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"Analysis of the political discourse on migration in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic."
Kovalev, Ilia ; Uherek, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
CHARLES UNIVERSITY FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Institute of Sociological Studies Department of Sociology Analysis of the political discourse on migration in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic: restrictive or liberal approach? Abstract of the Master's thesis Author: Ilia Kovalev Study programme: Sociology Supervisor: doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Uherek, CSc. Year of the defence: 2021 References KOVALEV, Ilia. Analysis of the political discourse on migration in the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic: restrictive or liberal approach? Prague, 2021. 80 pages. Master's thesis (Mgr.). Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Institute of Sociological Studies. Department of Sociology. Supervisor doc. PhDr. Zdeněk Uherek, CSc. Length of the thesis: 120256 characters Abstract Most of the previous research that has examined migration in the Czech Republic has focused primarily on the development of migration flows and changes in government strategies in this area, not on how we think about this issue and how we talk about it. Therefore, the aim of this Thesis is to analyze the political discourse on migration in the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The analysis is based on the hypothesis of the existence of two consistent discourse attitudes, which represent restrictive and...
The use of foreign players in Czech extraleague baseball
Ercoli, Lukáš ; Crossan, William Morea (advisor) ; Ruda, Tomáš (referee)
Title: The use of foreign players in Czech extraleague baseball Objectives: The thesis aims to determine the contribution of foreign players who were active in the Czech baseball extraleague at the game and club level for the seasons 2015-2020. The diploma thesis compares the effectiveness of game performance of foreign players with Czech players. Conducting statistical analysis can show how many foreign players were on individual teams, and how effective they are for the team. Methods: The thesis analyzes secondary data obtained from the information system of the Czech Baseball Association and data collected by the baseball-stat web portal. Furthermore, semi-structured interviews were conducted with representatives of six Extraleague clubs. The number of foreign players in 2015-2020 and their national composition was examined. Central to the thesis were statistics such as Wins Above Replacement (WAR), Number of innings pitched (IP), Earned run average (ERA) and Batting average (BA). Results: In conclusion, the thesis analyzes secondary sources compared with an analysis of interviews with representatives of Extraleague clubs. The main finding was that foreign players are differential players, and are most often placed in primary positions, such as a pitcher in baseball. This is confirmed by the...
Environmental migration and legal instruments of its prevention in the Czech Republic
Chaloupková, Alena ; Sobotka, Michal (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of environmental migration and with possible legal instruments of its prevention in the Czech Republic. Based on an analysis of the extent of the issue, it identifies three areas of environmental migration causes that are relevant in the conditions of the Czech Republic: (1) climate change and its impacts, (2) implementation of development projects, and (3) industrial accidents and pollution. It analyses and evaluates important legal instruments of prevention and protection of the inhabitants in these areas. In particular, climate protection, adaptation to climate change impacts (floods and droughts), protection against excessive resettlement due to development projects (mining, water reservoirs and building of roads), protection against industrial accidents and air protection are assessed. In conclusion, the findings are summarized and the most important legal deficiencies are formulated, eventually some modifications de lege ferenda are proposed.
Migration into the Czech Republic: The 90's vs. present from the view of Canadian migrants
Bartoňová-Dobenínová, Julie Diane ; Angelovská, Olga (advisor) ; Jelínková, Marie (referee)
This bachelor thesis revolves around the issue of migration into the Czech Republic from the view of Canadian citizens. It focuses on two time periods, the 90's and the present which was for this study defined as the year 2016 till 2020. The aim of this thesis is to compare migration to the Czech Republic in the 90's and in the present with the concentration on certain differences of the migration process into the Czech Republic. This thesis is a comparison case study, which uses semi structured interviews, secondary data and legal documents for the analysis of individual migration cases into the Czech Republic in the given periods. The cases of the Canadian citizens migration are explained by the dual labor market theory and relative deprivation theory. This thesis shows the differences within the main problems that are connected to migration, conditions of entry into the Czech Republic and within the integration of immigrants into the Czech labor market. The contribution of this thesis is also the description of the current Czech migration policy which is based on the previous periodization from the Barša couple. The results of this thesis advert to liberality of the migration policy in the 90's and to the emphasis on migrant regulation in the current Czech migration policy.
