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Proposal for Changes of Human Resource Management Focused on Talent Management Implementation in a Selected Company
Jurák, Tomáš ; Konečný, Štěpán (referee) ; Konečná, Zdeňka (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the term "talent management", specifically by defining the design of talent management in a selected company and its implementation, in order to stabilize employees with the potential for further successful development. The company ACD is a domestic company with a focus on the development and production of pharmaceuticals. This thesis aims to define the talent in the company ACD and analysing the requirements for the implementation of talent management. Based on the results of the analysis, specific recommendations for the implementation of talent management in the company ACD could be evaluated.
Development of Managerial Skills in the Company
Procházka, Richard ; Bednářová, Markéta (referee) ; Pfeifer, Marcel Rolf (advisor)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the process of management skills development in a company. The thesis is structured in three parts. The first part consists of an overview of the theoretical background necessary for the construction of the thesis. These backgrounds are focused on managerial skills and their development. The second part is devoted to the analysis of a specific enterprise and includes two methods of investigation thus providing an overall view of the issue under study. This section is designed to reveal potential gaps within managerial skills and their development. The final section is focused to formulating suggestions and recommendations to address the identified gaps.
Occupational therapy program to develop the skills of a child with a physical disability for the transition from kindergarten to primary school
Veselá, Markéta ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Valešová Malecová, Barbara (referee)
This thesis deals with the evaluation of a self-designed occupational therapy programme to support children with physical disabilities in their transition to primary school. The aim of the research is to test the effectiveness of this programme. The theoretical background explores the concepts of occupational therapy and physiotherapy in educational settings, their role in paediatrics and the impact of physical disability on school adjustment. It also focuses on the importance of movement, sensory integration and well-being in relation to successful school adjustment. The transition to primary school for the child with physical disabilities and the preparation of the family environment and the child itself for this step are other topics of this thesis. A further aim is to determine whether the programme can be used by teachers as part of an educational curriculum. The final section shows how an occupational therapy programme can be integrated into the regular school environment and how it can contribute to the successful integration of children with physical disabilities into a new school environment. The methodological section describes the research methods used, including intervention evaluation research and the plan for testing the programme. The empirical section then presents the occupational...
The impact of management training on subordinates' motivation for further training
Tůmová, Klára ; Urbanová, Eva (advisor) ; Liška, Roman (referee)
This thesis examines the impact of managers' continuing education on their subordinates' motivation for continuing education. The aim of the thesis was to find out how employees are influenced by their supervisor's approach to continuing education and whether manager training has a positive effect on motivation for learning and development. The theoretical part is divided into three main chapters. First, it deals with an introduction to management, the role and tasks of the manager, approaches to leading people, or managerial competencies. The second part discusses manager education and a systematic approach to manager development, including possible barriers to learning. The third section deals with motivation, where the concepts of motivation and stimulation, the context of motivation and the hierarchy of needs are defined and strategies to motivate adults to learn are described. The practical part of the thesis analyses the educational offer within the selected organisation, which can be used regularly by managers and employees. Furthermore, structured interviews are conducted with six selected managers. These interviews serve to gain a deeper understanding of managers' attitudes towards training, their approach to developing both their own skills and those of their team members. The interviews...
Effectiveness of Employee Learning and Development Programs in the Organization
Honková, Veronika ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kolek, Jindřich (referee)
The diploma thesis is focused on evaluating the effectiveness of employee learning and development programs in the organization. Currently, learning and development programs in private sector organizations are largely unsystematic and circumstantially. Effectiveness is not guaranteed without an analysis of educational and developmental needs for the benefit of the company and at the same time for the benefit of the individual needs of employees. The aim of this diploma thesis is to find out whether there are development and training programs in the organization in the private sector and to evaluate their effectiveness with regard to the organization's strategy and the personal development of the employees. In the theoretical part, existing educational strategies and policies are presented and what are the individual approaches to them, as well as what are the current educational trends. It is defined what systematic education and development of employees in the organization is, including identification of learning needs, planning and implementation of employee learning, assessment of learning results and assessment of the effectiveness of learning with examples of various methods. It also includes an introduction of the selected organization and its strategy, along with the learning and development...
The Role and Contribution of Prison Chaplains in the Process of Development and Reintegration of Convicts
Galíková, Gabriela ; Kříž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kursch, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis analyses the work and contribution of clergymen in the Prison Service of the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of the thesis presents the role of the chaplains in the prison environment, it also deals with its historical development and key moments in history that have influenced the contemporary form of spiritual care of convicts. The theoretical part also presents an enumeration of the possibilities and specifics of development and education of convicts in the prison care system and the system of functioning of the educational and developmental system available to convicts during their sentence. It is within this spectrum of activities and activities that the role of spiritual care is further embedded in the theoretical part. Further, the theory articulates the impact of spiritual care on the lives of convicts and the experience of punishment. The theoretical part concludes with a comparison of the Czech and international context of chaplaincy and clerical activities, as well as post-penitentiary care, in which the thesis presents the specifics and methods of clerical work in the reintegration of convicts back into society. The theoretical part of the thesis forms the basis for the empirical part, which embeds and verifies this enumeration and description in practice. The...
Brownfields in successful regional development projects based on domestic examples
The topic of the thesis is related to the issue of brownfields in successful regional development projects on the examples of domestic projects. The first part of the thesis summarizes the literature search, basic terminology, typology, etc. Then the methodology is presented, i.e. what methods are used in the thesis. The practical part itself is focused first on the summary of basic data about the objects and then the analysis and evaluation of the selected projects using the selected methods. The thesis concludes with a summary of suggestions and recommendations for the lowest ranked project.
Communication and corporate culture in construction engineering
Macinková, Martina ; Molnár, Josef (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on communication and corporate culture in the construction engineering, with an emphasis on importance and improvement. The thesis aims to capture the importance of this topic in the context of the construction engineering. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the issue of communication and culture in the construction industry is examined in detail to provide a comprehensive overview. The practical part presents the results of the research conducted, combining quantitative and qualitative approaches. The data was obtained through questionnaire surveys and guided interviews with employees of selected construction companies. The paper concludes with a summary of partial conclusions and formulates recommendations for improving communication and corporate culture in construction companies. This work included a proposal for a more effective survey methodology and tips for making the industry more attractive to young people.
Development of transportation infrastructure within the Central Bohemian cooperation region
The thesis focuses on the development of transportation infrastructure in the Cen-tral Bohemia region. It analyzes the current infrastructure development with an em-phasis on financing and examines planned projects in this region. The thesis presents theoretical foundations and approaches to the development of transportation infra-structure, particularly the financing of selected projects. In the analytical section, theo-retical foundations are applied in the analysis of selected projects. The aim of the the-sis is to formulate recommendations for the development of transportation infrastruc-ture in the given region, to identify optimal financial strategies.

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