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Archery as a tool to improvechildern sof a younger schoolageattention
Chrzová, Kateřina ; Pokorný, Ladislav (advisor) ; Chvostek, Lukáš (referee)
This thesis addresses the retrieval of attention disorders in children of younger schoolage. The aim is to evaluace the effects of archery on children's attention in daily life. The first two chapters of the thesis are theoretical. The first chapter talks about the history of archery and types of archery today. The second topic is the problematics of attention in children of younger school age, what types of disorders children at this age suffer from and whether archery has a potential to help children with attention disorders. I came to the conclusions of this thesis with help of a questionnaire survey on archery awareness among the general public and an experiment based on the observation of child archers.
Use of Equine Assisted Therapy with children suffering from behavioral disorders and ADHD
Lukáš, Martin ; Valešová Malecová, Barbara (advisor) ; Šiška, Jan (referee)
Therapeutic horseback riding is one of the most popular and the most used form of animal based therapy. The term "therapeutic horseback riding" itself is very broad and it consists of four basic branches. The most used, yet least described, is the branch that has been called "pedagogical-psychological horseback riding therapy" since 2011. This branch is further divided into two sub-branches, Equine assisted psychotherapy and Horse-based activities. These two sub-branches overlap each other and are usually conducted together. With school-age children they are mostly used in cases of behavioral disorders and ADHD. The goal of the thesis is to evaluate the effectiveness of the methods with children diagnosed as such. The research was realized in "Stredisko hyporehabilitace Pirueta" which operates within the Mental Hospital in Havlickuv Brod. The method of the research was observation of five subjects within the one complete therapy unit. At the beginning and at the end of the unit the tutors of the subjects were given observational scale, which served as supplementary technique for diagnostics. Data obtained from own observation and the data gained from observational scaled matched each other approximately in 90%. During the therapy unit all the subjects improved in areas of self-confidence, self-...
Anthropological profile of children with diagnosis ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).
Uhlířová, Jaromíra ; Sedlak, Petr (advisor) ; Zemková, Daniela (referee)
This final thesis deals with the anthropological profile of children with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), which is one of the most common psychiatric diagnoses in childhood. Many studies have demonstrated the relationship of ADHD to differences in physical growth, mostly in terms of growth retardation and lower weight parameters. However, these differences are often associated with the use of pharmacological treatment. Some authors point to the possibility of the influence of ADHD itself. In this paper we compare the anthropometric parameters of the 40 boys with ADHD from 6.00 to 10.99 years of age who are treated with medication (methylphenidate) and 172 boys of control group. The compilation of control group for use in clinical research of ADHD was one of the objectives of the thesis. We also compared anamnestic data obtained using questionnaires. It provided information such as birth parameters, duration of breastfeeding, eating habits, amount of time spent in physical activity, or time spent watching television. The control group of healthy individuals was established to better reflect the somatic profile of recent child population and also provided the anamnestic data. Against currently used growth standards control group showed some significant differences, which could be...
Pupil with disorder of learning in primary school
Šustrová, Eliška ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Křivánek, Zdeněk (referee)
This thesis deals with specific learning disabilities on the first level of primary education. The theoretical part is devoted to the definition of the basic concepts, to the etiology of the occurrence of specific learning disabilities and to the classification of their manifestation. It draws up the possibilities of the diagnostics and of the follow-up re-education. It describes the possibilities of educating students with disabilities at basic schools or individually. The practical part of this thesis focuses on exploring the issue of specific learning disabilities on the first level of primary education, namely, in the third and fourth grade. Three case reports whose results most visibly pointed to a problem are also present here.
Integrated education for pupils with special educational needs - casuistic
Andersová, Věra ; Mrkosová, Eva (advisor) ; Ptáčková, Klára (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on integration of pupils with learning disabilities into regular elementary schools. The theoretical part focuses on learning disability - mental retardation, ADHD - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and education of pupils with learning disabilities. A case study of 13-year-old boy with mental handicap, ADHD and behavioral problems demonstrates the characteristic features of the integration process in the main stream elementary school. It shows the potential as well as limits of inclusive education. Analysis of this case demonstrates the direct dependence of the successful integration on the professional as well as human qualities of teachers.
Practical Music Therapy: Music Activities in Pre-School Special Education
Nový, Josef ; Hurníková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Tichá, Alena (referee)
Author's précis This work deals with the use of music therapy in special pre-school education. It focuses on the structure and progression of the activities carried out during the music therapy sessions in special kindergarten Štíbrova. The aim of the thesis is to introduce the purposes and charakteristics of the therapy for this kind of clients and to test the influence and difficulty levels of the activities. The basic methods are experiment and observation. In spite of the fact that the influence on the clients is hard to evaluate, it can be said that the basic objectives have been fulfilled. The difficulty was set on the level possible to manage for all the clients. The benefit of the work is the exact and comprehensible description of a usable structure of music therapy session for children from special pre-school facilities. On the grounds of experience, it defines advantages and disadvantages of the tested activities. The theses can become a source of inspiration for lecturers and teachers in pre- school special education and explain the basic issues to readers without any knowledge from the field. The activities could also be applicable in the common kindergartens.

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