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Genaration X and its media literacy
Elznicová, Veronika ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Köpplová, Barbara (referee)
This bachelor thesis explores the level of media literacy of Generation X. It examines the media literacy of its members through related topics such as Generation X's media habits, trust in the media or media education opportunities. The theoretical part introduces the topic of media literacy and the historical development of media education, explains their importance for individuals and society, presents current media education offerings in the context of lifelong learning and the latest research conducted in this area. The practical part is devoted to the qualitative analysis of ten in- depth interviews. It examines the experiences and attitudes of Generation X representatives from two perspectives, the initial approach focusing on each respondent separately to convey the respondent's answers as a unique combination of individual experiences, habits and opinions. The subsequent part of the analysis provides a comparison of the respondents' answers and formulates sub-themes suitable for further research on media literacy and media education for Generation X. These include the role of opinion leaders in decision-making, information overload, and self- reflection in media education.
Motivation and barriers of adult students in education at university.
Bakalíková, Gabriela ; Svobodová, Zuzana (advisor) ; Dostálová, Vladimíra (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the motivation and barriers in education of adult students at a college. The issue of motivation and barriers of selected economically active students in higher education is discussed. The thesis is divided into a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part describes the basic concepts related to the topic of the diploma thesis - motivation, motivation to learn, lifelong learning, adult education, higher education, barriers in education and more. The aim of the thesis is to find out and describe what motivated and continues to motivate selected economically active adults to study at a college, to identify the barriers they feel in this education and to find out how they deal with these barriers. The thesis identifies, analyzes and describes the motivation and barriers of selected adult students in education at a selected college. As part of the empirical part of the thesis, based on its aim, research questions are set, to which answers are subsequently sought through investigation. The empirical part contains a description of the methodology, interpretation of the collected data, a summary of the results and the outputs of the investigation. The entire research is based on qualitative methodology, specifically on the grounded theory research design. As part...
Motivation for scout education and and its impact on the lives of adult leaders
Půtová, Veronika ; Kříž, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Veteška, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis focuses on scout education and its benefits for adult scout leaders. In the theoretical part, the theoretical basis is first mentioned, focusing on the concept of lifelong learning, the inclusion of scout education in this concept and the motivation for adult education. Next, the characteristics and the history of world and czech scouting are described, followed by the principles of scouting, age categories and the scout educational method, which introduce the way of educational work in czech scout. Subsequently, the theoretical part mentions the Junák - český skaut organization, the education that is implemented within this organization and is essential for the research part of this thesis. The main aim of the research part is to identify the impact of educational courses on the life of a scout leader and to describe how educational courses are handled in different scout teams. This aim is achieved through qualitative research, in which semi-structured interviews are conducted to explore the impact of scout courses on the scout, personal and professional life of the adult leader, the motivation to také scout educational courses and the third area of interest is how educational courses are handled within the scout team and centre. Additional questions are also answered concerning, for...
Construct a methodology for creating a digital lecturer platform
Šišková, Vanda ; Kursch, Martin (advisor) ; Vaněček, David (referee)
This thesis is devoted to mapping and analysing the current situation of digital lecturer platforms in the Czech Republic and the rules for lectures that educate adults. It offers a brief insight into the subject of adult education, mentions the current legislative situation about adult education in the Czech Republic, offers a concise example of embedding adult education in the entire educational system in Norway, deals with the creation and use of information and communication technologies in education and, above all, the personality of the adult educator. The introductory parts of the thesis provide an overview of the things that are related to adult education and somehow influence it, which leads to an awareness of the complexity and overall difficulty of preparing, implementing, and evaluating such an event. The methodology defines the place where the client could choose a lecturer for the education event. The platform offers a place to search for educational courses, evaluate quality, enter a request for and personalised event, or request a development plan. The main result of the thesis is the design of a methodology for the creation of a digital platform in the Czech Republic, which will offer a certain level of guarantee for the lecturers led by it and thereby offer a certain quality in...
Educational needs of activity coordinators in the nursing homes
The thesis deals with the educational needs of activity coordinators in the nursing homes. The theoretical part characterizes nursing homes, their function, services, their legislative definition and then focuses on the elderly, their needs and the changes they undergo in old age. It also describes activation activities in the nursing homes, focusing on the characteristics of activity coordinators and specific activation activities. The theoretical section concludes with a discussion of adult education in the context of selected theories of human needs and adult motivation for further learning. Furthermore, the general principles of adult education and the current situation in the education of activity coordinators are described. The practical part includes qualitative research in which aspects that influence the educational needs of activity coordinators in the nursing homes were identified and evaluated. A total of five activation workers from three different nursing homes located in the South Bohemia region participated in the research.
Educational management of pedagogical staff
Nováková, Andrea ; Tureckiová, Michaela (advisor) ; Svobodová, Zuzana (referee)
The diploma thesis analyzes the current problems associated with further education of pedagogical staff in the capital city of Prague. The theoretical part defines the basic concepts, characterizes the current system of education, new trends in further education of teachers and provides an overview of further education in some EU countries. The practical part evaluates the results of a research survey, which includes the analysis and comparison of data obtained from structured interviews, questionnaires and annual reports of schools. Problems in further education of pedagogical staff, its quality, method of implementation and factors that affect it are, among other things, assessed with regard to the specific needs of teachers for working with pupils with special educational difficulties. KEYWORDS Adult educational, education, educational management, further education, quality of education, lector, pedagogical staff
The cultural aspects of adult education
Brücknerová, Lenka ; Veteška, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Krámský, David (referee)
The thesis is focused on the contribution of cultural education in lifelong learning and emphasizes cultural education in the field of museums and galleries, which traditionally contribute to the development of human cultural competence. The thesis describes basic museum activities, the development of museum education and typical forms of learning in the museum. Benefits of the museum's activities are not only in the collection of proof of our cultural or natural history and their conservation, but also in the opportunity of being educated through them. Authentic objects are the basis of knowledge in the museum. The thesis is also focused on educational activities offered at the Museum of Applies Arts in Prague with an emphasis on educational programs dedicated to a group of adult visitors. The research based on interviews with several experts of the Museum of Applied Arts in Prague took place at the end of the thesis and showed that this important cultural institution targets the adult visitors with its educational programs. Such programs mediate a deeper understanding of the presented topic, deepen the interest and enhance the experience and thus contribute to the maintenance of cultural competence and the cultivation of personality.
Promotion of lifelong learning and mobility in secondary schools in the Moravian Silesian Region
Kubátová Ortová, Hana ; Trunda, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
The opening chapters of the diploma thesis describe European Union strategic plans and measures aiming to create suitable conditions for adult lifelong learning. The goal of this diploma thesis is to give an overview of how secondary schools participate on these strategic plans. The topic of the adult lifelong learning at secondary schools is approached mainly in connection with the Act 179/2006 Coll. describing validation and recognition of further learning results. The diploma thesis than describes in detail subsidies available for schools to support the so called mobilities. In the research part the dissertation attempts to determine correlation between the size or type of a school and its succes rate in retraining programmes or its engagement in mobilities. The selected research sample consists of secondary schools from the Moravian-Silesian region. The selection of the topic was influenced by the objectives defined in the strategic document "ET 2020" (Education and Training 2020). The first defined goal of this document is "to implement lifelong learning and mobility into learning". KEYWORDS: Youth in action Agency, NAEP Agency, ET 2020, school mobilities, national qualification system, Education for Competitiveness Operational Programme, school networks, UNIV project, validation and...

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