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Vnímání Číny ve vybraných zemích Latinské Ameriky
Demartini, Michaela
Demartini M. Perception of China in selected countries of Latin America: Bachelor Thesis. Brno: Mendel University. Faculty of Regional Development and International Studies, 2017. Advisor: Mgr. Ing. Richard Turcsányi, Ph.D. The paper deals with the perception of China in selected Latin American countries. The theoretical part summarizes the development of Latin American relations with China on the history background and their current state. It also includes and explains the theoretical basis of work - Chinese foreign policy and soft-power concept. The next part describes methodology of selecting three countries based on political, economic and social factors. The practical part includes individual case studies of Nicaragua, Peru and Venezuela and its perception of China. The aim is to find out how the selected Latin American states perceive China and try to explain this finding by presenting facts that may support or shape such perceptions.
Teritoriální spory v regionu Jihočínského a Východočínského moře a vytváření exkluzivních ekonomických zón
Nováková, Kateřina
The subjects of the thesis are territorial disputes in South China Sea and East China Sea region. The theoretical part focuses on historical and contemporary context of disputes. In practical part development in region of last decade is shown. Material kontext of disputes is focused on fisheries which is the important source of livelihood there. The concluding proposal part contains some suggestions of solutions of the situation in this region.
Protestné hnutia v Hongkongu
Chodúrová, Dominika
The bachelor thesis deals with a topic of the protest movements in Hong Kong, which took place in year 2014 and 2019. The first part of the thesis presents the historical and political context that preceded the protests in 2014. This part also describes a theoretical overview related to social and protest movements. In the analytical part of the thesis, both of the protest movements are analyzed through two separate case studies. Using a comparative method, the thesis compares the essential elements of both movements and analyzes whether they have undergone a change or not. He analyzes the causes of the change with the help of the authors dealing with the issue of protests in Hong Kong and the theory of social movements. The results of Bachelor thesis is the finding that the nature of the movement in 2019 was distinct in various aspects, especially in the form of tactics and actions of its participants. The biggest change in the movement in 2019 was the radicalization of some of its groups and their actions. Persistent political problems and the frustration of some participants, who believed that nonviolent means were ineffective, were identified as the main causes of radicalization. The movement's radicalization and change in tactics was also a response to repression by the Hong Kong government and police. The leadership of the movement also underwent a change. This time it was not represented by any publicly known leaders. The main reason for the non-existence of leaders in the 2019 movement was the fact that the leadership of the 2014 movement was prosecuted after its ending.
Strategické rozhodování podnikového managementu v oblasti zahraničního obchodu
Milar, Tomáš
Master thesis is focused on strategic analyzing of decision making in international business at the company Skoda Auto a. s. Discribing the current position on the automotive market. Further focusing on the activity of the company related to the international business in China. With regards to the recent enter of company on the market was made up a study by the method an analyses. The result has shown that company is situated in the very good conditions related to the number of retail. Even through a few years of brand lasting on the market Skoda has been producing in the past year more vehicles than Audi. It shows that Volkswagen Shanghai has come up with very good decision thanks to the brand implementation to the Market. One of the recommendation is to support current marketing, further, implementation of new sedan, crucial support of retail network has been taken into account and investment into assembly line.
Založenie Ázijskej infraštruktúrnej a investičnej banky ako nástroj čínskej zahraničnej politiky
Neščivera, Jakub
The bachelor thesis deals with the circumstances of the establishment of the Chinese-initiated bank AIIB and initially presents the background of its establishment important for understanding the next part of the thesis dealing with the description of possible ways of misusing the establishment of the bank to meet the goals of Chinese foreign policy from the position of several authors and perspectives. The work deals with the conditions and examination of the motivation under which important members decided to join the bank and its relatively successful launch will be described on the examples of the first projects and cooperation with other banks.
