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Figural painting in hanging picture
Kroutil, Jan ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Velíšek, Martin (referee)
A content of the bachelor thesis is a theoretical reflection about possibilities of a painted depiction of a human figure and a phenomenon of a hanging picture. The theme of the figural painting is further applied to an educationally-therapeutic practice as an art activity subject for people with mental retardation. The work also contains a documentation of the author's own painting and its reflection. Key words: painting, human figure, stylization, expression, hanging picture, education, mental retardation Powered by TCPDF (
Still life
Svačinková, Alena ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Uhl Skřivanová, Věra (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with meaning of objects in our society. This thesis is divided into three parts - practical, didactic and pictorial part. The theoretical part examines an ordinary and necessary subject, subject as a bearer of meaning and a subject as a protective and ritual thing. I am simultaneously reffering to consumerism and sensitive understanding of the subject as a value in today's society. I compare the tools of the past with a mobile phone. The teoretical part is followed by the didactic part, which is composed of three artistic lectures I have given. Me and children discussed the following topics: Painted still life, Shop window and The box with my stuff. The pictorial part focuses on everyday objects. I have created the cycle of twelve still lifes. Each still life coresponds to one particular person, who is close to me, and symbolize their important things.
Object in landscape
Smrž, Jan ; Sedlák, Michal (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
Master thesis Object in the landscape is concerned with the landscape, people's environment, architecture and art. It deals with bases of contemporary urbanized landscape, relationship between man and nature, effect of architecture and art in the wider contexts. It also explores transformation of the entities of the landscape at the time of digital technology. In theoretical, practical and educational level, I deal with relationships among architecture, art, landscape and man in a wider context. In the theoretical part, I examined the spatial relationships in landscape and their transformations. I reflected local environment in practical work and I focused on transferring the issue to stimulating teaching jobs in educational work. In my opinion, the most valuable part is art work, where I managed to meet my expectations and goals.
Changes in the Presentation of the Human Shape in Creative Works
Novotná, Štěpánka ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Cikánová, Karla (referee)
This work is divided into the three parts - the teoretic, the art and the didactic, which is presented art - educational project and its reflection. The teoretic part is sighted into the changes of the prezentation in the human looks in the fine arts since the end of the 19,h century (till present.)- nemusí to tam být). These changes were studied in their realation to make-up, costume and mask. Each part approached the autor individually and as a feature that reflect the society situation. The art work is presented by drawings, paintings, pictures, masks and faces accesories, that are sighted into the changes of the human looks.
Painting as a physical, gestical action. Gesture and physical space experience of reality in the landscape
Lešková, Kristýna ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Velíšek, Martin (referee)
Lešková, K.: Painting as a physical, gestical action - Gesture and physical space experience of reality in the landscape. [MA thesis] Prague 2012 - Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Education, Departement of Art Education, 84 pages. This work seeks to bring selected moments in the history of painting, which combines the gestural element and the physical and gestural actions. This award is largely bordered by landscape theme. Part is a philosophical reflection about the nature of painting as a physical object. Based on new findings related to the reflection of own artistic creation, author created a set of artworks with an emphasis on gestural expression. Linking acquired knowledge and creative experience led to the creation of didactic art range of tasks suitable for teaching elementary school pupils from which consist effort to achieve creative thinking and developing the gesture and action at work. Great emphasis is placed on the motivational process. Part of the task is verified by experience in elementary school. The whole work is regularly supplemented by the visual documentation.
Zemanová, Marie ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Šamšula, Pavel (referee)
Naše civilizace (právě pomocí onoho - zaplaťpánbůh! - aktivního přístupu) neustále produkuje obrazy, myšlenky, informace, zboží a tak dále. Podstatné se mísí s nadbytečným. Někdy jako by hrozilo, že nás toto všechno zaplaví. A v tom tkví druhý velký úkol našince - nepodlehnout panice a najít nějakou mapu, která mu vytyčí alespoň přibližný směr cesty životem. Nenechat se pak zlákat mapami, které vedou k růžové budoucnosti, instantní, bezproblémové a jednoduché. Smířit se s tím, že krása života už zkrátka vězí v jeho složitosti a v překážkách, které jsou nám stavěny do cesty. Poznat "cíl cílů" a všechny ostatní cíle proměnit v pouhé prostředky. A přitom se nezbláznit z emocionální, smyslové a významové prázdnoty, která na nás z toho všeho zírá.
Developing environmental sensitivity through the fine art
Vaněk, Jan ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Kitzbergerová, Leonora (referee)
The thesis is focused on searching for the ways, how to develop environmental sensitivity through the fine art, specifically painting or drawing and work with own body. Author strives about how to perceive own everyday surroundings more sensitively, to experience own presence in it more deeply and also to be able to rationally reflect own experience. This should make in a man personal relationship to the environment and stimulate pro-environmental behavior. The work is directed through theoretical excursion to the issue and author's art research to development the art method that author applies in his art-experiential action.

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