Changing the approach towards citizenship in the United Kingdom due to migration
Kycltová, Barbora ; Lukešová, Anna (advisor) ; Bauer, Paul (referee)
This bachelor's thesis is a one-case study of the approach to citizenship in the UK and the way it has been transformed by naturalization policies and migration. The issue of citizenship became the subject of many academic debates at the turn of the millennium due to the large influx of migrants and racial unrest in the country, and the subsequent introduction of citizenship tests was met with considerable controversy. The aim of this work is to map the much-discussed issue of naturalization in the UK and based on an analysis of the content of preparatory materials for the citizenship test, provide a very unique and comprehensive picture of how the approach to citizenship has changed over the years. The method of qualitative document analysis is used for the processing of publications for civic tests, and the manuals are examined by applying a predefined typology of citizenship and integration approaches in the theoretical part. The thesis assumes that due to concerns about the lack of integration of immigrant communities and the consequent tightening of measures to obtain citizenship status, there has been a change from a liberal and multicultural approach to more restrictive forms of approach to the concept of citizenship. Based on the established analysis of the work, it is concluded that the...
Syrian community in Czechia - differentiation of identities
Šoulová, Ivana ; Jelen, Libor (advisor) ; Čermáková, Dita (referee)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis is to examine the basic conditions of Syrian identities in the Czechia and to find out whether they have created a transnational form of identity. The analytical part is written on the basis of findings from qualitative research, which was conducted through an interviews with 15 respondents of Syrian origin living in the Czechia. Factors influencing Syrian immigration may be related to the year of their arrival in the Czechia. The identity of Syrians in the Czechia can be variable over time and is conditioned very individually. Elements of transnational identity are manifested mainly by the older generations of Syrians. The religion and surroundings in which Syrians in the Czechia grow up may have an impact on the creation of their transnational identity. The Syrian community in the Czechia is not very comprehensive and concurrently not show signs of a diasporic community. The geopolitical orientation of Syrians in the Czechia may be influenced by their ethnic or religious identity. key words: Syrians, migration, integration, transnationalism, community, identity
Ecological and ethological aspects of bird-building collisions
Semeráková, Anna ; Sedláček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Koleček, Jaroslav (referee)
Collisions with artificial structures represent one of the most significant cause of bird mortality worldwide. Accounting for hundreds of millions bird deaths each year, bird-building collisions represent a particular problem. Although the bird's vision system is perfectly adapted to the orientation during fast flight, birds are often confused due to the transparency or reflectivity of the glass. Moreover, light pollution of urban areas interferes with the physiological geomagnetic and polarized light compass in birds, which causes the night migrants to disorient. The bird-building collision frequency variates in time and space. Throughout the day, largest number of fatal collisions occurs during early morning. Throughout the year, the peak in the numbers of fatal strikes appears in the course of autumn migration. Local species abundance did not appear to be the most important predictor of collision probability. Species traits making birds highly prone to collisions are small body size, high flight speed, long distance of migration and feeding strategy requiring rare and temporary food sources. Aggressive males during the mating period and inexperienced post-fledging juveniles are among the most vulnerable individuals. Based on taxon-specific ecological traits, some bird families were identified to...
Interventional approaches to pupils of younger school age with different mother tongue
Havelková, Monika ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Hádková, Kateřina (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with intervention approaches used in the educational system of foreigners and pupils of younger school age with a different mother tongue. It focuses on the position of pupils with a different mother tongue in the Czech educational system and their schooling. It also refers to the concept of migration and presents the current legislation applied in the education of pupils with a different mother tongue. The thesis introduces the organizations that provide support to children with a different mother tongue during their primary school studies. It also mentions support, supporting measures, intervention approaches and strategies for an inclusive approach. The diploma thesis describes through interviews, examples of inspiring practice and case studies the intervention approaches to primary school pupils with a different mother tongue. KEYWORDS Pupil with different mother tongue, pupil foreigner, inclusion, migration, intervention, support measures.
The role of neural crest cells in development of the head and the heart
Matějček, Miroslav ; Machoň, Ondřej (advisor) ; Černý, Robert (referee)
Neural crest (NC) is a structure arising from the neural plate borders during the the process of neurulation. From there neural crest cells migrate and differentiate into broad types of cells and tissues almost all over the body. These cells contributes on the building of skull, jaws and many other structures. The aim of this thesis is to summarize recent findings about neural crest cells and their impact during the development of head and heart, their migration and differentiation in these part of the body with a special aim to gene regulatory network and signals from surrounding cells. Study of these cells is key for elucidating genetic mutations or cancer.

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