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Left-wing terrorism: the case of the Red Brigades in Italy and the Red Army Faction in Germany
Budilová, Michaela ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Hájek, Lukáš (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the phenomenon of left-wing terrorism in Italy and West Germany, two Western democracies where terrorism has emerged more than anywhere else in Europe. Terrorist organizations, including the Red Brigades (RB) in Italy and the Red Army Faction (RAF) in West Germany, emerged in an environment of political and social conflict and radicalized protests against the state establishment. These organisations were chosen for this diploma thesis because of their prominent status, their longevity and the influence they have gained in the field of left-wing terrorism. In its comparative analysis, the thesis attempts to simultaneously interweave three different levels of analysis: the socio-political contexts of Italy and West Germany (macro-level), a focus on the two terrorist groups and their organizational dynamics (meso-level), and the ideology and motivations of the terrorists (micro-level). The aim of this thesis is to explore and gain insight into the RB and RAF organisations in terms of ideology and to describe the factors behind the rise and fall of these terrorist organisations.
Remembering another country's past: a comparative study into how Third Culture Kids can expand our understanding of German collective memory
González González, Mafalda Inés ; Testa, Alessandro (advisor) ; Kovtiak, Elisabeth (referee)
This bachelor thesis investigated the topics of Third Culture Kids (TCK) and German collective memory. The primary goals of this study were to compare the narrative and discursive similarities and differences between TCK and their local peers (Non-TCK) when discussing German collective memory. A literature review outlined the concepts of TCK and collective memory, specially German collective memory. Through creative qualitative research methods, interviews with four Non-TCK and five TCK were conducted, in which they were asked to select five five photographs out of a set of 60 that represented for them German collective memory. After looking at the content that the participants picked as German collective memory, a thematic and discourse analysis revealed various narratives hidden in the interview. Although it is feasible to claim that all participants had a similar assessment of the responsibility Germans ought to have for their past, TCK expected further engagement of German citizens to be politically active. Discursively, because of the difficult topic of the research, the Non-TCK presented a tension that the TCK were able to better navigate.
Augustus - Napoleon - Mussolini - Hitler
Porsch, Michal ; Kepartová, Jana (advisor) ; Foltýn, Dušan (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to acquaint the reader with historical parallels between the reigns of princeps Augustus, Napoleon Bonaparte, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler. The thesis is also focused on the propaganda and self-presentation of these politicians and on the inspiration of the Roman state in modern history. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to the lives of all the mentioned personalities, their rise to power and to the main political acts and procedures they used during their reigns. The cultural development of states under the reigns of these politicians is also mentioned here. An important element that is present throughout the work is Augustus's reference to later political and cultural history, on which princeps' reign had a significant influence. Subsequently, based on the studied sources and literature, the thesis includes the comparation of individual reigns, looks for similarities and differences, evaluates whether it is a conscious use of August's political acts. The main objective of this thesis is to present whether August's legacy was used intentionally in later history and his political practices become inspiration for future generations, or whether it is more of a coincidence. This work also traces the ways in which Augustus' personality and rule were reflected...
Comparison of chosen Czech and German secondary school history textbooks focusing on the expulsion of German population after World War II and its didactic concept
Křesinová, Aneta ; Mikeska, Tomáš (advisor) ; Parkan, František (referee)
This thesis deals with a comparison of selected Czech and German secondary school history textbooks with a focus on the topic of the expulsion of the German population after World War II. The theoretical part is devoted to the characteristics of the school systems of both countries (in the case of the Federal Republic of Germany using the example of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia), the subject of history in Czech and German curricular documents and content in the selected textbooks. In the next chapter, the textbooks are analysed from the point of view of the presentation of the content in verbal and illustrative form, as well as from the point of view of the apparatus of orientation and management of the acquisition of the subject matter. This is followed by a chapter on the historical background of Czech-German relations. The analytical part of the thesis includes the content and understanding of the topic in Czech and German textbooks, an analysis of the working parts of the textbooks and a questionnaire survey. In the last part, teaching options of this topic are proposed. The aim of the thesis is to compare selected Czech and German history textbooks in terms of structure, presentation of the material and content. The main aim of the thesis is to compare the treatment of the topic of the...
Chancen und Herausforderungen einer deutsch-französischen Kooperation im Kulturbereich
KLUTHE, Lena Theresa
This Master's thesis focuses on challenges and opportunities of a Franco-German cross-border cooperation in the cultural sector. Therefore, this thesis proposes to take a closer look at the Franco-German festival of performing arts PERSPECTIVES, which is organised within the Greater Region and has existed for a comparatively long time. With the help of semi-structured interviews, the thesis aims to answer the following questions: How successfully does the cross-border cooperation work? Which aspects have already developed a successful mode of operation? Where is still need for action? Which challenges are cross-border cooperations in the cultural sector facing?
