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Influence of Civil Servants at the Local Level on Social Policy Design - The Case Study of Municipalities and Cities of the Karlovy Vary Region
Kortišová, Anna ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Plaček, Michal (referee)
The presented diploma thesis deals with line workers at the local level of social policy and the area of social exclusion. The thesis is primarily focused on the role and possible influence of officials on policy design. Two institutions are monitored - the Social Affairs Departments of the city authorities and the contact offices of the Labour Offices. Attention is focused on the activities of workers and their form, on target populations and their social construction and political power, also on factors that can influence the decision-making and behaviour of officials and, last but not least, on the role of officials in policy design. The thesis uses the theory of social construction of target populations and the theory of bureaucracy. In order to answer the research questions, secondary data related to both theories and public policy documents, analysis of Internet news, and primary data obtained through six conducted interviews have also been used. The results of the thesis have shown that line workers have an indispensable and irreplaceable role, because they solve complex and often ambiguous situations, in which they often apply their own solution strategies and initiatives, so it can then be indirectly reflected in the implementation of the given policy.
"You can't command a change of thinking": system of informal education for the elderly from the public policy perspective
Bílková, Kateřina ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Dobiášová, Karolína (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with the topic of non-formal education for senior citizens in Czech Republic from the perspective of public policy. The main goal of this thesis is to capture the current state, main challenges and key topics in the field of non-formal education for senior citizens in Czech Republic. The system of non-formal education for senior citizens represents a complex structure of institutions, which offer educational programmes and activities. Both the system and the senior population are immensely diverse, which, on one hand, offers a high degree of flexibility and autonomy to both, the participants and the institutions. But on the other hand, it presents a challenge for public policy to capture the complexity of the phenomenon, whilst maintaining inclusivity. The non-formal education for senior citizens isn't defined by the legislative and the field therefore falls under three different departments: Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports; Ministry of Labour and Social Affair and Ministry of Culture. Due to the aforementioned diversity, the research uses qualitative study design and is carried out through expert interviews and the analysis of public policy documents. The sample of experts is designed to capture the experience of all types of institutions, which offer some form of...
Attitudes of small municipalities to requests for information under Act No. 106/1999 Coll., On Free Access to Information.
Iran, Jakub ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Kohoutek, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on finding out the attitudes of small municipalities to requests for information under Act No. 106/1999 Coll., On Free Access to Information. The main aim of this work is to examine these attitudes and try to find the causes of negative attitudes. At the same time, it is also secondary ambition to 1) analyze the applicability of the right to information in the context of small municipalities and 2) try to suggest possible measures that could reduce the negative attitudes of mayors of small municipalities to the right to information. In the diploma thesis, the mayors of small municipalities are viewed from the perspective of the theory of street-level bureaucracy, whose actions have a real impact on the implementation of public policies. At the same time, policy failure is a marginal concept, which looks at the law on free access to information as an example of a failure of public policies.
The enforcement of same sex marriage through the lens of multiple streams framework
Pluhař, Filip ; Dobiášová, Karolína (advisor) ; Hejzlarová, Eva (referee)
This thesis aims to describe and explain the process of advocating for an amendment to the Civil Code that would legalize same-sex marriage in the Czech Republic. This proposal which was introduced to the Chamber of Deputies in 2018 had never been approved. The current legislation allows gays and lesbians to enter into a registered partnership with limited rights compared to the institution of marriage. The thesis should identify the arguments and strategies used by the same-sex marriage policy entrepreneurs. Furthermore, it aims to find the reasons which led to the rejection of the proposed amendment. The perspective of Multiple streams framework is applied to the whole issue. Analysis is based mainly on the findings obtained from the interviews with policy entrepreneurs and the deputies who voted on the amendment. Transcripts of the Chamber of Deputies proceedings and media outputs were used as secondary data. The results show in which cases were the entrepreneurs successful and at which stage of the process the opposite was true. The thesis then describes possible reasons that led to the failure and attempts to justify why certain strategies and arguments were ineffective and did not convince the deputies - decision makers.
