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Postavení žen v Peru -- případová studie Ayllu Ruwasunchis
Kolouchová, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis is focused on position of women in Peru. The thesis brings basic insights into the topics of gender equality, feminism and significance of women for the development of a society. Based on literature review and statistical data the thesis describes a role of women in Peru. The aim is also to introduce a community of women in Lima called Ayllu Ruwasunchis which was researched within technique of direct observation. This part is followed by suggestions covering the activities the community could take into consideration in order for it to keep developing. The discovered information confirms that the gender inequality is still present issue in Peruvian society, which is important to address at all decision-making levels.
Gender-based violence against women in Ghana. Perspectives from the University of Ghana
Mufunda, Svodai
Background: Gender-based violence against women is a global pandemic that violates human rights. This abuse is prevalent among women and girls and adversely impacts their physical well-being, empowerment, and social welfare. GBV against women is influenced by structural gender inequalities and GBV occurrence also widens gender inequalities. Objectives: The study sought to examine the socio-economic impact of GBV on women’s socio-economic status based on a study perspective from the University of Ghana’s Social Work master’s students. The study also sought to ascertain the prevalent forms of GBV against women in Ghana and identify achievements that have been made to protect women from GBV and also to assess legal frameworks and policies available to address GBV against women. Method: The study employed a mixed-method research design and utilized primary data through which semi-structured interviews or questionnaires were responded to by the study respondents. Purposive sampling was used in selecting the 98 respondents of this study. Results: The study reviewed that GBV against women is a serious human rights and development problem with lethal economic and social effects on women. The study highlighted that IPV is the most prevalent form of GBV suffered by women in Ghana. The study also identified the DVA of 2007 as one of the biggest achievements made toward addressing GBV in Ghana. However, several obstacles including poor law enforcement, cultural biases, lack of adequate infrastructure and resources, and poverty have reduced the effectiveness of legislation and institutions governing GBV against women in Ghana and these have also impeded GBV reduction and its effects on women.
Reprodukce na okraji: Morální ekonomie romské fertility
Szénássy, Edit ; Stöckelová, Tereza (advisor) ; Jakoubková Budilová, Lenka (referee) ; Šmídová, Iva (referee)
Situated at the intersections of reproduction, population politics, health care services, and marginality in Central Europe, this dissertation explores the diverse ways Romani women living in precarious circumstances demonstrate reproductive agency. In particular, it examines the ways their agency critically engages with the discourse of responsibilization (Rose 1996, 2007) on the affective and social levels in a context ruled by a moral regime that calls for reproductive governance (Morgan & Roberts, 2012, 2019). Discussion and analysis are based on long- term participant observation in a segregated Romani settlement in Slovakia, as well as a short- term observation of staff and patients at a maternity ward in the Czech Republic. The ethnographic methodology and analysis are inspired by critical medical anthropology and the anthropology of reproduction. Building on this mixed-method approach, the analysis focuses on the individual, communal, and societal aspects of reproductive decision-making. It discloses the significant material and moral constraints surrounding women's reproductive decisions and it shows that marginalized Roma women both revere and refuse the discourses of self- governance, responsibility, and accountability in their reproductive practices. The text tackles the economics of...
Women with personal disorder and substances use
Robovski, Katalin ; Richterová-Těmínová, Martina (advisor) ; Minařík, Jakub (referee)
Introduction: Addictological clients have often comorbid personality disorder. Each disorder has its specifics and gender also has an impact on substance use. So far, there has not been sufficient research focused on female psychoactive substance users with one of the most frequent personality disorders - borderline personality disorder. Objectives: The aim of this research was to describe in detail and explore women with BPD in their twenties in connection with their substance use experience - in particular prevalence, patterns of use, reasons for use and substance use impacts on BPD symptoms. Sample: The sample was collected with the help of self-selection sampling. It consisted of 8 women in the age between 20 and 30, who have been diagnosed with emotionally unstable personality disorder of the borderline type. Methods: A qualitative and exploratory descriptive research in the form of a collective case study was carried out. The data was retrieved with the help of semi-structured interviews, that were recorded on a dictaphone. The data was mostly analyzed by descriptive and partially theoretical content analysis. Results: The respondents used alcohol and cannabis mostly. Problem use of any addictive substance was present with more than half of the respondents and persisted around 2 years....
Assistence to victims of crime
Committing a crime always means a big change in the lives of both the victim and the perpetrator. The psychological and social aspects of the victim of crime are affected. This bachelor thesis is focused on helping victims of crime. The main goal of this thesis was to find out what opportunities to help women - victims of social work crime in České Budějovice. This thesis is divided into two parts, a theoretical and a research part. The theoretical part deals with the definition of basic concepts, the rights of particularly vulnerable victims and the difference between them in comparison with the rights of the injured party are also listed. A substantial part of the work is devoted to legislation, which analyzes the constitutional order of the Czech Republic (CR) and international law. The empirical part was performed on the basis of a qualitative research strategy, then the data were categorized. The technique of questioning using a semi-structured interview, which consisted of 13 open-ended questions, was used to obtain data. A total of three informants from the area of assistance to victims of crime in České Budějovice were contacted, who subsequently formed a research group. The analysis and interpretation of the obtained data revealed that social work in České Budějovice offers a wide range of opportunities to help women as victims of crime. The informants mentioned the possibilities of women and also informed about changes in provision due to the pandemic. The results of the research can serve to raise awareness of society, as well as an information source for workers in organizations helping women as victims of crime.
