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Reading as Psychotherapy and the Role of Imagination in the Work of Catherine Storr
FIALOVÁ, Veronika
The aim of the bachelor thesis is a detailed analysis of Marianne Dreams by Catherine Storr focusing on the psychological meaning and therapeutic role of children's literature. The theoretical part of the thesis connects the issues of fantasy literature and psychology with respect to the role of psychotherapy, which is related to the escape from the reality, liberation through imagination, as well as the topics such as time travel and dreams travel. Particular attention is paid to the personal, literary and professional experience of the writer and psychologist Catherine Storr. The literary analysis of the novel, which links reality with fantasy, deals with the following issues: the portraits of the child and adult characters, the relationships between children, the role of particular motifs (bicycle, one-eyed stones, grid, etc.) and themes (illness, liberation, etc.). The conclusion sums up the representation of traumatic experience, recovery and renewal, and the moral meaning of the story. The thesis includes a questionnaire research dealing with the parents reading to their children, inspired by Catherine Storr's ideas and related to the importance of passing literature to children. This online questionnaire is processed through graphs.
Methods to early reading and writing at elementary schools in Brno
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of teaching reading and writing in the 1st year of elementary school at schools in the Brno region. The main goal is to find out which methods for teaching initial reading and writing are most used by teachers at primary schools in Brno and to further map which textbooks teachers in this region use for teaching. The theoretical part of the thesis outlines the history and present of teaching methods of elementary reading and writing, as well as an overview of current textbooks of elementary reading and writing from selected publishers. The research part finds out in the form of a questionnaire survey the use of individual methods in primary schools and further maps the frequency of textbooks used.
Morfological and phonological awareness as predictors of reading literacy
The dissertation is engaged in reading pre-literacy difficulties from the point of view of psychological and psycholinguistic, particularly the factors that influence the development of reading literacy before children start to attend elementary schools. The aim is to analyze the factors which are considered as fundamental to the development of pre-reading skills, and above all it emphasizes phonological and morphological factors. Morphological factors seem to be applicable in transparent, consistent orthographic systems, that also include the Czech language environment. The empirical part presents the results of quantitative survey made with some children before starting their elementary education. It is followed by thorough longitudinal examination of pupils when the influence of morphological reading skills is observed. The results showed that the influence of morphological awareness in the Czech language environment is comparable to the predictable effect of phonological awareness. However, both types of the predictors appear in a different way, according to various reading parameters. Phonological awareness is closely related to decoding (especially to the speed of reading), on the other hand morphological awareness is related to reading comprehension. While testing the child´s comprehension, two various circumstances were distinguished, loud and quiet reading. While reading loud the position of morphological awareness is a lot more dominant compared to the position of phonological awareness. By the appearance, the predictable effect of morphological and phonological awareness was changing if the two predictors were studied individually or as the set of all the used predictors. The study of research helps to recognize the "backward" children having big problems with morphological skills that can endanger their further development of reading. The results have been put in context along with the professional Czech and foreign literature data.
Creation of new tools and their use for analytical-synthetic method of reading
Chárová, Michaela ; Ronková, Jolana (advisor) ; Wildová, Radka (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis is to create new tools for analytical-synthetic method of reading. In the theoretical part, I present mainly the analytical-synthetic method of reading, but also other alternative methods of reading that are used in schools today. I also analyze in detail the individual stages of the analytical-synthetic method of reading and possible evaluation or diagnostics of reading. Based on the literature, I present the benefits but also the problems that may occur in teaching analytical-synthetic method. I also present teaching aids that can be used in teaching, which support this method. For comparison with aids to teaching reading by the analytical-synthetic method, I present typical aids used in the practice of reading by the genetic method. In the practical part I describe the procedures of creating teaching aids and state the appropriate use of aids in practice. I verified the functionality and usability of the aids at the primary and kindergarten school in Božičany in the district of Karlovy Vary. I created a didactic commentary for each aid, which serves as a guide to a specific aid. I consider the overview of specific activities usable in practice to be the most practical and usable for other colleagues. Thanks to this part, my diploma thesis can serve other colleagues...
