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Liquidation of a business corporation
VELÁT, Marek
Annotation: This work focuses on the process of liquidation of a business corporation. The dissolution of a business corporation can be done with or without a legal successor. This topic is very extensive and has a legal basis mainly in Act No. 90/2012 Coll. and 125/2008 Coll., 89/2012 Coll. The aim of the diploma thesis is to clarify the issue of dissolution of a business corporation from the point of view of law, accounting and taxes. One of the other goals is to deal with the dissolution of a business corporation with and without a legal successor. Furthermore, selected work options for the dissolution of a business corporation are described in this work, and there are also statistics on dissolved business corporations. The research survey is conducted through a questionnaire survey, which complements the guided interview. The respondents to this research survey were selected business entities and representatives of business corporations. The evaluation of the research survey is supplemented by tables, which are followed by individual graphs.
The potential of Guerilla marketing
Thesis deals with the research of the potential of guerilla marketing and his popularity. The thesis examines trends and popularity of marketing. The purpose of this thesis is to devise a guerilla marketing campaign for a selected company, based on quantitative research (questionnaire survey among marketing professionals) and qualitative (guided interview and focus group with employees of the organization). Literary research deals with the theoretical basis of guerilla marketing, where the pioneer is especially Jay Conrad Levinson. There are also talks about trends in the digital marketing, about emotions in marketing, about crisis communication with the media and about Czech legislation in the field of advertising. The results of the thesis showed that guerilla marketing is popular among marketing specialists, but it is not very used. But the potential shows. Among the employees of the selected company, the potential of guerilla marketing was also shown. Interest was also expressed by the company executive who would accept a thoughtful and interesting campaign. At the end of the thesis was designed guerilla campaign for selected company, in the form of ambient media and viral video.
The Role of Trade Unions in Protecting Employees' Interests
The main goal of this thesis is the description of the activities executed by trade unions. Trade unions represent an important aspect of labor relations and can have a crucial influence on working conditions. The legislation of the Czech Republic lacks a comprehensive legal regulation regarding trade unions, which leads to general confusion. One of the points of focus of this work is the exploration of the general opinion of employees on trade unions and its comparison with their actual scope. Questionnaires together with controlled interviews with employers and unionists are used as the main source of information. The results of this thesis show that the majority of employees perceive trade unions positively, even though they cannot characterize their activities. The outcomes also point to the importance of work safety as one of the main interests of the unionists as well as the impact of economic trends on collective bargaining.
Historical development of snowboarding
Votavová, Karolína ; Gnad, Tomáš (advisor) ; Fořterová, Petra (referee)
Title: Historical development of snowboarding Objectives: The aim of the thesis is to describe the historical development of snowboarding. Methods: Primary data used to gain a deeper understanding of the subject was obtained through qualitative research, specifically through personal interviews with two respondents. Results: Through guided interviews with selected respondents, it was possible to gain a deeper insight into the period. By comparing the interviews with other experts, it was found that each personality associated with snowboarding has their own perspective on the issue, and their opinions only agree by a small margin. Keywords: snowboarding, history of snowboarding, development of snowboarding, guided interview, comparison of opinions.
Sports career biography of Imrich Bugar
Matěcha, Miroslav ; Kaplan, Aleš (advisor) ; Jebavý, Radim (referee)
Title: Sports career biography of Imrich Bugár Objectives: The main aim of this paper is to evaluate and present a twenty-year long sports career of discus-thrower Imrich Bugár by the means of content analysis of newspaper articles published in the journal Czechoslovakian sport. Methods: Biographic research was used as one kind of a case study. The paper is divided into three main parts. The first part is concerned with the summary of all newspaper articles written during Bugár's sports career. I have statistically categorized the articles according to the criteria stated by Jan Volf in his diploma paper of 2007. The second part of the paper is concerned with information gained from Imrich Bugár personally, during a conducted interview. The third part shows a summary of Bugár's best achievements. Results: Based on the accessible materials, I have described and evaluated the sports career of Imrich Bugár. In total, I have evaluated n = 348 articles concerned with his sports career. The next part presents a commented evaluation of the conducted interview with Imrich Bugár. When categorization of the articles is taken into account, most articles about the course of Bugár's career are of an informative character and describe his participation in competitions. Imrich Bugár participated in n = 433...
Methods efficiency of geography fieldwork
Uvízlová, Lenka ; Řezníčková, Dana (advisor) ; Hanus, Martin (referee)
This bachelors work has been created with the purpose of answering the question: "How can we increase the efficiency of fieldwork methods?". This has been answered by creating a qualitative questionnaire aimed at geography teachers at grammar schools, and also a pilot research has been contemplated. Conceptually, this work is split into two parts: theoretical part and methodological-empiric part: The Theoretical part. This is divided to three units. The first unit explains the content of the main terms connected with field geography education. It offers different variations of field education and the reader is introduced to meanings and benefits of this educational style for students. The second unit deals with the term "education efficiency and gives its possible homonyms and synonyms. By means of efficiency scheme and education levels it refers to the particular aspects which influence it. The third unit is focused on literature analysis. The Methodological-empiric part. This is inscribed to a closer approach of methodology of research work and collected data. It contains an explanation of a selection of used methods: introduction of qualitative research and controlled interview; and introduction of surveyed sample and analysis of the data. In the conclusion we discuss the pertinence of questionnaire, and...
Tracking the efficiency of business marketing resources
Havránková, Jana ; Budíková, Michaela (referee) ; Dohnal, Radek (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on the theme "Monitoring the efficiency of funds on the marketing enterprise" which will be performed the analysis of two specific companies and their marketing activities. Further, they identified the marketing tools in companies. After analyzing all marketing activities of the companies evaluated and then executed the marketing plan and its budget. After the introduction of the marketing plans in companies will be carried out assessment of the embedded costs. The work consists of the theoretical part and the practical. In the first part are specified concepts related to marketing, in the second part is performed marketing analysis and subsequently conducted a marketing plan. In conclusion, the described evaluation of the embedded costs, the proposals and any recommendations for improvement.

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