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School counselling centres' support of LGBTQ students
Marková, Tereza ; Smetáčková, Irena (advisor) ; Machovcová, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the topic of supporting LGBTQ students. It describes the experiences of LGBTQ adolescents in the school environment and the different forms of support that can be provided to them in this environment. The work focuses mainly on the support of LGBTQ students from the school counseling centres and the role of school counselors and school psychologists as advocates for LGBTQ students. The research in this work is dedicated to mapping out the experiences and comparing the views of school counselors and school psychologists and LGBTQ students on LGBTQ topics in Czech education and the role of the school counseling centres in supporting LGBTQ students. The research in this thesis is qualitative and works with two research sets. Individual interviews and focus groups were used for data collection, thematic analysis was chosen for subsequent data analysis. The results of the research draw attention to the absence of LGBTQ topics in Czech education and the insufficient support of LGBTQ students by adults in education. In their practice, school counselors and school psychologists have started to work with LGBTQ students, and especially transgender and non-binary ones, only in the last few years, which is an incentive for some to start educating themselves in LGBTQ topics and to...
Constructing the school counselling department at Royal Elementary School in Prague - a case study
Nováková, Adriana ; Kučerová, Olga (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The case study describes the process of building a school counselling centre at a particular private school in Prague. The theoretical part provides a professional framework and describes what is the purpose of a school counselling centre, how it is defined in the legislation of Czech republic, who are its members and what is the job description of each of them. However, each school has its own specific needs of the management, teachers and pupils, and the counselling centre should respond to them. The practical section details the steps in the process of setting up a counselling centre and presents a way of thinking and specific questions that the founder may ask. The output of the work is also a proposal for the concept of a school counselling centre as it will operate in this particular school. The work is an inspiration to other schools that are just starting their counselling centres.
Comparison of primary prevention at the second level of elementary schools in Most and Prague
Müllerová, Petra ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Šotolová, Eva (referee)
The diploma thesis Comparison of primary prevention at the second level of elementary schools in Most and Prague discusses the implementation of primary prevention at the second level of elemetary school in these two selected locations. The diploma thesis is thematically divided into six chapters. The first part defines the basic terminology related to the topic of primary prevention. This section also contains information about particular topics of risky behavior and counsulting services of elementary schools. The second part follows a survey among school prevention methodologists in Most and Prague. The objective of the following practical part is to identify and compare what form and under what conditions is implemented primary prevention of risky behavior among pupils of the second level of elementary schools. For the survey was used quantitative method, in the form of a questionnaire divided between school prevention methodologists in both cities. In the final part there are interpreted the data obtained in the survey, which confirmed that in both areas there are different approaches to the implementation of primary prevention at the second levels of elementary schools. KEYWORDS: Primary prevention, risky behavior, the second level of elementary school, school advisory department, minimal...
School counselling centre and its role at the first and second grade of the elementary shool
Stehlíková, Hana ; Linková, Marie (advisor) ; Mojžíšová, Jarmila (referee)
v anglickém jazyce: The Bachelor thesis is dealing with the functioning of the school counselling centre on the first and second grade of the elementary school. The theoretical part consists of themes as the development of school counselling centres, their aims and the description of the whole counselling system. There is also a description of the work of the particular specialists representing this centre. I search for and examine the pupils' satisfaction or dissatisfaction at school and their problems concerning school and family environment in the empiric part. I focus on the children being able or willing to deal with their problems with these specialists. The question is also if the pupils have sufficient information and knowledge to whom they can turn with their troubles.
Work of a school special educational advisor in a school counseling centre
Čechová, Julie ; Kucharská, Anna (advisor) ; Presslerová, Pavla (referee)
This thesis concerns the profession of the school special educational advisorr working in a mainstream primary school and his acting in favor of pupils with learning difficulities. The theoretical part describes the group of pupils with whom the school special educational advisor works and possibilities of this work, the cooperation with other partners (teachers, professionals and institutions outside the school and pupils' parents ) in supporting those pupils and the three-stage model of care for pupils at risk in school development. The practical part in the form of qualitative research examines how school special educational advisors acting in primary schools in Prague see themselves in their profession. KEY WORDS: School special educational advisor, school counseling centre, three-stage model of care, special education needs, prevention, diagnostics, intervention
Role of special education teacher at elementary school
Benešová, Denisa ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Němec, Zbyněk (referee)
The purpose of this master thesis is to investigate the role of special education teacher at elementary school in the present condition. It's concerned especially with the position at school, with the activities and methods of the work and with the professional relationships. The theoretical part focuses on the development of the special education and mainly on the contemporaray special arrangements. This master thesis describes the groups of pupils who need the arrangement from the school and other school institutions. The text shows the charakteristics of individual eduactional plans and of school consultancy services, including the special education teacher and the particular aspects of this profession, based on scientific literature. The empirical part is based on the mixed research. It schows the examples of the practice, the issue is the analysis of five interviews with special education teachers from the basic schools. These interviews illustrative the current role and activities of this profession. Subsequently I analyse data of the questionnaire of forty respondents, directors of basic schools, who described their experience with special school teachers. The master thesis tries to show the objective point of view of the special education teacher at basic schools. The present text can be...
