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Business models’ dynamics through implementation of circular economy strategies
Krmela, Aleš ; Kožená, Marcela (referee) ; Váchal, Jan (referee) ; Živělová, Iva (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The presented dissertation examines the dynamics of changes in business logic and business models’ architecture associated with the implementation of sustainability related activities, specifically circular economy strategies, with a focus on reducing the amount of unused waste. Business models, being abstract concepts of the business logic, are made up of dynamically changing elements of value proposition, creation, delivery, capture and communication of value created. Businesses are motivated by pressures in society, as well as in their immediate ecosystem, to actively implement circular economy principles and strategies into their business models. The dissertation conceptually captures the issue of business models’ dynamics – what are business models’ dynamics, how are they defined, what possible forms do they take. It explicitly extends the concept of business model for circular economy with a key element value communication. In the application part it analyses, drawing mainly on case studies and quantitative analyses, the evolution of business models’ adaptation related to the implementation of circular economy strategies by companies operating in manufacturing industries, and impact of the strategies on business models. It studies the adaptation of the business models from the temporal and the content point of view. It studies the dynamics of the relations among the elements of business models. The theoretical framework of the dissertation is the Attention Based View Theory, as well as the Legitimacy Theory. The key output of the dissertation is the proposal of a methodology for determining business models’ dynamics through the implementation of selected circular economy strategies. It proposes a business model dynamics index IOMDRi. The methodology allows to quantitatively determine the business models elements’ structure, to quantitatively determine the implemented circular economy strategies, as well as to compare the impact of selected circular economy strategies on the business model and its elements – on a company level, among the companies in a particular industry, and among the industries. A mixed qualitative-quantitative research strategy is applied, using mainly case studies and observations carried out in a selected European manufacturing sector of decorative and information systems (DIS), quantitative content analyses and questionnaire-based surveys.
Development of Business Activities for the Production Company
Michnová, Zuzana ; Chlebovský, Vít (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The diploma thesis is focused on the development of business activities of the company AFEED, a. s., which deals with the production of feed for farm animals. First, the theoretical basis is developed, which serves as a basis for the analysis of the internal and external environment. The results of the analysis are summarized in the SWOT analysis. Based on the results, a proposal for the development of business activities is prepared.
Development of Business Activities of a Travel Agency
Pitlová, Veronika ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of business activities of a franchise of travel agency Invia located in Kuřim close to Brno. In the theoretical part are explained the significant concepts and are defined the analysis, which are going to be subsequently apply. The output of the bachelor thesis is a proposal of a foundation of its own travel agency which will help to extend an offer, to increase competitiveness and also overall profits of the company.
Development of Business Activities - Establishment of a New Branch
Pallová, Veronika ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis will deal with development of business activities of the Prague company Ctibůrek výtahy s. r. o., namely the establishment of a new branch in Brno. The first part will define theoretical concepts. In the following part, the internal and external environment of the company will be analyzed. The information obtained in the analytical part will be used to create a business development plan and calculate the approximate cost. Finally, an economic evaluation will be performed, which will show if the expansion of the branch to Brno is economically beneficial.
Development of Business Activities of the Company which Creates Injection Molds
Mikula, Vojtěch ; Fojtů, Kateřina (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
This bachelor thesis deals with development of business activity of a company, performing injection moulding. On the basis of theory a case-by-case analysis of external, field and internal environment will be performed. These analyses will then help us in performing a SWOT analysis. Based to these analyses we will be able to evaluate the current market condition of the company. The result of this thesis will be providing a proposal of development of company’s business activity.
Development of Sales Activities by Introducing a New e-shop
Michalová, Adriána ; Mráček, Pavel (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The bachelor thesis deals with the development of business activities of the company KAPAMAT AG - ambiente design, Ltd. in the form of an increase of sales activity by introducing new e-commerce. The thesis is created on the basis of theoretical background, where are business or marketing activities presented in more details, but also the specific analyzes of the company, which are subsequently processed in the practical part of this thesis. Based on the results of the individual analyzes, incorporated into the overall SWOT analysis, a specific way of developing the business activities of the mentioned company, is further proposed.
Marketing Mix of the Selected company at Sweden B2B market
Orgoníková, Marika ; Šimberová, Iveta (referee) ; Milichovský, František (advisor)
This diploma theses is focused on marketing mix of a selected company which operates in an international environment. .The diploma thesis consists of three parts. The theoretical part focuses on the description of basic characteristics and concepts which are related to given issue. The analytical part consists of analyses performed in both internal and external environment of the company WoodBag s. r. o. on the assumption of its future expansion to the Swedish market. Results that we achieved are stated in SWOT analysis. The final part is the draft part, in which recommendations and potential suggestions from perspective of marketing mix towards successful expansion of the company to the Swedish market with results from particular analyses and theoretical background are presented.
Development of Company´s Business Activities on a Foreign Market
Poláčková, Kateřina ; Chlebovský, Vít (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the development of business activities of the company TV PROBBE s.r.o on a foreign market. The bussiness activities of the company include production, wholesale and retail of pet food and pet-supplies. The theoretical part summarizes the findings which serve as a base for the other parts of the thesis. The analytical part evaluates the current situation of the company's external and internal environment. The last part contains recommendations, the implementation of which should lead to the development of the company's business activities.
The Proposal Strategy of the Air Carrier's Expansion into the Dutch Market
Balák, Tomáš ; Schüller, David (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
The main goal of the diploma thesis is to develop a proposal for the expansion of the air carrier to the new Dutch market based on an analysis of the current state and analysis of the selected market with regard to the limitations and specific characteristics of the aviation industry. The theoretical part is focused on the theoretical background obtained from the publications focused on market analysis, expansion and also on publications focused on the aviation industry. The practical part focuses on the company Smartwings a. s., its analysis of the current state and also the analysis of the selected market. The last part is focused on the elaboration of the expansion proposal and the calculation of the costs associated with the expansion, the evaluation of the risks and the mitigation of their impact on society.
Business Activities Development of Slovak Company with Gluten-free Products
Fialová, Silvie ; Wágnerová, Hana (referee) ; Šimberová, Iveta (advisor)
Diploma thesis is focused on Slovak company Nutribak s.r.o. and its potential business activities on the Czech market, especially with gluten-free goods. The created methodology is based on a critical search of current literature related to the the field of marketing, management and trade. Suggested steps are applied to the company Nutribank s.r.o. according to results of the analysis of the current situation, there were created certain steps, that will provide the company with a plan for evolving their business activities and also supporting their position in the Czech market

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