Pandemic Crisis Management: The Case Study of Childcare Facilities for Children under Five Years of Age
Pánská, Natálie ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
The master thesis is focused on crisis management during the covid-19 pandemic. Specifically, it focuses on childcare facilities for children under five years of age in the period from March 2020 to June 2021. The particular types of facilities are under the responsibility of three ministries. The aim of the work is to describe what the crisis management in this area looked like, how the interdepartmental cooperation looked like, and what impact it had on the facilities themselves and subsequently on the families. The diploma thesis is embedded in various concepts of crisis management, but also interdepartmental cooperation and strategic governance. As a part of elaboration of the topic, eight expert interviews were conducted, which are supplemented by an analysis of public policy documents (eg selected government pandemic measures, other government documents, methodologies, etc.). The analysis showed that the first phase of the pandemic was the most problematic, however some of the problems persisted in other phases. This is especially the case with crisis communication, which has failed at all levels. Throughout the pandemic, the government failed to develop a clear communication strategy. The pandemic measures were thus often unclear, and the explanations came with considerable delays. At the...
Perception of parental allowance from the parents' in intact families perspective
Nováková, Veronika ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Štěpánková Štýbrová, Martina (referee)
The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to describe how parental allowance is perceived in complete families. Due to the comparison of individual respondents, incomplete families, in which men or women who take care of a child independently, are not included in the sample. The parental allowance is one of the most important benefits provided by the state social support system, and its main task is to improve the financial situation of families with children. In addition to the parental allowance, this bachelor thesis also describes the system of social support, and other benefits whose purpose is to improve the financial situation of families in the Czech Republic. It also focuses on qualitative interviews with representatives of these families who receive parental allowance. Based on the analysis of these interviews, it describes how the interviewed families manage the parental allowance, how important the income is for them, and what opinions are associated with the parental allowance. The most important category which is connected with this allowance is certainty, which this regular allowance represents. Problems, which are discuss in this thesis are missing of motivational component and informations about parental allowance. Furthermore, this bachelor's thesis emphasizes the theory of special...
The Legislative Process of the Bill on the Children Group. A Case Study of the Intervention of the Participants.
Jirků, Olga ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Potůček, Martin (referee)
This thesis deals with an implementation of a new public policy tool - child care in the children's group - particularly it examines its origin, evolution and the reasons for its implementation. As the "Children's Group Act" became a new form of the childcare (in the Czech Republic), my participation in the legislation process of the bill adoption served as a motivation for the topic selection of this thesis. The opening part introduces the topic, specifically it studies the past and the present childcare system within the current area of the Czech Republic. Further it acquaints us with tools and remedies allowing for a greater harmonization of a family and work life of parents of infants. In other words, there are discussed theoretical concepts of a private work life harmonization of parents and concepts of equal opportunities of women and men. Moreover, the thesis introduces participants who were entering the negotiation and the adoption processes of the bill in question, either directly or indirectly. The aim of the thesis is to present a case study that would characterize both, the adoption process of the bill and the participants' determination of the final form of the act.
Character and development of Gender Impact Assessment on the background of the framework of the gender mainstreaming concept
Hondlíková, Kristýna ; Hejzlarová, Eva (advisor) ; Vítek, Leoš (referee)
The thesis is aimed at - previously not researched - Gender Impact Assessment in the Czech Republic. It analysis, evaluates and interprets the character and development of the assessment process applied by three ministries in 2007-2014. A total of 236 outputs from the assessment were studied through the qualitative content analysis and the created analytical tool. The results were both explored with statistical methods and evaluated and interpreted simultaneously. The conceptual and theoretical part of the thesis explains the gender mainstreaming concept, the Czech legislative framework of Regulatory Impact Assessment and the theories of gender equality, public policy evaluation and Europeanization. The research is supported by the data obtained from interviews with expert which both describe and evaluate the assessment process and suggest recommendations for its improvement. It has been proved that primarily the assessment deals with some obstacles mainly caused by its authors who may put less emphasis on impact on equality between men and women, downplay it, do not respect the rules, do not have wide range of formulations, copy the formulations, assess more different impacts at the same time or do not have sufficient knowledge of the gender issue. Secondarily some systemic obstacles - the...

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