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Conception of Population Protection till 2020 and its Possible Reflection in the Population Preparedness in Communities
Komárková, Klára ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Our society is threatened with increasing number of risks so civil protection came to be more important. This bachelor thesis focuses on Conception of civil protection by the year 2020 and its possible reflection in preparation of citizens. First part of thesis briefly deals with history of civil protection. Next part concentrates on currently valid legislation. Following is evaluation of previous Conception by the year 2015. Last part of thesis deals with Conception by the year 2020 focusing on citizens.
Contemporary Health and Safety at Work Problems and their Influence on the Functioning of an Organization
Králik, Tomáš ; Svěrák, Tomáš (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
This diploma thesis elaborated on the subject „Contemporary Health and Safety at Work Problems and their Influence on the Functioning of an Organization“ focuses on the description of contemporary state of Health and safety at work problems in work activities, where the source of risk is represented by chemical substances, from the point of view of a company. The thesis sets out a view of legislative definition for the mentioned topic and also the possible application of safety at work management programs. This part also includes a summary description of risk analysis methods. In the practical part of the thesis, there is an organizational directive for a fictive company engaged in chemical production made. This directive will identify possible occupational risks resulting from the manufacturing process, and it will also evaluate the amount of risk for particular work activities in conjunction with hazard factors. The next part of the thesis contains a proposal of measures for risk reduction, based upon the previously mentioned evaluation. In the final part of the thesis, the author contemplates the possibilities of health and safety at work system improvement.
Conception of Population Protection till 2020 and its Possible Reflection in the Teaching at the Elementary and Secondary Schools
Pajpachová, Veronika ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
The topic of the bachelor thesis is Conception of population protection till 2020 and its possible reflection in the teaching at the elementary and secondary schools. The issue of teaching of Population Protection was neglected at the end of the last century. Therefore it is necessary to create a functional system that would allow access for school children to a high standard education. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to the history of population protection. It also describes emergencies in the Czech Republic and contains a review of educational manuals and tools used during the education. The second part represents the Conception of population protection till 2020 and shows the current state of education. The conclusion deals with a proposal of the educational system.
Protection of Citizens against Chemical Terrorism
Kinduchová, Iveta ; Novák, Jaromír (referee) ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (advisor)
This thesis describes possible symptoms of chemical terrorist attack and its impact on population and environment followed by the principles and methods of protection of the population against chemical terrorism, its awareness and preparedness to cope it. The conclusion chapter suggests a draft guide to the protection from terrorism and information on it.
Evaluation of the Financial Situation of a Company and Proposals for its Improvement
Hofmann, Eduard ; Novák, Jaromír (referee) ; Bartoš, Vojtěch (advisor)
The Master’s thesis deals with the evaluation and assessment of the financial situation and of the financial health of the company BLANESTA, s.r.o. throughout the years 2008 to 2011 by means of selected methods of financial analysis. The aim of this work is to propose changes leading to the efficient use of business resources chosen on the basis of the potential problems that will arise from the evaluation of the current financial state of the company.
Terrorism and its context
Králik, Tomáš ; Mika, Otakar Jiří (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Thesis deals with terrorism and its context from the perspective of defining, historical evolution, potential causes and impacts of terrorism on security environment. The conclusion of thesis is focused on possible forms of terrorism and impacts on human society and possible means and collaboration in fight against terrorism.
Theory and practice of education for civil protection in municipalities and organizations
Turnovský, Radovan ; Ryšavý, Jan (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Abstract: things, phenomenons and processes are still more and more risky. Population protection is gaining its meaning. Solutions of education and training problems are very important.
Information and crisis management - basic theory and practice
Kislinger, Radek ; Mgr. Tibor A. Brečka (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Things, phenomenons and processes are still more and more risky. Civil protection is gaining its meaning. The basic phenomen are information and information processes and their using for crisis management.
Theory and practices of fire prevention and civic defense at basic schools
Vybíralová, Zuzana ; Spálenková, Marta (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Theoretical basis is compiled (laws, notices, projects). Detailed description of preventive educational activity in fire prevention and civic defense in basic schools project Hasík is given. Improvements in children's knowledge level after introducing the project into education system are assessed. Further improvements are suggested.
Shows of power and powerlessness in society and their influence on crisis management and planning
Vorálková, Kateřina ; Kociánová, Šárka (referee) ; Novák, Jaromír (advisor)
Things, phenomena and processes are more and more dangerous. Protection of population gain its meaning. It is important to educate and train population.

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