Education Management Role in Establishing and Managing the School Consulting Department
Kolečková, Jarmila ; Fadrná, Zdeňka (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
Final thesis deals with the role and status of guidance services in educational process in elementary school, the role of managers in the implementation and coordination of counselling services at school and their contribution to managing the work of management schools. This work deals with the theoretical explanation of the conceptual plans of the school advisory services, consulting service models in primary schools and finally focuses on the goals and activities of school counselling work and his contribution to the educational work of schools. Attention is paid to the integration of the school counselling department management in the conceptual work of the school guidance staff teamwork and cooperation with other school teachers. This work is based on literature and the information it obtained from the probes and knowledge and experience of the author, the results can be applied to control the activities of managers.
The View of Beginning Teachers on Pedagogical Diagnostics
Juřičková, Libuše ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hradilová, Tereza (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of beginning teachers in the field of pedagogical diagnostics. It is divided into theoretical and research part. The theoretical part of the thesis contains three chapters. The first part of the thesis summarizes the theoretical knowledge in the field of teaching profession and the requirements for a beginning teacher. Furthermore, the requirements for the theoretical readiness and competencies of the teacher are set with emphasis on the need for methodological guidance in its beginnings and the need for further education. The following chapter introduces the topic of pedagogical diagnostics and presents its definition, tasks and goals, the subject of pedagogical diagnostics and defines the diagnostic competencies of primary school teachers. In the last chapter of the theoretical part, the areas of partial functions are specified and their manifestations and deficits are characterized, which the teacher can observe in the pupil's speech during the educational process. The research part of the thesis is devoted to the practical readiness of beginning teachers for pedagogical diagnostics and their theoretical preparation. Through a qualitative procedure using a semi-structured interview technique, answers to research questions on the readiness of beginning...
Poradenský systém v ČR a jeho využívání žáky středních odborných škol
Mücková, Petra
The bachelor thesis is focused on the counselling system in the Czech Republic and its use by secondary school pupils. It will be divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part will describe the brief history of the counselling system in the Czech Republic and the legislation related to the individual components of the counselling system specifically school counselling centers and school counsel-ling facilities. The following chapters will then provide an in depth illustration of school counselling centers and school counselling facilities and services provided to pupils. The methods of processing the theoretical part will be the study of print-ed and electronic sources, analysis, comparison of findings and synthesis. In the practical part of the work, a survey will be carried out, the aim of which is to find out the pupils' awareness of the offer of counselling services, the degree and rea-sons for their use and the satisfaction of the pupils with the provided services. The survey will take place at the Secondary School of Hotel and Services in Kroměříž. The respondents will be apprentice students. Data will be processed using Micro-soft Excel.Formula clause:Declaration I hereby declare that, this thesis entitled Counselling system in the Czech Republic and its use by secondary school was written and completed by me. I also declare that all the sources and information used to complete the thesis are included in the list of references. I agree that the thesis could be made public in accordance with Article 47b of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., Higher Education Institutions and on Amendments and Supplements to Some Other Acts (the Higher Education Act), and in accordance with the current Directive on publishing of the final thesis. I declare that the printed version of the thesis and electronic version of the thesis published in the application of the Final Thesis in the University Information System is identical. I am aware that my thesis is written in accordance to Act. 121/2000 Coll., on Copyright and therefore Mendel University in Brno has the right to conclude licence agreements on the utilization of the thesis as a school work in accordance with Article 60(1) of the Copyright Act. Before concluding a licence agreement on utilization of the work by another person, I will request a written statement from the university that the licence agreement is not in contradiction to legitimate interests of the university, and I will also pay a prospective fee to cover the cost incurred in creating the work to the full amount of such costs. In Brno Date 23.5.2019 Signature

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