The phenomenon of illegal downloading - a comparison of Czech and German approaches
Štuksová, Natálie ; Zelená, Alena (advisor) ; Kunštát, Miroslav (referee)
Bakalářská práce Téma: Fenomén ilegálního stahování - porovnání českého a německého přístupu Anglicky: The phenomenon of illegal downloading - a comparison of Czech and German approaches Autor: Natálie Štuksová Studijní program: Česko-německá studia Vedoucí práce: PhDr. Alena Zelená, PhD. Abstract This bachelor thesis is dedicated to the topic of illegal downloading. It compares two different approaches to this issue, namely from the Czech Republic and Germany. In Germany, illegal downloading is punished much more severely than in the Czech Republic. Also, the legal framework that determines what is considered an illegal download is much stricter in Germany. The aim of this paper is to identify the reasons that cause the different approach to illegal downloading in these countries, which otherwise share a number of similarities. The thesis also seeks to provide a professional analysis of a phenomenon that almost every Internet user encounters in everyday life. The thesis concludes that the most fundamental cause is a different modern historical experience. Germany, unlike the Czech Republic, has a more than 70-year tradition with a democratic system, while the Czech Republic had a socialist unfree regime until 1989. Other reasons, such as society's attitude to the issue or the legal framework, stem...
Fighting disinformation in the Czech Republic and Germany.
Čevela, Tomáš ; Handl, Vladimír (advisor) ; Lizcová, Zuzana (referee)
The presented work deals with the struggle of the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany with disinformation. It arises against the background of a conventional war conflict, the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Russian Federation is using the information space to expand its influence in Europe as part of the hybrid war. The work compares the means and procedure of both states in combating disinformation, specifically compares the legislative framework of both states, their institutions and their international cooperation. The work came to the conclusion that in many aspects the Czech Republic lags behind Germany. Although both states have a similar approach in establishing or empowering state institutions to combat disinformation and in international cooperation. However, unlike Germany, the Czech Republic does not yet have effective legislation to combat disinformation and does not invest funds in civic education and research projects.
The Changes in German Foreign Policy after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine
Čepelková, Kristýna ; Kučera, Tomáš (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
This bachelor's thesis looks into the topic of German foreign policy. The most important question, which this thesis tries to solve, is Which reasons make Germany change their foreign policy? Through the analysis of reasons which led the Federal Republiclic to take part in (by international law unlawful) Operation Allied Force, by which Berlin changed its foreign policy, I try to find out which reasons played a role in deciding whether to help Ukraine in its fight against Russia. FRG did not send weapons and military equipment to conflict zones which is why deciding to help Ukraine again changed German foreign policy. My analysis shows three main groups of reasons that are crucial for German foreign policy. These are normative reasons - "never again" (nie wieder) and "never alone" (nie wieder allein). Then the commitment to international and European institutions is another reason, and lastly their own interests. When deciding whether to join the world in the help for Ukraine, two normative concepts stemming from the complicated German past were at play. Berlin wants to "never again" (nie wieder) lead a war or cause another Auschwitz and it wants to act "never alone" (nie wieder allein). Moreover, the change in German foreign policy was also caused by the commitment of the Federal Republic to...
Threats to Ireland by the United Kingdom during the Second World War, Testing the Theory of Buffer State
Burian, Tomáš ; Kofroň, Jan (advisor) ; Ludvík, Jan (referee)
Fear of state's death is considered to be the most important motivation for its actions, therefore it is very important topic not only for states themselves. What if state was placed in mortal danger through no fault of its own, simply because of its geographical location? Should states fear for their security because of being caught between two rivals? Tanisha Fazal focused on such cases and developed a theory around these questions. According to her theory, many states that were located between two rivals had an increased threat to their security only because of their location, and often afterwards the state died for the same reason. Aim of this work is to extend Fazal's quantitative testing by case that she herself did not include in her theory and at the same time to test the theory qualitatively. The theory is being tested on the case of Eire between 1923 and 1955 Based on the analysis of historical data, we determine whether Eire's geographical location between two rivals, Germany and the United Kingdom, was the reason for the increased threat to their security, primarily from the United Kingdom. After examining the mentioned time period, we find evidence to confirm our hypothesised expectations and that confirms Tanisha Fazal's theory in the case of Eire.

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