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Interakce mezi početností a distribucí srnčí zvěře a skotem na pastvě
Horák, Vojtěch
The purpose of investigation was to determine the relationship between the abundance and the spacial activity of roe deer (Capreolus capreolus L.) and cattle grazing in the area of interest in southern Bohemia, consisting of three mixed hunting grounds. The selected suitable locations where cattle grazing took place were compared with sites where cattle grazing did not take place. The abundance and the distribution of roe deer in these locations was determined by counting the faecal pellet groups in total of 160 disposable strip transects (FSC - with no cleaning) and by direct observation during 80 countings. The results revealed a lower abundance of roe deer and a change of its space activities in areas with grazing cattle compared to sites with no grazing meadows.
Spark-ignition engine for small autonomous devices
Horák, Vojtěch ; Beran, Martin (referee) ; Svída, David (advisor)
The thesis deals with the design of a small-volume four-stroke internal combustion engine with a maximum displacement of 10 cc and a power of 1 kW for autonomous devices of smaller dimensions. In addition to the analysis of individual propulsions for small aircraft, there is also a chapter with the comparison of an internal combustion engine and an electric motor with similar power. Another part of the work is the creation of a thermodynamic model in the GT Power program and its subsequent optimization to increase the overall efficiency of the engine.
Horizontal grill
Horák, Vojtěch ; Krčma, Martin (referee) ; Brandejs, Jan (advisor)
This barchelor's thesis deals with the construction of a homemade horizontal piglet grill with an electric propulsion. The grill is designed for solid fuel in the form of timber or charcoal. It is proportioned for 50kg. The research part consists of a description of the main types of grills and their advantages and disadvantages. The constructive part deals with the solution of the constructional problemes, documented by calculations. This construction is considered to be made with lowest expenses. Part of this work is also a continuous photodocumentation, which captures the whole process of the construction progress. At the end of the thesis there is the estimation of production costs.
Vliv pastvy skotu na výskyt a prostorovou aktivitu srnčí zvěře
Horák, Vojtěch
The topic of this thesis deals with the influence of grazing cattle on the incidence and spatial activity of roe deer game. For the purposes of this work were selected territory in southern Bohemia in the three associations the hunting grounds. The field investigation was conducted by the method of direct counting of the advantageous positions in the pasture and correlation surfaces from the beginning of the grazing and at regular intervals during it until its end. The result of the work is the assessment of the various factors operating on the roe deer in these locations and a proposal of measures that could mitigate the effects of the negative impact of grazing cattle on the hunting management of roe deer to the game.

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