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Principals as educational leaders
Černý, Jakub ; Veselý, Arnošt (advisor) ; Pýchová, Silvie (referee)
The Thesis focuses on opinions and attitudes of Czech primary and secondary school's headteachers and brings information about their perception of needs in fields of administrative and pedagogic matters. For this purpose, it was carried out a survey among 1 908 respondents. Theoretical part of Thesis finds content of the concept "pedagogical management" on the normative basis which assumes that headteacher is - firs of all - pedagogical leader. In accordance with the theoretical basis, the survey findings and practical knowledge there are headteacher support scenarios in the last part of the Thesis. The scenarios provide inspiration for the considered district support body competence and call for solutions outreach the educational policy framework.
Policy of Inclusive Education: Result of Advocacy Coaltitions?
Durdová, Karolína ; Hiekischová, Michaela (advisor) ; Mouralová, Magdalena (referee)
The topic of this diploma thesis is the development of the policy of inclusive education in the Czech Republic from the 1990s to 2018. Its objective is to describe this development and at least partially clarify the reasons for the controversy created by this policy and the increase in the public interest about this topic after the amendment of the education law in 2015. Using the process tracing method, it is testing if these reasons can be described by the theory of the advocacy coalition framework. The work finds out that considering the set hypotheses the explanation using this theory cannot be disproved. During this testing, main actors are identified and divided into advocacy coalitions. Therefore, an overview of the theory of advocacy coalition framework is included in this work, set in the context of the inclusive education policy, together with a quantitative media analysis looking at the number of relevant articles in the three most-read newspapers, a description of the interviews with the involved actors and an extensive qualitative analysis of available resources. In the last part of this work, there is an attempt to suggest measures that could at least partially calm down the discussion about the current inclusive education policy. The attachment to this work includes the scenario...
Vzdělávání dospělých v České republice - 2016
Český statistický úřad
Publikace přináší základní výstupy z mezinárodního šetření o vzdělávání dospělých Adult Education Survey 2011, které v evropských státech mapuje zapojení dospělé populace do vzdělávání. Nabízí stručný přehled účasti české a evropské populace ve formálním a neformálním vzdělávání, který interpretuje v kontextu národních vzdělávacích systémů a politik.
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Strategic Management in the Educational System of the Czech Republic
Ondrouchová, Antonie ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Paulovčáková, Lucie (referee)
K DIPLOMOVÉ PRÁCI V ANGLICKÉM JAZYCE Strategic Management of the Education System in the Czech Republic Antonie Ondrouchová ABSTRACT The aim of this thesis "Strategic Management of the Education System in the Czech Republic" is to analyze and critically evaluate strategic management at various levels of the education system of the Czech Republic; suggest recommendations for further research. Thus, the thesis answers question on the state of strategic management at various levels of the education system of the Czech Republic. The theoretical part defines the term "strategic management", which is generally characterized by determination, process, tools, meaning and obstacles in its application. The following chapter deals with strategic management in the education system, in particular by identifying four levels of management (national, regional, local, school) represented by the relevant institutions. At the theoretical level, education policy is considered to be an indication of directions and content that are embedded in public policy documents. By the method of document content analysis, examples of strategic public policy documents are evaluated at four levels of system management. The state of the evaluated documents, based on selected aspects of the ideal state model, can be expressed by an...
Implamentation of graduation examination in mathematic from the viewpoint of education policy actors.
Prokeš, Ondřej ; Kohoutek, Jan (advisor) ; Mouralová, Magdalena (referee)
The bachelor thesis is focused on the implementation of a compulsory math exam in mathematics at secondary schools in the Czech republic. The thesis describes the implementation of compulsory math examinations in mathematics as a educational policy instrument. The creators and recipients of this decision are revealed through the analysis of actors. The research is focused on the perspective of the head masters and mathematics teachers. This work describes the anchoring of head masters and teachers in the educational policy in the Czech Republic. Using semi-structured interviews the thesis discovers the beliefs and analyzes the perceptions and disagreements between actors. The research is based on the questioning of actors from different types of secondary schools.