Development in reading in the Czech society during the last few decades
Trailinová, Kateřina ; Šafr, Jiří (advisor) ; Vávra, Martin (referee)
The thesis deals with development of reading in the Czech society during the last few decades. The aim of this study is to explore certain factors, that cause probace changes in reading of books and what is the measure of their impact. The teoretici part describes the historical long-term trends. These trends include existence certain historical events in the Czech society, which were defined by technological progress. In the next part explains important words for this study (who is the typical reader and non-reader, reading culture, reading behavior, etc.). The empirical part of study is based on multi-dimensional analysis the certain factors, which impact reading in proportion to time and the generations (created age categories - young generation 20 - 34, middle-aged 35 - 54 and old generation 55+). This part of study uses data from sociological researches, primarily of social and class structure (1984, 1991, 1999 and 2006). This study uses data from the international research of International Adult Literacy Survey (SIALS 98) and data from sociological research ISSP 2007 (Leisure time and sport). In this regard, the research followed in addition to leisure activities, many aspects such as level of educational attainment, size of home library etc. Key words Reading, reader, book, education, age,...
Effectiveness of teaching synthetic phonics to EFL students
Urbanová, Lucie ; Červinková Poesová, Kristýna (advisor) ; Uličná, Klára (referee)
The effectiveness of teaching synthetic phonics to EFL students Abstract This diploma thesis deals with the effectiveness of systematic and explicit Synthetic Phonics teaching methods in the EFL learning environment. The theoretical part of the text investigates the similarities and differences between teaching Synthetic and Analytic Phonics. Whether synthetic phonics is essential not only for native English speakers, but also for EFL students is examined. Furthermore, it introduces the changes and development in phonics teaching in a historical context. The practical section describes the test preparation and presents how the research methodology was applied. It also examines the data collected from testing four groups of Prague primary school children who have different experience of phonics. Last but not least, the empirical section presents the results of 60 students' readings and analyses their performances concluding with an assessment as to whether explicit Synthetic Phonics teaching instruction helps EFL students in pronouncing words or not. Key words: synthetic phonics, analytic phonics, phonemes, graphemes, pronunciation and articulation, spelling, reading, writing
Effectiveness of teaching synthetic phonics to EFL students
Urbanová, Lucie ; Uličná, Klára (advisor) ; Müller Dočkalová, Barbora (referee)
The effectiveness of teaching synthetic phonics to EFL students Abstract The diploma considers the effectiveness of systematic and explicit Synthetic Phonics teaching methods in the EFL learning environment. The theoretical section examines foreign language methodology - the field of reading acquisition in young learners, especially English language pronunciation. It studies how systematic explicit Phonics approach can help in learning how to read and pronounce words correctly. It explores the similarities and differences between teaching Synthetic and Analytic Phonics, and compares them. Furthermore it discusses whether synthetic phonics is useful not only for native English speakers, but also for EFL students. The practical part focuses on testing two groups of children who have different experiences of phonics. The data were collected in Prague and the Hradec Králové region. There were 62 students tested out of whom 33 were in a control group and 29 were taught using a systematic Phonics approach. A specially designed test consisting of two different activities was applied. It tested word reading, non-word pronouncing and sight word recognition. The aim of the research was to find out whether explicit Synthetic Phonics teaching instruction helps not only native English speakers, but also EFL learners in...
Development reading literacy by project in primary school
Janusová, Petra ; Wildová, Radka (advisor) ; Rychlíková, Marie (referee)
This thesis open the problematics of reading literacy and its development by project teaching. Dissertation is divided into two parts - theoretically and practically. In the first part there is described foundation of projects and project teaching, its history and advantages of its technique. Another topic is reading literacy, especially different concepts and ways of development by RWCT, creative drama and project teaching. Particular project is described in empiric part. Pupils of third class at primal school were observed during project. Qualitative and quantitative research is used in this thesis. The aim of research is influence of project teaching on pupil's motivation during the work with reading matter.
Poor readers
Rusnáková, Kristýna ; Presslerová, Pavla (advisor) ; Kucharská, Anna (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the topic of poor readers in the context of reading comprehension. Poor readers are diverse group of readers, who are inferior to normal-reading peers in various aspects of reading. Reading comprehension is crucial skill in the process of acquiring, learning and using informations from every area of human activity. The aim of this thesis is to generally map the concept of poor readers and to identify specific problems shown by poor readers in reading comprehension tests. The theoretical part presents the concepts of mapping the issue, such as literacy, educational methods, reading comprehension. The main part focuses on the characteristics and specifics of poor readers in the context of the simple view of reading. Apart from this, other types of readers such as dyslectisc and poor comprehenders are described and compared to poor readers. The practical section is based on GAČR project - Reading comprehension - typical development and its risks, carried out by PedF UK, in which I took part. The objective is to analyze decoding and reading comprehension test results of fourth graders. This study attempts to identify a group of children with both decoding and reading comprehension difficulties (usually referred to garden variety poor readers). Moreover, the decision will...

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