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Determination of opioid receptors in cerebral cortex of rats exposed to multifunctional opioid peptides
Kusová, Pavla ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Novotný, Jiří (referee)
The subject of this bachelor thesis was to study the effects of multifunctional peptides LYS739 and LYS744 on the amount of µ-, δ-, ĸ-opioid receptors (µ-OR, δ-OR, ĸ-OR) in rat cortex. Peptides were administered by the dose of 10 mg/kg for seven days. The reference group was administered a dose of 10 mg/kg morphine for the same period of the time. The effect of morphine is mainly through µ-OR. Long-term exposure to this opioid agonist results in a reduction in the function and quantity of these receptors in the development of tolerance and dependence. Multifunctional opioid peptides have begun to be investigated for their therapeutic potential to reduce adverse effects and increase efficacy. Their potential lies in their ability to interact with multiple opioid receptors. Peptides LYS739 and LYS744 act as agonists of µ-OR, δ-OR and simultaneously as antagonists of ĸ-OR. The amount of opioid receptors was determined by SDS-PAGE followed by Western blot. The results were compared with a control group that was administered by saline and a reference group that was administered by morphine. There was almost no change in the δ-OR, ĸ-OR receptors. In the case of µ-OR, there was a decrease in morphine and LYS739, but this change was not assessed as statistically significant.
Bioinformatic analysis of RNA dynamics during mammalian oocyte-to-embryo transition
Horvat, Filip ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Bruce, Alexander (referee) ; Vioristo, Sanna (referee)
The oocyte-to-embryo transition (OET) is a complex biological process during which a terminally differentiated oocyte undergoes numerous and coordinated changes to emerge as a collection of totipotent cells - initial blastomeres of a preimplantation embryo. In mammals, this process is primarily controlled through post-transcriptional regulation of maternal RNAs and transcriptional induction of zygotic RNAs. Technological advancements of next-generation sequencing methods during the last decade enabled studying OET through bioinformatic studies of high-throughput transcriptomics and genomics datasets. The work presented in this thesis explores mechanisms of post-transcriptional regulation and dynamics of different RNAs during OET by utilizing in-depth computational analyses. The presented work is divided into three topics, all covering distinct regulatory facets of the mammalian OET and illustrating roles of different RNA species. The first topic discusses dynamics of maternal transcriptomes in mouse. In our research, we explored roles of deadenylase CNOT6L in the maternal mRNA turnover in mice. We provided evidence that animals deficient in Cnot6l expression are subfertile, due to disruption in deadenylation and degradation of maternal mRNAs deposited in the oocyte. In another study, we...
The legal position of the municipality in the implementation of a development project
Vlk, Vojtěch ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor) ; Korbel, František (referee)
The Legal Position of the Municipality in the Implementation of a Development Project Abstract This thesis is devoted to the legal analysis of the different positions of the municipality in the individual phases of the implementation of a residential development project and the resulting opportunities for the municipality to influence the development project. The text is divided into five chapters, which are arranged chronologically to follow the process of development project preparation. In the first chapter, the author defines the basic theoretical background and concepts relevant to the topic under discussion, namely the autonomous and delegated powers of the municipality, which in many cases intertwine in the process of preparing a development project. The next chapters are devoted to the process of implementation of the construction project as such. In the second chapter, the author discusses what tools the legal system entrusts to municipalities for regulating construction on their territory, and how the municipality can influence the implementation of a construction project from the position of the owner of transport or technical infrastructure, or immovable property related to it. The author analyses the individual instruments of spatial planning and specific situations that the municipality, as...
Bias of the Administrative Officials
Nová, Anna ; Vedral, Josef (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Bias of the Administrative Officials Abstract The subject of this thesis is an analysis of the bias of public officials, which is regulated in Section 14 of Act No. 500/2004 Coll., the Administrative Procedure Code, as amended, with a primary focus on the practical aspects of the application of the institute. Special focus is also placed on the phenomenon of so-called systemic bias, which receives considerable attention from both the professional community and the general public. The thesis also examines the development of the position of the Constitutional Court and the Supreme Administrative Court's jurisprudence on the subject in the last two decades. The thesis is divided into four main chapters, which are further divided into subchapters, with selected subchapters further divided into sections. The first chapter analyses the fundamental principles of the institute of exclusion from hearing and decision-making and reviews the most significant milestones of administrative procedure codification, with a focus on the regulation of the institute of bias. The second chapter presents current legal regulation of bias in the Administrative Procedure Code as well as in special statutes and lays the theoretical groundwork necessary for a deeper insight into the issue. The third chapter focuses on the phenomenon...
Other central administrative authorities
Seidel, Antonín ; Rajchl, Jiří (advisor) ; Svoboda, Petr (referee)
Other central administrative authorities Abstract The Diploma thesis focuses on some administrative authorities of the Czech Republic which do not have a superior administrative body, and which are not led by a member of the government as in the case of ministries. These authorities are defined by the Act on the competence of central authorities as "other central administrative authorities". In the introduction to the thesis, these bodies are defined in more detail and the establishment of some of them is linked to the requirement for the independent exercise of their functions. This is followed by a chapter focusing on their history from the proclamation of an independent Czechoslovakia, covering the period after the communist takeover in 1948 to the present day. The thesis than focuses on the sources of the aforementioned requirement for independent functioning and, in this context, also on the international overview of the existence of these bodies and, above all, on the consistency of their status with the constitutional framework of the Czech Republic and with the principle of democracy in general. Some of these bodies are deliberately excluded from being bound to the government decisions, and their position "outside the hierarchical structure of public administration" creates a separation of powers...
