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The influence of the Media on the Lifestyle of Teenagers
Richterová, Karolína ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Lütke Notarp, Ulrike (referee)
This thesis examines the impact of media on adolescents' lifestyles, more specifically on two aspects of lifestyle, namely physical activity and sleep. Within the Covid-19 pandemic period, individuals were forced to stay in their homes, and all their social contact, as well as school and work obligations, shifted to the online environment. With this, screen time also increased, as did the associated sedentary behaviour. As they were all forced to be isolated, sports and leisure activities were also very limited or often also transferred to the online environment. The aim of this thesis is therefore to try to define the habits of adolescents in terms of physical activity, sleep and media consumption, and how these aspects are interconnected, and whether adolescents perceive this interconnection. The aim was also to provide some education to the individuals, where they were then confronted with recommendations for particular aspects of lifestyle (sleep and physical activity), but also recommendations regarding media consumption. As lifestyle was strongly influenced by the Covid-19 disease pandemic, the aim was also to see how individual students' habits changed within this period, but also afterwards. Within the framework of this work, qualitative research was conducted. Using in-depth interviews...
Media Literacy and Media Education of Seniors in the Context of 21st Century
Richterová, Karolína ; Wolák, Radim (advisor) ; Römer, Lucie (referee)
This thesis follows concepts of media literacy and media education of seniors, their specifics, importance, but also total neglect of this issue in today's world. Further it defines the already mentioned age category - seniors and associated specifics as part of further education, everyday life and also their overall position in society. It's trying to map the needs of these individuals in a world permeated by the media and defines risks that may occur while using media (e.g. as part of watching television, teleshopping etc.). Separate chapter is dedicated to seniors moving in the internet environment, but also risks that represents this medium for vulnerable individuals. Analyses efforts on media education on our land but also individual educational programs intended for this age group. In the practical part a questionnaire survey was used that aimed at analysing the needs of a group of seniors within media education, definition of topics and interests of individual seniors but also efforts for self-evaluation within the framework of media literacy. Seniors were addressed from a certain Academy of the Third Age that had an opportunity to participate an internet questioning and based on this survey was created a concept of educational events and education as such for this group of seniors.

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