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Study of the bypass of Český Krumlov
Talířová, Martina ; Radimský, Michal (referee) ; Efenberk, Tomáš (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor thesis is the design of the road bypass of the town of Český Krumlov, the road I/39, elaborated in the details of a location study. The town of Český Krumlov is located in the South Bohemia region in the Český Krumlov district and is a very popular tourist destination. The work deals with the modification of the road I/39 as a directionally undivided road in two variants, which are subsequently compared and evaluated. The aim was, among other things, to propose a solution that would reduce the traffic volume in the city, especially during the summer season when the traffic volume on the road I/39 is the highest. In both cases, the proposal is for a new road with a connection to the existing infrastructure. The directional and height solution is made in accordance with the applicable standard.
Reading, association city liberary in the years 1900-1950
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of the organization City library in Český Krumlov, firstly the formation of the tables companies, supporting association, then it deals with their activities, the support of the Czech language and related historical events in Český Krumlov in the years 1900 - 1950. Further it maps the activities of the library till the 1950s and shortly the present times of the library. The last chapter is dedicated to Mrs. Věra Pazderková in the form of a short video.
Perception of cultural and natural values and visitor preferences in Český Krumlov
This bachelor thesis deals with the perception of cultural and natural values and visitor preferences in Český Krumlov against the background of tourism in the South Bohemian Region and Český Krumlov. It also deals with the topic of further development of tourism in South Bohemia. The introduction contains the aims and hypotheses of the thesis, discussion of the literature and methodology of the thesis, followed by an introduction to the geographical conditions of the South Bohemian Region, the district and the town of Český Krumlov. In the next part it deals with tourism in these areas and tries to answer the question what are the further possibilities of tourism development in South Bohemia. It also focuses specifically on Český Krumlov, its historical, natural and cultural monuments, and especially on the castle garden. The last part of the thesis is the evaluation of the questionnaire survey, confirmation or refutation of the hypotheses and drawing conclusions.
Scope and impact of floods in the river basin Polečnice
MAXA, Václav
The preparation of the bachelor thesis includes the collection of information on the issue, especially the theoretical part focuses on the study of legislation and the use of Internet resources. The aim of the author in the theoretical part is to explain important concepts in the field of flood and related topics. The individual chapters focus, for example, on the flow of the Polečnice river, types of floods in our country, levels of flood activity, legislation in the field of floods, as well as preparations for floods and warning the population. The practical part contains a description of the Český Krumlov district and the floodplain of the Polečnice river, then the two biggest modern floods in our country are described, namely the devastating floods of 2002 and 2013. Furthermore, the modification of the riverbed of the Polečnice river, which served to create the necessary flood protection measures on the Polečnice river. And last but not least, a questionnaire survey. In the questionnaire survey 100 sheets with 12 questions were evaluated. The questions focused on the general overview of the citizens of Český Krumlov about the flood issue and their awareness of situations caused by floods, such as protection of health, lives and property, related warnings to the population and their evacuation. And whether they are aware of the threat of danger from the Polečnice river, which at first glance may not seem dangerous at all. The evaluated data indicate that the inhabitants of Český Krumlov rather underestimate the risk of floods in the town of Český Krumlov. Some inhabitants do not even know that partial flood protection measures have been carried out on the Polečnice in the recent past. The only positive thing I see is that nowadays, thanks to the technology we have, citizens have the opportunity to get information about the situation quickly and thus be better and more quickly prepared for a possible emergency.
The memorial Bird´s Castle in Český Krumlov and the cultural and historical context of its origin.
This bachelor thesis focuses on unfinished monument of Karel I. Filip of Schwarzenberg, which is located near castle garden in Český Krumlov. It deals with the urbanism of the building and its description and also describes its current form. Author deals with the construction history of the monument, the person of the monument builder and also the Field Marshal Karel of Schwarzenberg, to whom the monument was dedicated. Important part of this thesis is the style of the English garden and sentimental gardens, as according to the author, this topic is closely related to the topic of the work. In final chapters, the author deals with buildings of a similar type in the Czech Republic and in Europe.
Gentrification of the inner city of Český Krumlov
The bachelor´s thesis explores, identifies and analyses eventual manifestations of gentrification in the Inner city of Český Krumlov. Part of the thesis is an outline of theoretical approaches in the area of gentrification. The analytical part is derived from different, but overlapping approaches: gentrification as a class colonization, gentrification as a capital investment, gentrification and social disparities. As a prerequisite for confirming the course of gentrification, the creation of a rent gap in the examined area is analyzed. Another identifier of the course of the process in the area is the displacement of the original inhabitants.
Confessional bipolarity in Český Krumlov at the beginning of the 17th century
The diploma thesis is focused on the religious conditions and conflicts in Český Krumlov at the beginning of the 17th century, when the town was ruled by Bohemian Royal Chamber. The main aim of this thesis is to analyse a religious-oriented dispute that occurred in the years 1609-1613. The conflict was between the major group of Catholics' townsmen and the Evangelicals' community whose influence grew stronger that time. Throughout the conflict, Evangelicals from the town wanted to confirm religious privileges such as their own shrine, a preacher, and a teacher. The primary source that was written after the conflict from the Catholics' point of view is stored in the State regional archive in Český Krumlov. The analysed conflict is going to be situated in the context of other religious-oriented disputes that were taken place in Český Krumlov and other towns located in the Lands of the Bohemian Crown during the previous years.
German Krummau as a topic of a high school class trip
The practical bachelor's thesis will deal with a trip focusing on the German language of high school students from Vimperk to Český Krumlov. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part will focus on selected topics related to the historical coexistence of the Czech and German population of Český Krumlov. The practical part will propose an educational project of the trip, in which students will organize the trip, find out the current awareness of the trip, transport links, fares, information about sights associated with German-speaking personalities and history in Český Krumlov, incl. opening times and admission prices, and plan a time schedule.
Rozptyl cenové nabídky na trhu nemovitostí ve zvolené oblasti
The topic of this diploma thesis is the variance of the real estate price offer in the selected area. Specifically, this work deals with the analysis of the real estate market of apartments in Český Krumlov. Its aim is to evaluate the prices of flats according to local parts and to assess how the prices of flats are affected by the given locality and other influences. The literature search defines the basic concepts related to issues in the field of real estate valuation, according to laws and individual decrees. The terms price and value of real estate, valuation methods and factors influencing the price of real estate are also defined here. The practical part deals with the analysis of the housing market and their distribution according to the layout. It describes the selected area, its local parts and historical origin. The result is the average prices of flats in the locality, which are compared with each other and the effects on these prices are evaluated.
Cantatas in the Schwarzenberg Music Collection of the State Regional Archive in Český Krumlov
The diploma thesis deals with cantatas from the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century from the collection of Arnošt of Schwarzenberg, which are stored in the state archives in Český Krumlov. It is about two dozen compositions, most of which come from the estate of the music-loving prince Ernst of Schwarzenberg (1773-1821). The lyrics of most compositions are German, exceptionally some of them have French or Italian texts. Part of the work is a search performed in the state archive, the description of the collection and its breakdown from the aspect of con-tent and functionality and in terms of origin. Special attention is paid to the cantatas by Czech composers Vojtěch Jírovec, Leopold Koželuh and Pavel Mašek that are analyzed in more detail. Into the edition, also the first two parts of cantata Entjo-chung Deutschlands by Pavel Mašek, which is related to the personality of Karel of Schwarzenberg (1771-1820), were included.

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