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Analysis and optimization of timber construction costs
Zvonař, Tomáš ; Vrbka,, Marek (referee) ; Tichá, Alena (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with the cost analysis and cost optimization of an exact project of a wooden house in a construction company. The thesis is divided into two parts. The first part is the research part, where basic concepts are defined. The second part of this thesis is the practical part which includes a brief description of the concerned wooden house with its preliminary and final budget. Individual parts of these budgets are subject to the cost analysis. As a result of the cost analysis the price differences between the budgets are shown. In the next step the verification bill of quantities with an item based budget in the ÚRS price system is put together. It is used for comparison and determination of price differences. According to the obtained data, optimization of the preliminary budget is proposed. At the end of this thesis an overall evaluation of price differences and proposed measures are described.
Dřevostavba rodinného domu v Bystřici nad Olší
Rybarčák, Andrej
The thesis focuses on building project documentation needed for building approval of a wood frame house from wooden I-joists. It is a solitaire two-storey object without basement, with low pitch roof, exterior terrace and covered parking space for two cars. The construction project is based on the design project from the architect. The output of the thesis is divided to two parts. The first one represents technical reports of the building, radiation heat transfer coefficient of the house shell and house cost estimation. The second part includes drafting plans of the house and important construction details.
Dřevěný objekt roubené konstrukce s obytným podkrovím
Paraskivopulo, Polina
The bachelor thesis is focused on design documntation of timber house, based on technical and technological materials from chosen representative of typical construction company, that operate in Kemerovo Oblast in Russian Federation (Western Siberia). The subject of the thesis was not to compare in detail the construction of timbered Russian and Czech buildings from the point of view of all possible criteria, but to outline the basic problems of Russian construction companies in terms of legislative and normative requirements, production and realization of timber houses. Then apply the acquired knowledge in processing the building documentation of a particular family house, which will be located in the Czech Republic. The proposed building is designed for year-round use, it is without underground floor, single-storey with a residential attic with a built-up area of up to 150 m2. The perimeter walls have been designed according to the requirements of the Russian standards, after being evaluated in terms of the coefficient of heat transfer, they were subsequently modified in accordance with the norms in force in the Czech Republic.
Vývoj zkušební metody pro ověření pevnosti lepeného spoje ve smyku pro velkoformátové masivní panely
Jemelík, Vojtěch
The aim of the thesis is to develop and verify a test method for the verification of shear compressive strength of wall panels manufactured by Novatop company. Strength verification of adhesive joints in order to perform tests prescribed by the European Technical Assessment in the current company's test room. First, it is necessary to analyse the stress which occurs in the wall of the timber wooden building. Furthermore, it is necessary to design the test methods in such way so that they can be carried out in the company's test room and to introduce the tests in business practice.
Návrh nízkonákladové dřevostavby z přírodních materiálů
Černota, Jakub
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to design a wooden family house for a young, two to three-member family, which will be ecologically and financially unpretentious for implementation, use, maintenance and disposal. This project will serve as a basis for building permits. The project "Design low-cost wood buildings made of natural materials" should be an example of the direction of sustainable construction. The project will be firstly designed in accordance to layout with applicable hygiene regulations and standard requirements and with regard to efficient use of space, material and energy. In the next step of the design will be chosen a suitable construction system, materials and individual construction structures for the design of wooden buildings, with an emphasis on the price and sustainable and ecological solution of the construction. Part of the work will be drawing documentation, technical and accompanying report, energy intensity of the house, 3D visualization of the supporting structure and the final appearence of the building.
Novostavba víceúčelového rekreačního objektu
Boháček, Petr
The master theses is focused on design of the new multi-purpose recreation building with several possibilities of utilization of the space due to the most sustainability of the building. The text part of the thesis describes the software used for designing wooden constructions and wooden structures. One software is chosen, which is used for the making of the part of the project documentation of the building. Advanced software options, collaboration, data sharing, and more are described for selected software. The work is conceived as an illustration and description of extended functions and advanced level of use in selected software. The purpose is to save time, cost and make the design process more efficient.
Návrh bungalovu se zelenou střechou
Vlach, Jan
The bachelor thesis is focused on the design of wooden buildings, and then the problems of vegetation roofs are discussed. The main objective is to prove that green roofs are an integral part of the construction industry and that their indisputable advantages are important arguments for their greater use. At the beginning of the thesis are solved general green roofs, their history and present. In the thesis we can find basic advantages and disadvantages of green roofs compared to other types of roofing. The aim of the thesis is to design a concrete variant of the flat roof cladding, which will then be used for the design of a wooden frame with a green roof.
Rodinný dům systému NOVATOP
Oslizlo, Radek
OSLIZLO, Radek. Family House of the NOVATOP system. Bachelor thesis. Brno: Mendel University in Brno, 2018. The design of a wooden family house in the NOVATOP system is solved, the documentation for building permits, assessment of perimeter structures, drafting of structural details and compositions is elaborated. The object is also designed in accordance with applicable regulations and standards. The design of the house emphasizes the interior environment, the space, the look of the building, the lighting and the appropriate thermal insulation properties. Tracks and technical solutions are trying to combine the benefits of different building systems and eliminate the disadvantages of wood buildings.
How to choose your timber building: What should you think about when choosing a house, timber buildings?
Beránková, Jitka
Important steps: Choice of technology for onstruction of houses, quality control of materials and constructions.
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Perimeter walls of timber buildings
Beránková, Jitka
Perimeter walls at log cabins, timbers and walls made of prefabricated building assemblies.
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