Production of a clamp
Svoboda, Petr ; Forejt, Milan (referee) ; Podaný, Kamil (advisor)
The thesis presents a proposal for the production technology of the clamp in the company FERRUM s.r.o. It is used to connect floor grates to the supporting structure. It is manufactured from 2 mm thick DC01 sheet metal in a series of 3,500 pieces per month with subsequent surface treatment in the form of hot-dip galvanizing. From the proposed production possibilities, the technology of shearing and bending in a combined tool was chosen. Production takes place in four steps, in the first the outer contour is trimmed, in the second the short arms are bent, in the third the hole for the screw is cut, in the last the long arm is bent, and the part is separated from the rest of the blank. The design of the tool has been developed considering the production capabilities of the company's machining centre. These include turning, milling, drilling and grinding. The production requires a forming force of 387 kN and will be carried out on a LEN 63 C eccentric press located in the company's machine park.
Application of drawingless documentation in the design of a milling clamping device
Schneider, David ; Michalec, Michal (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The bachelor's Thesis describes the construction of a milling fixture for clamping a component on a machine tool using drawing-less documentation. Available methods of clamping workpieces for machining are described here, and the creation of drawing-less documentation is further explained. Today, in the vast majority of cases, classic drawing documentation is used, which is in many ways more tedious than the processing of described 3D digital data about the model. The work describes the creation of drawing-less documentation on a specific design solution of a milling clamping device. This solution is developed on the basis of three proposals for possible conceptual solutions for the clamping fixture. Complete, drawingless documentation of all individual parts of the product. The bachelor's thesis shows the advantages of drawing-less documentation compared to 2D drawings of components, but also mentions shortcomings that reduce the overall impression. A possible improvement that could simplify the presentation of digital model data is suggested.
Wear analysis of the sliding surface material of large-scale hydrostatic bearings
Daněk, Lukáš ; Robenek, Dětřich (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
This thesis focuses on the experimental investigation of the wear behavior of sliding surface materials in large-scale hydrostatic bearings during oil supply failure. The aim is to clarify the influence of materials and surface treatments on friction and wear. For this purpose, a testing methodology was designed and implemented in laboratory conditions. An experimental module was developed for the tribometer to simulate a critical state and a new procedures were established for evaluating the behavior of the contact. Wear results were observed using a profilometer, precise scales, and a microscope. A set of suitable materials for pad sliding surfaces was created, which were tested under critical conditions. The selected materials were representatives of construction steel and anticorrosion treatments (galvanization), soft and hard (aluminium) bronzes, composite bearing linings (Babbitt), polymers (UHMWPE), and composite materials (PTFE). The experimental results show the dependence of friction on sliding velocity, wear rate, and other phenomena repeatedly measured on a statistical sample of selected materials. The final result is a list of characteristics, limitations, and recommendations for the tested sliding materials, which can be used for more effective design and operation of large-scale hydrostatic bearings.
Bevel gearbox design for heavy industrial applications
Škopec, Filip ; Vlašic, František (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
The thesis deals with the problem of bevel gearboxes on the Czech and foreign markets, where there is no offer in a wider range of required properties and specifications. The main goal of the thesis was to devise a design solution for a two-stage bevel gearbox for belt conveyor mine operation with parameters: P=37 kW, n=1450 rpm, i=20 and operation in a dusty environment. Based on the analysis of the current state of knowledge, which dealt with the main components of bevel gearboxes, four conceptual solutions were created from the point of view of the arrangement of individual gears. From the individual comparisons of the appropriateness of the use of the given conceptual designs, a design with a modified gear-case was selected, which was processed using design calculations and subsequently checked by strength calculations. The output of this thesis is processed production drawings of shafts, bevel and spur gear and then a drawing of the bevel gearbox assembly. The thesis also includes a written general procedure for the design of bevel gearboxes, which can serve as a guide for readers. The resulting construction design can form the basis for the final product of companies that would deal with a potential order.
Drawingless documentation in engineering
Ronďoš, Radim ; Pouzar, Josef (referee) ; Svoboda, Petr (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with the research of the use of drawingless documentation in mechanical engineering. Drawingless documentation, or Model Based Definition (MBD), enables the transition from 2D engineering drawings to 3D CAD models annotated using machine readable annotations, the so-called PMI data. This thesis addresses both its use in industrial applications and its preservation using appropriate CAD formats. Studies especially in the field of inspection show positive results of MBD application in industry. For the proper functioning of PMI it is crucial that this data is reliably transferable. Therefore, this thesis investigated the portability of PMI data to GOM Inspect from a test component in the form of a bearing rack. The drawingless documentation in STEP AP242 format was compared with the scanned mesh of the part produced by 3D printing. 47 % of the generated PMI was successfully imported and evaluated. Human intervention would be required to transfer all the data, which could introduce errors into the transfer, and therefore these shortcomings must be minimised for companies using MBD. The findings were presented and discussed at the end of the paper.

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