Ekonomický vplyv Číny v Latinskej Amerike
Čech, Michal
The bachelor's thesis deals with China's current influence in Latin American countries. Closer, however, is the work focused on the area of mining of mineral resources, with which the Chinese presence is often associated. Emphasis is placed on the analysis of mutual trade relations, but also the influence of China's influence in the region. We also deal with direct foreign investments and the export market in our work. The aim of the bachelor thesis is to find out what is the economic importance of China for Latin America, especially what is the role of Chinese trade and Chinese investments for the economy of Latin American countries. As attributes, we set exports and investments in selected Latin American countries, specifically in Chile, Mexico and Peru. The presented work consists of a theoretical and an empirical part. In the theoretical part, we focus on the research of professional literature through which we will process theoretical knowledge about the foreign-political relations of China and Latin America. Based on the available literature, we will theoretically process the economic relations between China and Latin America, which we will apply to the empirical part. The empirical part of the work will consist of case studies of selected Latin American countries, namely Chile, Mexico and Peru. The attributes of the comparison that will be described in the thesis within the mentioned countries are export and foreign investments.
Emissions trading system - European Union and China
Krutek, Lukáš ; Fabšíková, Tereza (advisor) ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
Emissions trading system - European Union and China Abstract Emissions trading systems are one of the many instruments used in environmental protection policy. This market-based economic mechanism governs the trading of units of selected pollutants, which are for these purposes considered as a tradable commodity. This approach was pioneered by the European Union, whose emissions trading system has over the years become the largest and most successful emissions trading system in the world. The results achieved, but also the experience from the failures of the European system, have attracted international attention and inspired other countries to actively use emissions trading. So far, the People's Republic of China is the latest major subject working to implement a new emissions trading system. The choice of the path towards the establishment of a national emissions trading system demonstrates a desire to become a leading actor in global climate policy and to move towards achieving its goals in line with its obligations under international law, including the ambitious goal of peaking carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 in its rapidly developing economy. This master's thesis introduces and highlights for the reader the basic structural elements common to all emissions trading systems and further details the...
Beyond authoritarianism: AI-based surveillance systems for social and security management. The Chinese Social Credit System
Baldin, Beatrice ; Střítecký, Vít (advisor) ; Špelda, Petr (referee)
(English) The Social Credit System (SCS) is an innovative Chinese social management plan, that has caught worldwide attention. This system is designed for promoting social and financial stability, through the allocation of a credit score to citizens and corporations. This score is estimated through the employment of sophisticated surveillance technologies that collect and analyze huge data flows. The higher the score rating a company reaches, the higher its reward and trustworthiness are. Hence, the SCS rates individuals and businesses, while providing feedback by rewarding good behavior or by punishing violations. This incentive structure and the deployment of the latest monitoring technologies have both contributed to the mainstream misconception that the SCS is a functioning all-embracing dystopian techno-authoritarian system, strictly imposed by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Conversely, this thesis explores how the actual implementations of the SCS are split into two separate categories of pilot testings: one developed by local authorities and one promoted by commercial big corporations. Moreover, the SCS is currently further constrained by technical limitations since there is no nationwide coherent system for credit ratings and it is still highly based on human operations. In addition,...
Linking China's hegemonic intentions through its institutions in Southeast Asia
Ambekar, Sankalp ; Karásek, Tomáš (advisor) ; Bejkovský, Jan (referee)
Asia's Machtpolitik Linking China's hegemonic intentions through its institutions in Southeast Asia Sankalp Ambekar Abstract Since pre-colonial times, the major powers in the region contesting and vying to influence Southeast Asia and South China Seas. However, in modern times things did not change much, though China came out as a revisionist and status quo power. And Chinese-led multilateral institutions are the new provider in this business. It rapidly became a first choice and alternative option to West-led institutions with long-term expertise in DFI. Moreover, certain ASEAN states are divided politically and economically, not having a unified stance on how they should approach China's behaviour. Although China's encroachment over the South China Sea and issue with Taiwan became severe concerns over the region's stability. Hence, China is an element of passive-aggressive and hegemonic intentions in its behaviour. But it is difficult to predict how it will shape the future of the region and Asia, as the region's dynamics change rapidly. Thus, a link with grave ambtions connects to China's behaviour. Keywords: China; free trade agreement (FTA); hegemony; multilateralism; maritime trade; regional powers; Southeast Asia; South China Sea; trade blocs

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