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Investment Decision Making of State and Local Governments
Kula, David ; Fotr, Jiří (advisor) ; Ochrana, František (referee) ; Potluka, Oto (referee)
The topic of this dissertation thesis is collection, analysis and evaluation of information about investment decisions making within public administration bodies. The investment decision making is examined in relation to allocation of public funds on investment activities and projects. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze and evaluate the current status of the investment decision making within the public sector. Subsequently the goal is to offer new or updated knowledge related to these issues, and bring recommendations to improve the investment decision making of public administration bodies. At first, there are described current knowledge in the field of investment decision making. This is followed by an analysis of assessment methods used for evaluation and selection of investment projects. The work is completed by recommendations for investment decisions making in the form of a normative model. The model should increase benefits of public investment expenses for society. There are used data obtained through a questionnaire survey of 430 subsidized firms, 169 state organizational units and state funds and 130 cities, boroughs and counties. Another important source of information was secondary data of selected ministries and agencies, legislation and literature.

Work-life balance
Maturová, Inha ; Šmíd, David (advisor) ; Legnerová, Kateřina (referee)
This bachelor work focuses on adaptation process of new employees in a particular company. The goal is determination of adaptation process and comparison with needs of the company on onboarding field. A few methods of quality research were used in application part. The first one is analysis of internal documents related to adaptation process. The second is application and analysis of structured inquiry of head of human resources department of the company. Application part of the work brings evaluation of analysed adaptation process.

Building and use of smaller computer networks
Kyzivát, Marek ; Pinkas, Otakar (advisor) ; Šmejkal, Ivo (referee)
The thesis describes the initial state of the computer network Basic Schools and Kindergartens Ohradní (ZŠMŠ Ohradní) in Prague 4 and then its reconstruction, which I largely contributed. ZŠMŠ Ohradní consists of four pavilions and from one building on the other side of the street. The aim of this study is to assess the initial state of the network and point out the shortcomings that we discovered. We found deficiencies in the operation stress tests, measurements and data cabling overall analysis. Original networks connectivity was 100Mb/s. Together with a colleague, we are network administrators. Furthermore, I am going to introduce a new form of network, which has identified deficiencies improved, by using on newer technologies. I will describe its structure, address allocation, active and passive components, and operated services. New network is capable of 1Gb/s, and its spine is going to be 10Gb/s soon. Benefits of this reconstruction is faster, more stable and more modern network that will facilitate the work of employees of ZŠMŠ Ohradní. To these improvements, I have mainly contributed by measurements. I participated in the design and implementation of new form of data network. I collaborated with fellow Poc to the configuration of active elements and network services in reconstructed network.

Support for Nurses in Death Cases at Resuscitation Units and Intensive Care Units
At Resuscitation Units and Intensive Care Units nurses face the issue of dying and death every day. Very often they are in contact with the dying and their immediate family and they are expected to have professional approach and provide comprehensive care. Stress that the nurses experience in these situations results into mental, emotional and physical exhaustion, and can be manifested by psychosomatic problems. Preparation of nurses to these situations and support of their management is therefore a key factor for the management of this demanding profession. The theoretical part of the thesis contains a description of the current state of the issue, characterizes resuscitation and intensive care, and deals with the issue of death and dying in Resuscitation Units nad Intensive Care Units, managing situations associated with death and the support of nurses in these situations. The work has four goals. The first objective is to determine what method of preparation of nurses is in practice ensured in Resuscitation Units and Intensive Care Units for the performance of high-quality nursing care for dying patients. Another objective is to determine whether and how the nurses are prepared and trained in the field of management of situations connected with the death of a patient in Resuscitation Units and Intensive Care Units. The third objective is, whether there is and what is the form of assistance to nurses in RU and ICU provided by the team and the management of the Department in case of deaths of patients, and the fourth objective is to determine what form and manner of support nurses expect and require. Research part of the thesis was carried out by quantitative investigation using an anonymous questionnaire. Respondents were answering 38 questions, 13 questions were closed, 21 half open and 4 were open. The support is most frequently understood as a psychological support, good teamwork, communication, supervision and representation where necessary. Management is expected primarily to provide support through education, ensuring supervision, corresponding financial support and professional psychological assistance where necessary. On the basis of this work?s results a proposal for the course for paramedical professions working in RS and ICU called ?Course of the Strategy of Difficult Situations Management in the Care for the Dying and Their Close Family in Intensive and Urgent Care?, was made.

The Asian financial crisis and post-crisis development of newly industrialized countries of Asia
Panchenko, Victoria ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Černá, Iveta (referee)
This thesis analyzes the Asian financial crisis by providing a comprehensive view of the development of the economies of the Asian newly industrialized countries before and after the outbreak of the crisis. The aim of this paper is to explore and understand the causes of the crisis and derive practical lessons. The work is structured as follows. The first chapter is theoretical and defines newly industrialized countries by focusing on the characteristics of the economic and social status of these countries in a period of prosperity. The second chapter examines the financial crisis in 1997 - its origin, causes, indicators and progress. The last chapter discusses the impact of the crisis both on countries of Southeast Asia and on the world economy overall. Afterwards, summarizing of the lessons that can be learned from the Asian financial crisis and that remain urgent even nowadays is outlined.