Comparison of selected problems of music teacher education in the Czech Republ ic and Austria
Kopřivová, Jitka ; Váňová, Hana (advisor) ; Slavíková, Marie (referee) ; Palkovská, Jana (referee)
The objective of the dissertation thesis is to examine selected problems in the education of secondary level music teachers that influence their professional performance, in the context of current social and education policies of the Czech Republic and the Republic of Austria. The specific issues addressed are: career benefit system, professional standards of teachers, ageing of teachers' population, social and economic status of teachers and feminisation in schools. A comparative analysis of the university curricula for undergraduate music teacher training both in the Czech Republic and the Republic of Austria forms part of the dissertation thesis. The practical research part presents the results of the research questionnaire survey of opinions of the music education university students and graduate teachers on their university training, motivation to be a teacher and depicts their problems at the beginning of their teacher's career. In conclusion, the selected problems of music teacher education are viewed by university teachers and administration workers by means of semi- structured interviews.
System of support for the development of teaching staff in Czech Republic
Tomášková, Nela ; Lisnerová, Romana (advisor) ; Trojan, Václav (referee)
Diploma thesis deals with the development of the teaching staff, specifically his support. The aim is to find out how is enshrined this support for the development of teaching staff in strategic documents and how it solves selected organizations directly managed by the Ministry of Education. The theoretical part of the thesis describes the development of teaching staff in all forms, at the level of needed formal education and at the level of further training of teachers and interconnect it with legislation and education policy, which is currently focusing on the quality of education in the Czech Republic, but also globally. This thesis describes the strategic planning documents and the structure of institutions engaged in the development of these workers. In the practical part is realized a content analysis of selected strategic documents and is realized research using interview in selected organizations the Ministry of Education. Based on this analysis and research this thesis answers on the important issues of support for the development of teachers in the Czech Republic and suggests other possible solutions. KEYWORDS the pedagogic staff, development, legislation, education policy, support for the development, directly managed organizations
Methods of Implementation of the Global Development Education at Czech Primary and Grammar Schools
Sequensová, Kateřina ; Kasíková, Hana (advisor) ; Běhalová, Andrea (referee)
The master thesis deals with the issue of the Global Development Education. It is focused closer on the description of the implementation methods of this topic into the Czech education system. Global Development Education is not mentioned directly in the Framework Education Programmes of the Czech Republic. Nevertheless the Framework Education Programmes contain it. Global Development Education goes across the Cross-curricular Topics. However that could be the reason why the schools don't pay to it as much attention as it deserves. This thesis describes the ways of implementation of the Global Development Education into the Czech education system and into the teaching in the Czech schools. This work is divided into two parts. The first part is theoretical and it tries to briefly outline the theoretical background, beginnings of the Global Development Education in the Czech surroundings, curriculum and strategic documents that deals with the issue of the Global Development Education. In the first part there are also mentioned the possibilities how to integrate this topic into the school education programs and into the teaching as well. The second part of this work is based on the empirical research among five Czech schools. It is built on the qualitative analysis of the school education programs...
Beliefs of actors in relation to preschool education at local level
Kaplanová, Petra ; Kotrusová, Miriam (advisor) ; Mouralová, Magdalena (referee)
Diploma thesis: Beliefs of actors in relation to preschool education at local level Author: Bc. Petra Kaplanová Abstract The aim of this thesis is to explore and compare beliefs of actors in relation with preschool education at local level and determine how they influence policy of preschool education. Used methodology is a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods. The most significant used theory is a system of beliefs from Paul A. Sabatiera which is a part of theory of avocational coalitions. Four different beliefs were revealed. The first belief called "pro alternatives" did not show deep core beliefs of actors. However, it was obvious that these actors sympathize with alternative education principles. Second belief "traditional collective" is based on conviction that children should have the same conditions for the beginning of their lives. The state education is the best what is for children offered. In the third belief "not interested" are actors convicted not to participate in any level of politics. They believe it can cause either trouble or it will not have any effects. The last belief "traditional individualistic" is characterized with a belief that state form of education is the best what can be provided to children. On contrary with belief "traditional collective" these actors are...

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