Maternity of homeless woman's
This bachelor's work is dedicated to a little discussed topic, which is pregnancy and motherhood of homeless women. These women move among us every day, but few people pay close attention to them and some, perhaps, pretend they don't exist. It is difficult to know why or what circumstances have just brought them this to life. On the basis of interviews, the main goal of this research was to determine which methods of social work within the social services framework have a positive influence on homeless women living with a child in moving them towards a normal way of life. Ideally, facilitating their long term independence of the social security system. In introducing the issue, I will focus on the problems that women or girls bring to the streets, the nature of their motherhood and pregnancy, which is mostly unplanned. I also focused on what future mothers have at starting point, what services they can use, both for themselves and for the unborn descendant. The work is then divided into a theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is further divided into sections that address the definition of basic concepts; short history of the forms of and causes that contribute to homelessness; and a brief discussion of social exclusion, which directly belong to this issue. The following chapter is devoted only to homeless women themselves. The theoretical part is the basis of the practical part, which follows and sets out the rationale for the choice of the research questions. A research tool consisting of 21 questions was created to answer these questions forming the main part of the semistructured interview. Given the purpose of the work, I considered it appropriate to choose qualitative research, which examines the issues in more depth. The research sample consists of 8 respondents who were intentionally chosen for the issue. The aim of this bachelor thesis is to highlight the problematics of homelessness, especially women's homelessness, to the general public. I do believe there is not enough attention to this issue. Homelessness is an extremely delicate matter in every society and dealing with it is partially on ability of perceiving it by the general public. It is necessary to talk about causes and consequences of homelessness. It is not possible to turn away from this topic and it is necessary to talk about it, write about it and also think about it.
The Life of Homeless Women in a Selected Region through the Eyes of Themselves
The bachelor thesis deals with the life of homeless women in České Budějovice. The main aim of the thesis is to present the various challenges that are related to the loss of housing, and to find out what the most common causes of homelessness of women in České Budějovice are. The practical part of this bachelor thesis is conducted through the qualitative research strategy. The method of questioning and the technique of semi-structured interview were used. The research sample consists of eight homeless women living in the area of the South Bohemian Region, specifically in České Budějovice. The research sample was selected using the snowball sampling method. The results of the interviews were collected and further processed using the open coding method. Through this method, ten categories with specific codes were created. The results of the research showed that the most common causes of homelessness of women in České Budějovice are domestic violence and unsatisfactory (dysfunctional) relationships with family. The communication partners also shared dissatisfaction with the current situation and stated that they wished to change their situation. It also became apparent that the communication partners consider the absence of stable housing to be the main problem. This bachelor thesis could serve, for example, as a source of information for students or as feedback for social service providers in České Budějovice
Landes registers Kardasova Recice of the 17th century
HEJDA, Milan
Abstract The diploma thesis Landes registers Kardasova Recice of the 17th century is a collection of two books that covers almost a whole century of the life of one town. The books are divided according to the historical division of the city for the Upper and Lower parts in the city. The first part of the thesis was composed from the perspecive financial, property interest, genealogical, onomastic, social, religious or migration issues. Spot given wedding or mortality records. The issue of the position of women or reconstruction of the entry on the example of Kardasova Recice wasn´t negected either. The second part was delimited to the edition in extenso.
Female Characters and the Relationship of Women to Children in Roald Dahl's Children's Fiction
BUBLOVÁ, Kateřina
The aim of the Bachelor thesis is a literary analysis of the characteristics of female characters in Roald Dahl's work for children's readers. Roald Dahl became known as the author of grotesque prose for adults, and his work for children is characterized by black humour, hyperbole, grotesque elements and some controversy of his works (The Witches, George's Marvellous Medicine, etc). The work will firstly introduce Roald Dahl and his work in different categories of readers (children and adult readers) and then will deal with the topic of the author's anti-feminist approach to female characters, especially in Dahl's prose The Witches. The theoretical basis of the work will compare the concept of female characters in the classic fairy tale by Grimm Brothers (Bettelheim) and the characteristics of female characters in Dahl's work for children's readers. The practical part of the work will further assess the influence of role models and model characters on the child reader in Dahl's work for children, including possible controversies in the reading and interpretation. The role of humour, hyperbole and grotesque will be the subject of final analysis within my research as part of the Bachelor thesis.
"And yet the cruel fate hit me?" Widowed Prague bourgeois women in the second half of the 19th century in the reflection of ego-documents
The dissertation presents the fate of widowed bourgeois women living in Prague during the second half of the 19th century on the basis of selected ego-documents and other sources. This thesis first focuses on women's lives before becoming widows and then captures the whole process of becoming a widow from the husband's death to the funeral and the first moments after his death. The thesis also considers the legal aspect of widowhood and the economic aspects connected with it, such as material security, job possibilities for widows, aid requests, widow´s association and accommodation possibilities. Other chapters deal with the everyday life of widowed women, networks of relationships, reflection and self-reflection of widowhood, experiencing of sadness and seeking solace from God. The core of the thesis is concluded by remembering the deceased husband, the last days, death and the "afterlife" of the widows. To complete the dissertation, the thesis is enriched by tables, appendices with depictions of relatives of widows, pictorial part, editorial processing of selected sources of personal nature and index of persons.

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