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Mobile Application for Treasure Hunters
Skaličan, Robin ; Škarvada, Libor (referee) ; Hynek, Jiří (advisor)
The goal of this bachelor's thesis was the design and implementation of a mobile application for devices with the Android operating system. The application intends to simplify the work of findings documentation for searchers with a metal detector. The goal is also to provide an easier way for further communication with archaeologists about the findings. A request was created to extend the thesis assignment by a web application on meetings with archaeologists. The web application displays the recorded data from the mobile application and simplifies any further communication with the data author. This data is stored in the Firebase Realtime Database. The mobile application implements a map view using the Leaflet library and functions based on user requirements. Java and JavaScript programming languages were used for most of the implementation. The result of my work is composed of two applications working with the shared database.
Minorite Monastery
Jihomoravské muzeum ve Znojmě
Propagační skládačka seznamuje návštěvníky města Znojma s objektem minoritského kláštera, jeho historií a současnými muzejními expozicemi, které jsou v něm umístěny.
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Memorable christian sites in our territory from the period of the IXth - Xth century
Sinenki, Vladislav ; Vopatrný, Gorazd Josef (advisor) ; Luptáková, Marina (referee)
The thesis addresses the monuments of Great Moravian church architecture and is based on the material accumulated during the past century. It analyzes the influence of different architectural styles, the hypotheses by different scholars and the existing contradictions between them. The thesis covers a selection of church buildings many of which possess a special spiritual value. Special attention is paid to the hypothesis of the construction date and architectural sources of Ste. Catherine church in Tamovice. Of special interest are the interviews and consultations with leading Czech and German researchers, historians and archeologists carried out while working on the thesis.
Cultural landscape
Plachký, Tomáš ; Kotzmannová,, Alena (referee) ; Rathouský, Luděk (advisor)
The thesis deals with current cultural landscape and reflection of individual social topics in Europe. The installation consists of three objects that solve the individual theme, using material experiments. Their reactions shift these topics further to certain associations.
The hospital of the Holy Spirit in Krnov in 14th to 16th century in context of medieval hospice care in middle Europe
Vocelková, Alena ; Scholz, Stefan (advisor) ; Pučalík, Marek (referee)
The hospital of the Holy Spirit in Krnov in 14th to 16th century in context of medieval hospice care in middle Europe
 The thesis is focused on the hospital of the Holy Spirit in Krnov in 14th to 16th century and his inclusion into the context of medieval hospice care in the middle Europe. It is based on proseminar and seminar works focused on medieval hospice care and in importance and theme is follow up of author's Bachelor thesis Špitál sv. Alžběty ve Wrocławi v širším kontextu středověkého špitálnictví ve střední Evropě (The hospital of st. Elisabeth in Wrocław in wider context of medieval hospitality in middle Europe). The hospital if Holy Spirit was erected in later period than hospital of St. Elisabeth. That is the reason why is the diploma thesis focused of hospitals which was erected in the peak of the Middle Ages these hospitals have got period of main development during the late Middle Ages. In the second chapter the thesis will be focused on analysis of the residential topography of this religious center in scope of medieval Krnov. In chapters 3rd to 6th will be exceptionally from the larger part based on the basic modern literature because the oldest literature is absent or unreliable. Medieval part of the hospital of Holy Spirit is these days existing only in rudiments and base of...
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Kamenskich, Jiří ; Korbička, Pavel (referee) ; Gabriel, Michal (advisor)
Anthropocene, archeology,
Biography of Professor Jan Bouzek
Havelková, Miroslava ; Pinc, Zdeněk (advisor) ; Německý, Marek (referee)
This diploma thesis describes the life and professional destiny of Professor Jan Bouzek on the background of historical situations. This Czech intellectual, thanks to his deep education and his philosophy of life, was able to prosper in the field of science while confronting the peripetials of fate in the complicated period of the second half of the 20th century in Czechoslovakia. It is a socially-historically conceived commentary biography. The second chapter consists of philosophical considerations of human action and sociological perspective. In the third chapter I describe the chosen method, the oral history and sources of the biography. The content of the most extensive, fourth chapter is a detailed biography of Jan Bouzek with historical and factual inputs. It covers all his personal and professional life, from childhood, through studies, to the beginnings of scientific work, to the achievement of scientific degrees. Historical entries refer to the breakthroughs in Czechoslovakia that Jan Bouzek experienced, Fifty Years, "Prague Spring", 1968 and subsequent normalization, conditions for traveling abroad at the time of communist totality and a break in 1989, "The Velvet Revolution. At the end of the chapter there is a more detailed insight into his extensive work. The fifth, final chapter is a...
Archeology of enchantment by new technologies in science discourses
Veselská, Jindra ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Skovajsa, Marek (referee) ; Bulvas Stejskal, Jakub (referee)
v anglickém jazyce The theses focuses on enchantment by new information technologies which occurred in humanities and social science discourses at the turn of twentieth and twenty-first century. Using archaelogical method of Michel Foucault and its recent inspirations historical epistemology and ontology it investigates the conditions which built the term enchantment in aesthetics. Based on examinig Max Weber's thesis about the disenchantment of the world the work finds that the concept of enchantment implies epistemological and ontological contradictions. These tensions can be traced also in contemporary interpretations that use the concept of enchantment in connection with new information technologies. In conclusion, the theses consideres the possibility of using the concpet of sublime discourses for the description and explanation of the phenomenon, which do not imply the contradictions present in the notion of enchantment.
Archeology of medieval monasteries in southern Bohemia
This thesis deals with the archaeological research of medieval monasteries. Area of interest is formed by the boundaries of present-day south bohemia region. The main aim of this work is creation of an overview about the archaeological sites and interpreting such artefacts that reflect the specifics of everyday life in monastery environment. The introductory chapter sets questions and goals of the work, and is followed by a section dealing with religious orders operating in the target area in the Middle Ages. The two following chapters focus on historical text and architectural development of individual sites. Other part analyses the troubles related to archaeological research of monasteries. Following passage brings the division of material culture based on archaeological finds. Finally, the material culture of individual categories is divided into smaller sub-groups that are based on their function and method of use. And the conclusion of the work evaluates the results of the analysis.

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