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Solution of some rock stability problems in slopes and walls with optimization of anchor elements
Holý, Ondřej ; Vojtasík,, Karel (referee) ; Pruška, Jan (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
This presented phd thesis focuses on the problems of instability in the rock walls and slopes, whose manifestation is among othersv rockfall and associated risks. It describes the theoretical aspects of the description of instability and summarizes the construction methods and technologies to eliminate them. On the basis of knowledge gained from specific buildings in the Czech Republic and based on the research project solved by author, submits suggestion to optimimalization of the anchoring elements as a basic part of most remediation methods.
The tunnel on the fast railway
Závacký, Martin ; Rupp, David (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The theme of this thesis is to create a conceptual study of the tunnel on high speed railway. Selection of suitable cross section and tunnelling method with considering of geological conditions of the site. Design of primary support and technological process of construction.
Parametric study of behavior of the structure of the wine cellar
Hajn, Jakub ; Janků, Hynek (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In traditional wine village Bořetice recently occurred to serious disturbances on structures of wine cellars. These failures were caused by, among other things, changes in the properties of the rock environment. This work focuses on the implementation of parametric studies in terms of changing the properties of rock (soil) from the viewpoint of structural arrangement of the wine cellar.
Design of the secondary city utility tunnel with an emphasis on protection against ingress of groundwater
Vrána, Tomáš ; Černý, Vít (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In the first part, the master’s thesis deals with the history of utility tunnels, methods of construction processes and materials from which they are built. It also mentions methods and materials which protect against the effects of groundwater. The thesis is mainly dedicated to the design and structural design of the secondary utility tunnel lining with an emphasis on protection against ingress of groundwater. The mathematical model was created in Plaxis 2DAE software.
Preliminary study of the construction of a tram tunnel in Brno
Kuhajdik, Adam ; Janků,, Hynek (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The selection of a suitable tunneling technology within the territory of the town has an essential impact on behaviour of surrounding buildings. The thesis presents basic applicable methods. The selected method is simulated in a mathematical model whose input parameters are defined according to geotechnical investigation and by calculating from cone penetration test. Furthermore, the thesis deals with parametric comparisons of a constructional element in dimensioning, horizontal and vertical shift of this element and simplified comparison of steel and concrete prices. This thesis also contains re – comparison of construction behaviour within a model with real deformations which are measured using an inclinometer in situ.
The methods of implementation structures of the shallow underground structures
Vrána, Tomáš ; Černý, Vít (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In the first theoretical part, the bachelor thesis deals with the basic overview of the implementation methods of the shallow underground structures. It also mentions the most important elements used in the actual implementation. In the second practical part, the bachelor thesis deals with the case study.
The impact assessment of a new deep foundation for the structure of the primary service tunnel
Lipka, Miroslav ; Horák, Vlastimil (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The purpose of the diploma thesis is assess the impact of piles on primary collector lining. Using a mathematical model has been calculated interaction between pile ond collector lining. The main task is to decide the length dependence of the pile deformations and internal forces that are the concrete lining of the collector.
Influence of the new foundation on the construction of the wine cellar
Dostál, Tomáš ; Závacký, Martin (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In the traditional wine village Dolni Bojanovice was a two-party dispute. The dispute arose because of the fear of a negative impact on the existing structure of the wine cellar because of the load of a newly built hall. The bachelor thesis is focused on the evaluation of the likely influence of the base of the new structure on the historical wine cellar.
Reconstruction of the railway tunnel
Nekl, Jiří ; Horák, Vlastimil (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis engages in the reconstruction of railway tunnel Domasovsky that is situated at the track section Olomouc – Krnov. It illustrates the current state of the construction and the geotechnical conditons of the area of interest, it also presents the potencial solutions. The design is verified by stuructural analysis, the design documentation and technical report are also enclosed.
Design of excavation and primary lining of the Dřevnovický tunnel at the construction of high-speed railway connection Brno - Přerov
Bastl, Jiří ; ING, Tomáš Zítko, CEng MICE, EUR (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
This master thesis deals with a design of a Drevnovice tunnel primary lining at planned high speed rail corridor connecting Brno and Přerov. The whole design as well as defining of the most suitable tunnel excavation method are described. Thesis also contains a breakdown of the excavation, construction technology and the scheduling of geotechnical monitoring procedures. The Plaxis 2D program, based on the finite element method, was used to create numerical models of two cross sections of the Dřevnovice tunnel. Based on mathematical modeling outputs, a static calculation of the primary lining was calculated.

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