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To Run Insurgency like a Business: Self-Defeating Patronage by the Principal in Eastern Ukraine
Laryš, Martin ; Aslan, Emil (advisor) ; Svoboda, Karel (referee) ; Mareš, Miroslav (referee)
The dissertation draws on the literature on indirect warfare based on principal-agent theory, which conceptualizes indirect warfare as an example of delegation. Principals play an important role in shaping the rebellion and exerting control over it through the delegation used as a low- cost and deniable device for empowering the rebel proxies. However, the delegation is fraught with problems, especially when delegated to fragmented rebels. The literature considers the fragmented rebel militias as weak non-state actors prone to rapid failure and decay. My argument focuses on the paradox of delegation to the fragmented rebel groups. I claim that such delegation is inherently costly and visible, which contradicts the original intention of delegation as a low-cost and deniable foreign policy tool. In my dissertation, I introduce the concepts of self-defeating patronage and decentralized delegation as my contribution to the discussion on indirect warfare. The principal suffers self-defeating patronage because it must keep the barriers-of-entry low for the incipient rebel groups to overcome the collective action problem that the would-be rebels experience due to their weak social ties. Keeping the barriers low without strict control by the principal - that would raise the costs and visibility - fuels...
Qualitative analysis of selected glycosphingolipids subclasses isolated from human blood plasma using HILIC-ESI-MS/MS
ŠIKLOVÁ, Michaela
This bachelor thesis deals with the qualitative analysis of selected subclasses of glycosphingolipids isolated from human blood plasma using hydrophilic interaction liquid chromatography coupled with electrospray ionization tandem mass spectrometry (HILIC-ESI-MS/MS). Glycosphingolipids are ubiquitous and structurally very diverse components of cell membranes involved in many cellular functions. It has been shown that changes in the structures of glycosphingolipids and their distinct expression can pose a key factor in the development of numerous diseases and different types of cancer.The theoretical part of this thesis is dedicated to a summary of fundamental knowledge about glycosphingolipids, their biosynthesis, classification, biological functions and their association with various types of diseases and cancers. Furthermore, methods of isolation, purification and analytical possibilities for the determination of glycosphingolipids in biological samples are described here.In the experimental part, blood samples were taken and processed together with the preparation of the necessary solutions, plasma samples, and standards. Moreover, a test analysis, optimization of mobile phase gradient and comparison of the most frequently used extraction methods according to Folch, Bligh and Dyer, Matyash, and Alshehry alongside fractionation of lipid extract is described in this part. An integral part of the experimental section was the identification and structural characterization of glycosphingolipids within selected subclasses, including the generation of GSL profiles in human blood plasma. In conclusion, the results of the work and answers to the stated research questions are summarized, including the evaluation of possible improvements in this field.
Coexistence of plant species in fragmented landscape
Semi-natural grasslands are hotspots of biodiversity in the present-day landscape. The thesis focuses on various effects and processes affecting plant species coexistence at two different scales. At the local scale, the effects of management and fertilization were assessed in relation to abiotic gradients and species functional traits. At the landscape scale, the patch spatial configuration, land use and plant functional traits may influence species distribution. The diversity pattern in fragmented landscape is also modified according to availability of suitable patches and landscape heterogeneity.
Quantification of main solution components by using fragments containing heavy nuclides of common elements
Horká, Blanka ; Čabala, Radomír (advisor) ; Bajer, Tomáš (referee)
Quantification of major components by gas chromatography with flame-ionization detector (GC-FID) is established in routine laboratory practice. The FID detector is considered as universal detector for gas chromatography (GC), but it does not provide a response for a wide range of compounds and GC-FID analysis provides only quantitative data. The coupling of gas chromatography with mass spectrometry is a powerful analytical tool that provides not only quantitative data but also qualitative data on the structure of substances. When quantified by GC-MS, the detector oversaturation is a problem as it is a highly sensitive detector (at ppb level). One way to avoid oversaturation of the detector is to significantly dilute the solutions, which causes a decrease in the sensitivity of the method. Another approach to bypass detector saturation is to interrupt detection during solvent elution. For quantification of the major components of solutions, only the first method of bypassing detector saturation can be applied, but it is a labor-intensive process that increases the measurement uncertainty. The interruption of detection during solvent elution is not applicable for the purpose of quantifying major components, so a new approach of quantifying major components of solutions using M+1 ions was proposed and...
