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Music festival as a socialcultural phenomenon
Kocianová, Barbora ; Soukup, Václav (advisor) ; Soukup, Martin (referee)
Subject of the thesis is to present a complex analysis of a music festival as a sociocultural phenomenon within a case study of Woodstock. The focus is on the role of Woodstock in the American cultural revolution in the 1960s. While applying chosen concepts from the field of social sciences, the author investigates whether Woodstock was an integral part of the American cultural revolution or not. The thesis proposes a neutral point of view of social sciences concerning Woodstock, since this event is interpreted in various ways. The aim of the thesis is to contribute to the research of this topic through a culturological reflection.
Economic relations of Czechoslovakia and Great Britain in 1960´s
Strnad, Ondřej ; Szobi, Pavel (advisor) ; Chalupecký, Petr (referee)
The paper´s objective is to analyze economic relations between Czechoslovakia and Great Britain in 1960´s. The basic thesis of the paper is the assumption that mutual relations were growing during 1960´s. Next assumption of the paper is that evolution of the mutual foreign trade was unique in comparison with the foreign trade with other countries, and that the occupation of Czechoslovakia by the army of the Warsaw Treaty in August 1968 resulted in decline of mutual economic relations. The analysis is based on the survey of the sources from 1960´s, especially from the archive of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. On the basics of the paper´s objectives, the conclusion is that mutual economic relations and foreign trade were growing during 1960´s. However, this improvement was typical for the aggregate czechoslovak foreign trade, therefore the first part of the assumption wasn´t confirmed, as well as the next part about the decline of mutual relations and trade after the occupation.
(Czech) Photography in the design of book covers in the 1960´s
Petra Bolková will be examining in her thesis the evolution of photography used on book covers in the 1960s; the period marked with certain political and cultural liberation. This study will attempt describing systematically in what ways certain artists and writers collaborated and what the difficulties of these collaborations were. It will also be examined how the author of a book and the artist delegated to design the book cover; the initial advertisement for a book, were influencing each other. What is more, the extent to which the graphic art reflects the content of the written word will be studied. Book covers became a covert space for experimenting with or even establishing new trends in the 1960s. Books covers became a new, independent fine art discipline which, essentially, was censored or criticized only occasionally. The goal of this thesis will also be gradually finding the numerous common grounds between photography, book typography and the final design, as photography and photomontage were used on book covers more frequently then classic original illustrations. Last but not least, this thesis will be looking at what emphasis was put on the visual side and how it was conditioned culturally or politically ect.

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