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Comparison of selected parameters of draft beers and lagers from breweries and microbrewery
The dissertation compares selected qualitative parameters beers on tap and lagers produced in large breweries and mini-breweries. The first part of the thesis briefly describes the basic raw materials for beer production. This is followed by a description of the production technology,which includes the production of malt and wort, fermentation and the finishing of beer. The practical part of the dissertation describes selected types of beer. Values obtained from a component analysis of beers are evaluated in tables and graphs. Individual beers are assessed mainly according to the alcohol content (% vol.). The difference between the microbrewery and large breweries was insignificant. The work includes sensory evaluation of selected samples. Taste, aroma, opacity, carbonation and bitterness of beers are assessed. The best rated beer in the sensory rating was Samson BOCK. From the mini-brewery Čtyrák 12 ° light premium lager beer was the best.
Influence of raw materials on qualitative indicators of various types of craft beer
Abstract The Bachelor's Thesis considers basic ingredients necessary for producing beer. In the first part, raw materials like hop, brewer's yeast, water, malt and its substitutes are dealt with. Regarding hop, the seed cone along with its chemical composition is discussed. Significant varieties grown in the Czech Republic are mentioned as well as selected foreign varieties of hop. Not least, packaging and storage of hop is described. Similarly with malt, where types of malt are listed and evaluation of quality given. The thesis contains also types of water suitable for producing beer. An indispensable ingredient for production of beer is brewer's yeast differentiated as top-fermenting and bottom-fermenting yeast. As an aside, the chemical composition and propagation of yeast is mentioned. In the last part, sorts of craft beer are discussed focusing on qualitative indicators of certain sorts of beer.

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