Wilderness and recreation in the Šumava NP - typology of the relationship
Zitová, Anna ; Romportl, Dušan (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on evaluating the relationship between wilderness and recreation, specifically in the Czech National Park Šumava. Šumava is one of the unique natural sites, not only due to its location in Central Europe, but also due to its unique natural wealth hidden in the heart of Europe. Moors, peat bogs, river springs, but also forest vegetation and much more are among the treasures of this Czech national park. These places are an attraction for many visitors. The work examines how to reconcile these two opposing tendencies. On the one hand, it is a desire to protect the natural environment and, on the other hand, it is the ever-increasing pressure of tourism and recreation. The diploma thesis is divided into two basic parts. The first part is a search of the evaluation of the "wilderness" itself and offers a view of this concept from different angles. It is evident that the view of the wilderness will be different in the world context from what we know from the Czech Republic. Furthermore, it is possible to get acquainted with the influence of recreation on the natural environment, resp. "Wilderness". The work examines the effects of recreation on fauna and flora in the most detail. The practical part of the work addresses the relationship between recreation and "wilderness" in...
Structural analysis of natural compounds with aliphatic branched chains using mass spectrometry
Strmeň, Timotej ; Cvačka, Josef (advisor) ; Kozlík, Petr (referee)
The diploma thesis focuses on analysis of fatty alcohols with mass spectrometry. Theoretical part describes distribution, main properties, usage and analytical methods for analysis of fatty alcohols. Experimental work focuses on the search for a proper derivatisation procedure for fatty alcohols, which would enable their detection with soft ionisation techniques of mass spectrometry, as well as their structural analysis. The main aim of the structural analysis is to find the methyl branching in the fragmentation spectra of derivatives of the fatty alcohols.
Biology of three-toed woodpecker
Navrátil, Martin ; Fuchs, Roman (advisor) ; Reif, Jiří (referee)
In my thesis I have tried to find out how does forest management influence presence of the Three-toed woodpecker Picoides tridactylus.This species is considered a "flagship species" of an untouched primeval type of forest and therefore it requires our attention and protection. The thesis contains results of North-American studies focused on the species very similar to Picoides tridactylus. The main chapters are those aimed to provide information about how is the Picoides tridactylus affected by forest fragmentation, stand health condition and finally the impact of food supply on the occurence and behaviour of the species.
Study of derivatization reactions for ESI-MS analysis of hardly ionizable rhenium aryl chlorocomplexes
Vlk, Mikuláš ; Štícha, Martin (advisor) ; Kozlík, Petr (referee)
Mass spectrometry with electrospray ionization is an excellent method for structural analysis of coordination compounds with outstanding sensitivity and selectivity. However, it fails to detect some low-polar rhenium complexes. This master thesis describes derivatization method of non-ionizable rhenium complexes with 1,2-dihydroxybenzene and 2,3- dihydroxytoluenene. Fragmentation mechanisms and structure of prepared complexes was studied using high resolution mass spectrometry and collision-induced dissociation (CID). Furthermore, density functional theory (DFT) computational method was used for prediction of bond cleavage based on bond lengthening.
Externalities in transport with emphasis on spatial aspects
Tomášek, Radek ; Matějček, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hanus, Martin (referee)
Externalities in transport with emphasis on spatial aspects. Summary This Thesis deals with the externalities of transport with an emphasis on spatial externalities. It is divided into eight chapters which are then broken down into individual subsections. In the basic concepts chapter is included the theoretical part characterizing the phenomenons of transport and externalities, possibilities of quantification, solving and internalization of transport externalities and the current situation in the Czech Republic. The chapter Practical part includes specific studies and their results. First, the model area of Výtoň is described and there are given at least the basic information regarding the functioning of traffic lights, followed by the methodology of the survey and its results. This research is also followed by the questionnaire survey dealing with the pedestrian traffic in Prague. Both surveys point to the same goal which is to find out about the influence of fragmentation of the landscape on the lives of the city's inhabitants. This goal was achieved in the final chapter, which summarizes the most important findings from both surveys. KEY WORDS: Externalities, space, fragmentation, road transport, city, pedestrian crossing with traffic lights
Consociational theory - Libanon case study
Coufal, Ondřej ; Říchová, Blanka (advisor) ; Gelnarová, Jitka (referee)
This bachelor thesis deals with contribution of Consociational theory for Lebanon in 1943 till 1975 and during a follow-up state's reconstruction in 1989 after a civil war. In 1943 Lebanon becomes an independent state for the first time and its political system contained Consociational principles described by Netherland's political scientist Arend Lijphart. Those were present in order to keep the system stable despite wide religious fragmentation which was the Lebanon's case. The possibility of taking part in political decision making had all of the relevant groups. Institutional organization matched the basic Consociational conditions but the society was divided ideologically and socially. Arab nationals appeared among the Muslims whilst the Christians rather advanced the Lebanese nationalism. Problems were also brought together with a bad socioeconomic situation which was mostly a disadvantage for Muslims. Already a situation this difficult was intensified by a long-termed Arab-Israeli conflict and the Palestinian migration in Lebanon going along with it. The aim of this thesis is to find out how the elites dealt with such a difficult situation in 1943 till 1975 then to evaluate the presence of Consociational principles and their contribution.

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