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Comparison of Connection Conditions of Photovoltaic Systems in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic
Vašica, Radoslav ; Radil, Lukáš (referee) ; Paar, Martin (advisor)
The objective of this work is an analysis and a comparison of legislative conditions of the connection of the photovoltaic power station on the territory of Czech Republic (CR) and Slovak Republic (SR). Presented are the working procedures for connecting of the power station to Distribution Grid (DG) and requirements of individual documents needed for a successful connection. Listed are also circumstances, which are taken into account during the consideration of the influence for connection, for the safe operation of DG. In the work are discussed the ways of support of constructing buildings of the photovoltaic power plant and the principle of repurchasing energy from renewable sources. The other part of work deals about hybrid photovoltaic power stations (HPPS), thus allowing to the power station to save energy into accumulators. There are the composition and principle of operation of the hybrid power stations. The following part deals with options of connectivity with hybrid power station to the DG. There are explained the advantages and disadvantages of connected and unconnected hybrid power plants to the DG.
Measuring the Deceleration of Motorcycles with the Use of Engine Braking
Vašica, Radoslav ; Semela, Marek (referee) ; Bradáč, Albert (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with the deceleration of the motorcycles with the use of engine braking. Work can by divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part begins with the possibility of division motorcycles according to several criteria. Below is given the primary papers of literature, usable in connection with the issue of this work. Subsequently, the work discusses the factors which are affecting the course of the deceleration with the use of engine braking. The practical part acquaints the reader with available measuring devices, with the place of measurement and the methodology. The following are listed specific measured values for individual motorcycles, supplemented with graphical output. At the end of the practical part is for comparison a brief summary of the measured values of each tested vehicle. Interpretation and evaluation of the measured data are contained in the conclusion of the work.
Intelligent control of the storage water heater
Vašica, Radoslav ; Macháček, Jan (referee) ; Šlezingr, Jan (advisor)
The work generally deals with the possibilities of preparing hot water in household and analyzes saving posibilities. At the beginning of work the history of hot water preparation is briefly indicated. Chapter 3 deals with different ways of heating. Described in more detail electric storage heating is in chapter 4, where can be found the effect of heating to the power network, especially to the daily load diagram. The following are the information of the tariff policy, as a tool for motivation of consumers, for using the storage heating. In the next part, beginning with the fifth chapter, is written about the possibility of energy saving by means of intelligently controlled boiler. That eliminates the disadvantage of storage heating, which are the tank thermal losses. Heating is based on a certain regularity in the behaviour of the user and manages the preparation of water according to expected consumption. The sixth chapter then contains design of own algorithm for economical control of heating and also energetic and economic assessment of potential savings.

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