Marketing strategy of amateur theatre Tleskejtekruciš
Rafaj, Martin ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Jarolímek, Petr (referee)
Main goal of this thesis is the identification and evaluation of marketing strategy of the amateur theatre Tleskejtekruciš and proposal of a new strategy, that will enable the development of the theatre in region of centre Bohemia. The thesis is split in two main parts. Goal of the theoretical part is to define marketing specifics of amateur theatre. Goal of the practical part is the analysis of current marketing strategy of the theatre Tleskejtekruciš in form of SWOT analysis, competition analysis, questionaire survey ans following recommendation of a enhanced marketing strategy, based on analysis results.

Design of processes of business department in IT company and measuring their performance
Schütz, Martin ; Oškrdal, Václav (advisor) ; Bruckner, Tomáš (referee)
The thesis deals with design of new processes of business department in IT company which provides server hosting, web hosting and domain registration services. These processes come from identification and analysis of current processes and the theory of business department management. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) were set for selected processes which can be used for managing the company as a whole. Models of processes were created due to EPC notation. New processes were designed to continuously create data in CRM information system providing evidential and information support necessary for business department management, including the possibility of measuring its performance. Processes also automatize often repetitive activities and provide relevant information to other affected business units within the company. Contribution of the thesis lies in results of analysis of current identified processes containing solution proposals of discovered problems and newly created process models. Both can be used as a pattern for optimization of current processes in already existing organization or for designing new process models in new organization in the same or similar field of business.

Zjednodušení kvantových obvodů pro modulární umocňování
Fišer, Petr ; Ivánek, Jiří (advisor) ; Nentvich, Libor (referee)
This thesis is based on top of the previous thesis "Security of modern encryption protocols" where we introduced a new paradigm for constructing quantum circuits. We have built circuits for modular arithmetic (addition, multiplication and exponentiation) in order to break El-Gamal asymmetric cryptosystem. Current thesis reviews all proposed circuits and discusses possibilities of their further optimization in goal of lowering the number of used qbits at least by an order of magnitude. It also shows that this is not possible due to existence of COPY gates which make the design inherently unoptimizable. Getting rid of COPY gates is, however, not possible without substantial rewrite of the whole paradigm. The overall estimate of number of qbits used in circuits thus remains O(log(m)log^2(N)) where m is a processed number and N is a modulus. The thesis also proposes optimization of the modular multiplication circuit that, if issues with COPY gates are resolved, allows us to lower the number of used qbits by about O(log(m)) at the price of a longer execution time.

CRM System Optimization
Fučík, Ivan ; Mildeová, Stanislava (advisor)
This thesis is focused on CRM solutions in small and medium-sized organizations with respect to the quality of their customer relationship. The main goal of this work is to design an optimal CRM solution in the environment of real organization. To achieve this goal it is necessary to understand the theoretical basis of several topics, such as organizations and their relationship with customers, CRM systems, their features and trends. On the basis of these theoretical topics it is possible to analyze current CRM solution in the organization. From the data obtained by the methods of observation and controlled interview it was possible to prepare a design for optimal CRM solution. This optimal solution comes also from user and organization requirements. The optimal CRM solution saves time and costs associated with current CRM solution and replaces existing and ineffective CRM tools.

Design of marketing strategy in the company Imperium Finance
Petrovič, Marko ; Čermák, Radim (advisor) ; Sova, Martin (referee)
Internet marketing is currently one of the most important components of marketing. However, Internet marketing as a whole is much more important than mere webdesign, mere search engine optimization (SEO) or a simple PPC advertising. Most companies have recently made it throught with a website and that was all their presentation on the Internet. However, the internet is one of the fastest growing technology today and the number of its users is growing every year. Constantly there are new technologies that allow us to have a better user experience and also bring us new ways of presentation and promotion. Most of the companies make a mistake early on and underestimate the preparation, don't know their goals, customers or competitors. Internet marketing is the process and the contents of this process is the recognition, analysis, design, implementation, and ultimately verify that you achieve the goals of the organization. In the theoretical part it is defined internet marketing and its advantages over offline marketing. Briefly sum up the history and major milestones of Internet marketing that shaped its present form. Further, it's described current trends in Internet marketing and detail expands upon the selected Internet marketing tools and tools for evaluating the success of campaigns. The practical part deals with the proposal of marketing strategy in the company Imperium Finance. The main objective is to analyze the requirements of the company Imperium Finance, from analysis to draw specific conclusions and devise a marketing strategy that will support the vision and strategy of the company in the following period. All steps were carried out within the company Imperium Finance on real data from active clients and tested in action. The result is a proposal of a marketing strategy that will drive Imperium Finance, and a marketing plan for the company. The biggest benefit of this work is so real use theoretical knowledge in practice.