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Use of mosses for bioindication of atmospheric deposition
Ullmannová, Adéla ; Hůnová, Iva (advisor) ; Vindušková, Olga (referee)
Atmospheric deposition of pollutants is a significant environmental problem that can have a serious impact on ecosystems and human health. Therefore, monitoring this process is essential to assess its impacts and develop effective mitigation strategies. This bachelor's thesis is a literature review that deals with the use of mosses as bioindicators of atmospheric deposition. Mosses are sensitive to environmental changes and can accumulate pollutants from the atmospheric deposition, making them valuable and widely utilised bioindicators of the atmospheric deposition loads. The thesis summarizes the different types of pollutants that can be deposited in the atmosphere and the methods used to collect and analyze moss samples. It also discusses factors that influence the response of mosses to atmospheric deposition, such as species differences, geographical location and environmental conditions. It examines the advantages and limitations of their use as bioindicators. Further research is needed to improve the understanding of the relationship between mosses and atmospheric deposition and to design a unified protocol that standardizes methods and increases their effectiveness for international monitoring of environmental pollution. The work highlights the importance of monitoring atmospheric deposition...
Legal aspects of operating leisure activities in nature
Kamler, Jindřich ; Franková, Martina (advisor) ; Stejskal, Vojtěch (referee)
1 Legal aspects of operating leisure activities in nature Abstract The purpose of the work was to examine the legal regulation of engaging in leisure activities in nature with the aim of assessing whether legislators have managed to adequately balance the public interest in environmental protection while also establishing a regime that does not hinder people's access to natural resources. The focus is primarily on the regime within specially protected areas and in forests. In the thesis, I emphasize the clarity of the legal framework, as it is immensely important due to the limited possibility of enforcement in the field of environmental protection. A well-informed operator of leisure activities is more likely to adhere to established rules and thus not harm nature. This is, in fact, the goal of the legal regulation, since environmental damage is often irreversible. In the thesis, I arrive at the conclusions that the legal regulation of leisure activities in nature adequately protects the environment through a wide range of mechanisms, simultaneously allowing for limitations to be set in a manner that keeps natural resources accessible. However, the legal framework is not sufficiently transparent for the average user, which could lead to their resignation from adhering to the established rules....
The protection of the environment in land-use proceedings
Růžičková, Kateřina ; Fabšíková, Tereza (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
The protection of the environment in land-use proceedings Abstract This master thesis deals with the issue of environmental protection in land-use proceedings. The topic of environmental protection is currently much discussed in the European Union and harmonisation tendencies also strongly influence the regulation of construction law. Environmental protection in land-use proceedings corresponds to the main principles governing environmental issues - the principles of prevention and precaution. Detailed assessment of projects before their execution eliminates possible negative impacts of these projects on the environment. The main goal of this thesis is to analyse the fragmented legal regulation of environmental protection in the context of land-use decision-making in the Czech Republic and to make it clearer. The thesis is not only limited to the current legislation, but is also focused on the changes brought about by the adoption of the new Construction Act, which is due to come into definitive force on 1 January 2024. Although after this date the proceedings before the construction authorities will no longer be divided into land-use proceedings and construction proceedings, as these proceedings will be combined into a single proceeding, the need for environmental protection, as well as the methods of its...
Using projects with environmental themes in pre-school education
The bachleor thesis is focused on an environmentally friendly way of life in connection with waste. The aim of the work is to create and apply educational activities that tend to elementary awareness of this topic by childern of preschool age. The theoretical part of thesis is devoted to the definition of terms related to the damage and protection of environment, sustainable development and environmental education of childern. There are also mentioned curricular documents related to environmental education and projects focused on the issue of waste, which can be used by kindergartens. In the practical part are introduced teaching activities implemented in accordance with the tematic plan. Main target of this plane is to create awareness about the possibilities how to protect nature from the increased amount of waste and lead childern to a gentle approach to the nature. The activities are divided into two blocks. The first block is focused on sorted waste, recykling and upcykling. The second block is concentrated on the use of biowaste and composting in the kindergarten. All activities are adapted to the age of childern. Each of the listed activity includes a detailed description, own implementation and reflection.
The educational trails in the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area and the interpretation of the environment in which they are located
Svárovská, Eliška ; Rynda, Ivan (advisor) ; Bittnerová, Dana (referee)
My thesis is in the field of social and cultural ecology, which examines the relationship between nature and society. I focus on mediating this relationship through research on selected nature trails found in the Jizera Mountains Protected Landscape Area. In the theoretical part, I describe the protection of nature and landscape, then I focus on the Jizera Mountains where the research took place. I mention the three-phase learning model related to the trails, as they are meant to educate us, and I also discuss interpretation. Finally, I describe the phenomenon of nature trails in general. In the empirical part, I mention a subchapter on mobile QR code technology and present the application Stepping Off the Trail for visitors of the nature trails. In the following subchapters, I focus on evaluating the nature trails using a methodology I have devised. I evaluate both verbal and non-verbal elements, focusing particularly on a comprehensive evaluation that includes an overview of interpretive panels and the thematic integration into the environment. I also examine how the nature trails present the concepts of nature and its protection as a whole, related to the learning model, and I include the five principles of proper interpretation set forth in the Methodology of Principles and Methods of...

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