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Enhancing parental competencies for children with developmental dysphasia
Součková, Helena ; Zemková, Jaroslava (advisor) ; Housarová, Blanka (referee)
ANNOTATION: This thesis is concerned with problems of parents with children suffering from specific language impainnent, with their parental competencies and their fortification. The thesis consists of six individual chapters. The first four chapters are theoretical, aimed at definition of basic tenns such as family, disability, speech therapy, cooperation of the speech therapist with the family of a child suffering from SLI. The fourth chapter features an analysis of accessible foreign parental programmes and also a brief characterization of domestic citizen-action public providing logopaedic or other care to people with disabilities. The fifth chapter includes an own support programme for parents of children with specific language impairment. The sixth chapter is of practical orientation; it consists of an analysis of an inquiry via questionnaire. Parents of children with specific language impainnent are the respondents of this inquiry. The aim of the above mentioned inquiry is to ascertain demand for parental support courses. KEY WORDS: family of a child with impaired communication skills, parental competencies, parental support programme, specific language impainnent
Evaluation of vocabulary knowledge in preschool children
Durdilová, Lucie ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Štěpáníková, Alena (referee)
Diplomová práce je složena ze dvou hlavních částí, části teoretické a části praktické. Část teoretická shrnuje poznatky o slově, slovní zásobě, jejím osvojování v předškolním věku, nastíněna je patologie slovní zásoby. Praktická část hodnotí úroveň slovní zásoby předškolních dětí před nástupem do první třídy základní školy. Nástrojem k tomu je sestavený test skládající se z deseti subtestů, založený pouze na slovní instrukci. Cílem této práce je zhodnotit slovní zásobu dětí předškolního věku po stránce kvantitativní i kvalitativní.
Interaciton between speech and motion of a schoolgirl with developmental dysphasia
Mielniková, Renáta ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Štěpáníková, Alena (referee)
Final work "Interaction between speech and motion of a schoolgirl with developmental dysphasia" is focusing on finding in which way are speech and movement skill interacting specifically in the case of a school-girl with serious developmental dysphasia. In its theoretical part I'm focusing at first on the term disturbed communication ability, development dysphasia, its symptomatology and then at the term verbal development dyspraxia. Important information concerning this dilemma are also listed in second chapter which focuses on the problem of reading, process of mastering of reading and writing with understanding. The third chapter of the theoretical part is focusing on characteristics of terms as movement, motoric acts, coordination and also dyspraxia. I based the practical part on testing of children of the third grade at usual basic school as well as at the basic logopaedia school, which is attended also by the school-girl with serious development dysphasia I've been observing and monitoring. I created two different tests. First about reading with understanding and then second one about movement abilities. Their goal was to find in which way are reading and movement abilities interacting. In the end of my work I'm summarizing all the gathered findings, I'm also comparing results of testing...
Non-speech Oro-motor Exercises
Šulistová, Monika ; Housarová, Blanka (referee)
The disertation deals with forming a unit view of Oral - Motor Speech Exercises. It ofers and revers to the importace of the motoric skill development in the orafacial area with help of Oral - Motor Speech Exercises, before addresing the articulation remedy proces itself. The latter fact is often neglegted. The speech therapy recovery is failing then, or it gets prematurely terminated. The dissartation is organised in seven chapters. The first two chapters deal with a theoretical delimination of the basic concepts and an analysis into the Czech and overseas technical literature available including a selectrion of therapeutic approaches. The third chapter analyses the anatomy of the orofacial system in speech therapy. The fourth chapter scrutinizes the speech from the point of view of the motoric performance and its control by the central nervous system. The fifth chapter reviews oral - motoric skill development.
Intervention in pragmatic language skills in children with Asperger syndrom.
Bělohlávková, Lucie ; Housarová, Blanka (referee)
In the rigorous thesis "Intervention in pragmatic language field for children with Asperger's syndrome" information is summed up about the pragmatic language field focusing on children with Asperger's syndrome. The author prepared a comprehensive group of approaches in the field of pragmatic language development, based on realized research. The rigorous thesis is divided into six chapters. The first chapter describes the pragmatic field (from a linguistic point of view and on its development and pathology). In the second chapter, the author details, based on information from scientific literature, diagnostics and symptoms of Asperger's syndrome, with a focus on communication. The third chapter includes the latest findings about logopaedics diagnostic and diagnostic of communication difficulties of children with Asperger's syndrome. The pivotal parts of the rigorous thesis are the fourth and the fifth chapters. The fourth chapter analysis the results of investigation using the Children's Communication Checklist (the part focusing on pragmatic language field only). In the fifth chapter, the author details a comprehensive set of approaches used for development of this field. This set is based on individual categories of the Children's Communication Checklist. The last chapter describes two kazuistics, where...
Analysis of chosen forms of primary prevention of communication disorders
Jirsová, Jana ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Mlčková, Marie (referee)
The thesis focuses on primary prevention of communication disorders and its means. The goal of the theoretical part is to describe the ontogenesis of speech from several points of view, both traditional and modern, and to introduce communicative disability and its basic categories. It also delimits the issue of communication disorders prevention in general, characterizes its specific features and introduces its methods and means. The goal of the practical part is to analyze the quality of information about children speech, language and communication included in various information sources, whose main target group are parents, and consequently to find out, to what extend this input really gets to the target group. Keywords: ontogenesis of speech, communication disability, prevention of communication disorders, analysis of information sources
Narrative in Individuals with Dysartria and Anartria at a School Age
Trávníčková, Marcela ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Kněžková, Kateřina (referee)
Logopádie beschaftigt sich mit dem Kommunikationsprozess, der durch die geschriebene, gesprochene, pantomimische Sprache realisiert wird. Es existieren aber auch andere Kommunikationsvarianten, die uns gesamt dazu berechtigen, die Kommunikation als Lebensprinzip sogar Naturprinzip zu akzeptieren. Deshalb ist das Thema dieser Diplomarbeit: Narrative bei Personen mit Dysartrie und Anartrie im jungeren Schulalter. Theoretischer Teil arbeitet mit Fachbůchern und Artikeln und konzentriert sich nich nur auf Kindera mit Kinderlahmung, die die Kommunikationskompetenz andert, sonder auch auf Erzáhlungstheorie oder Spracherziehung. Praktischer Teil prasentiert die Untersuchimgsergebnisse. Die objektive Beurteilung wieweit und in welchem Umfang beeinflusst die Behinderung die Sprechtatigkeit - im unseren Fall die Erzahlung.
Pace scheme adaptation in facilities for elderly people
Jantačová, Lenka ; Housarová, Blanka (advisor) ; Štěpáníková, Alena (referee)
The main goal of this diploma thesis is creating a group stimulatory activating scheme according to the principles of the PACE therapeutic schemes for people who arc afflictcd with aphasia. The theoretical part is focused especially on the field of logopaedics therapy, on therapy of aphasia and on a characteristic of the PACE therapeutic scheme. The empirical part is describing in detail the stimulatory activating schcmc for people afflictcd with aphasia. This schcmc is intent on development of communication. Then the data obtained during realization of the scheme in facilities for people are analysed. The diploma thesis output will be an easy usable stimulatory activating scheme for developing communication of people with aphasia. Keywords: therapy in logopaedics, PACE therapeutic scheme, people with aphasia, group stimulatory activating scheme.

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