in the formation or developement of behavior disorders. The conclusion of the thesis is dedicated to the specific of education of children with behavior disorders and developement of socialization of these individuals. The practical part is based on the casuistry of the chosen pupil and his structural observation. This part tries to describe chosen aspects based on a long-term observation which a specific disorder could influence on, e.g. an influence on a class, a perception of the teacher's authority, observation the rules or paying attention. The practical part is realized by the long-term observation, by the analysis of available documents relating to a diagnosis of the pupil. Pieces of information are received also by interviews with the teachers of the pupil and with the educator of the assistant. In practical part of the thesis the author provides a summary of concrete symptoms of specific behavior disorder related to...
(Historical) development of the school management and its influence on the development of the education system in Kralovice
Holopírková, Petra ; Kalous, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kitzberger, Jindřich (referee)
The Master's thesis deals with the history of education system in the Czech Republic and with the school management as closely related to the issue. The main focus is put on the historical development of the education system and its management in the town of Kralovice, West Bohemia. The aim of the thesis is therefore to demonstrate the gradual development and changes of the system in connection with the development of the school management within the mentioned territory. In particular, the most significant reforms and events affecting the education system are analysed in the study. The comprehensive view on the general development of the system and its management produced by the thesis can be beneficial for the pedagogical and administrative employees of every management level as well as for the local teachers, students and inhabitants of Kralovice.
Teacher professions from the point of view of pupils, parents and of teacher selected primary school
Melenová, Lada ; Zvírotský, Michal (advisor) ; Thorovská, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis brings information about the perception of the teaching profession by secondary school students, their parents, and teachers of a selected primary school. The aim of the work is to find out with the help of questionnaires, how pupils and their parents subjectively see and perceive teachers and how the teachers who teach pupils themselves see their profession as a teacher. In the theoretical part, I deal with the historical development of education and the teaching profession in our territory. I also deal with the characteristics of the teaching profession by clarifying the very concept, personality traits, and typology of the teacher's personality. This section also includes chapters on the competence of the teacher, his authority and motivation to choose the teaching profession. In the last part, I deal with the current form of the teaching profession in primary school, the requirements for the profession, and including selected problems of our education. In the practical part, I used a questionnaire survey to evaluate the data obtained by individual respondents among students, parents, and teachers and then I analyzed the data of individual groups of respondents and drew a conclusion. Keywords profession, teacher, elementary school, parents, education, teacher's personality,...
Power imbalance in caring families
Neubauerová, Eva ; Jeřábek, Hynek (advisor) ; Remr, Jiří (referee)
This thesis Power imbalance in caring families dealing with the issue of power in the care situation, where a cherished person is mother and caring is her own daughter. The theoretical part conceptualizes terms, such as the power, the power imbalance or ambivalence. In the practical part own qualitative research of caretakers (mothers of caring daughters) is presented. It was found that ambivalence maternal care situation leads to ambivalence in daughters. The key variables in the model of power imbalances is the mother's acceptance of the need for care and a composition of household. The answers of the respondents indicate that if the household is in addition to the mother and daughters yet another member (for respondents, it was always about her husband), there is much more conflicts, which tend to have very intensive course. Relationships in these families are not described as harmonious and daughters speak to disrupt family cohesion due care. The survey also shows that an imbalance of power could be the right latent variable that was missing in the empirical studies, because it was measured in particular through the manifest variables. Keywords ambivalence, authority, autonomy, coding, the power, the power imbalance, cherished mother, home care, caring daughter
Prestige of the teaching profession
Legezová, Erika ; Bendl, Stanislav (advisor) ; Syřiště, Ivo (referee)
1 Abstrakt Bachelor thesis is focused on the prestige of the teaching profession. The theoretical part is devoted to the specification of the basic conscepts like prestige, social status and teacher. In the next part I characterize the teaching profession as a full-fledged profession which is focused on profession identity of teachers, demands on teachers, the most common problems which the teachers in their jobs face and the responsibilities of teachers. In the next part I descibe particular elements, which shape and influence the prestige of the theaching profession. The practical part of the thesis is based on a questionnaire survey, which was given to the students and teachers of the elementary school Most, Václava Talicha 1855 and on the leading of structured interviews that were made with teachers who work at this school. The aim of this research is to find out how students and teachers of the selected school perceive the prestige of teaching profession. Next goal is to infer and substantiate the level of prestige of the teaching profession, which students and teachers attribute to the teaching proffesion at this elementary school. Keywords prestige, profession, teacher, social status, feminization, elemantary school, authority, social evaluation, professional self confidence
Fulfilment of the public interest in monument preservation in the Czech republic
Krejzek, Igor ; Frič, Pavol (advisor) ; Jelínková, Marie (referee)
My thesis is concerned with current problems involving fulfilment of the public interest in monument preservation in the Czech Republic. Firstly, the term "public interest" and its conceptual relationship in terms of the monument preservation is explored in the theoretical part of the thesis. Secondly, the current systems of monument preservation in the Czech Republic including the genesis of decision-making processes of municipal authorities under the current law are briefly described. This is followed by an explanation of the connection between the generally proclaimed, yet critically unexplored postulate of "two-track monument preservation". Despite clearly defined policies and competencies, the existing monument preservation decision-making systems and processes seems to be characterized by considerable confusion, and thus seem to bring about some process-based ambiguities and conflicts. The thesis not only aims to identify and analyse these ambiguities and conflicts but also strives to provide a conclusion that proposes some meaningful solutions. The benefits of the thesis for the Public and Social Policy field purposes lies in the identification and uncovering yet unexplored contextual pertinence in decision making activities within qualification works in monument preservation, as well as...

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