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Knowledge of principles of healthy nutrition at pupils 13 - 16 years old
LAPEŠOVÁ, Miroslava
The bachelor thesis Knowledge of principles of healthy nutrition at pupils 13 - 16 years old consists of a practical part and a theoretical part. The theoretical part is focused on basic information on a rational nutrition and on basic nutrients needed for the organism development. It informs on the nutrition in the period of pubescence and on subsequent mistakes made by teenagers. It draws attention to the necessity of regular meals in the course of the day, which is in this period of life very important and which should not be underestimated. Instructions for a proper healthy diet can be prepared with the help of so called food pyramid. The practical part presents achieved results. I applied a quantitative method of the research in the bachelor thesis. The data collection was made by means of a questionnaire, which was given to the pupils at the age between 13 and 16. The research was made at the secondary schools in the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. Five secondary schools were addressed. Totally, 229 questionnaires were distributed, 21 of them could not be used because of incorrect or insufficient completing of the data. The return was therefore 90,8 %. 208 questionnaires were used for the research, thereof 100 questionnaires were completed by girls and 108 by boys. The aim of the bachelor thesis was to determine the knowledge of principles of healthy nutrition at pupils 13 - 16 years old. Another objective besides charting the alimentation problem was also to confirm or refute three hypotheses. Hypothesis H1 supposed that pupils in the age between 13 and 16 years have a satisfactory knowledge of healthy nutrition. This hypothesis was confirmed. Hypothesis H2 supposed that most pupils follow the principles of healthy nutrition. The results did not confirm the hypothesis. Hypothesis H3 supposed that pupils have a possibility to eat according to principles of healthy nutrition, but most of them are satisfied with the current diet and would not change anything. The bachelor thesis can serve as a source of information on the healthy nutrition and correct eating of teenagers. It can be used by parents who have a possibility to influence the home menu significantly. Furthermore, teachers can warn pupils of the mistakes in the nutrition and so that they can lead them to a healthier diet.

Analysis of the EU regulations in the field of Information and Telecommunication technologies and their effect on the single market
Hart, Ludvík ; Procházka, Pavel (advisor) ; Strejček, Ivo (referee)
The bachelor thesis describes the EU regulations in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT), particularly the Digital agenda for Europe strategy. These regulations are then tested for their influence on the European single market. The major question answered here is whether the EU regulations in field of ICT have a positive impact on the EUs single market. Answer to this question helps us evaluate the ongoing Digital agenda strategy. The impact of the regulations is analysed by induction of the following indicators, international trade, ratio of population buying online, DESI index and NRI index. With this method it is possible to tackle the wide range of fields the Digital agenda covers. I conclude this work with the statement, that European ICT regulations do have a positive impact on the single market, although are problematic due to the slow legislative process and low efficiency in addressing the regulated issue.

Incentivy a prosociální jednání mužů a žen
Pulcová, Eliška ; Stroukal, Dominik (advisor) ; Máslo, Lukáš (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to find out how strong have monetary or other incentives effects on prosocial behavior and conduct of men and women. The work deals with how different behaviors in regard to gender in areas such as altruism and regular support private charities, participation in volunteer activities, social preference and concern for cultural heritage, when an image motivation is on place or is not, and if the behavior is incentivized or not incentivized.

Do women with children have lower wage rate than childless women?
Lukášová, Nikola ; Brožová, Dagmar (advisor) ; Čermáková, Klára (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to demonstrate if women with children in the Czech Republic have a lower wage rate than childless women. The data from WageIndicator Foundation was processed by using the the least squares method. The conclusion is that motherhood has a negative impact on salaries. I also found that the depreciation of human capital influences only women with two or more children. It can be caused by the lenght of maternity leave. The main finding is that the wage penalty for motherhood actually exists. And the society and politicians should give the motherhood penalty more attention in the future.

Time management
Hanus, Filip ; Franková, Emilie (advisor) ; Motlová, Veronika (referee)
It is of great necessity to know how to manage time. The theoretical part of this thesis is concerned with the definition of time management, its origin and evolution. It covers the basic rules of efficient time management and the principles of efficient work organization. It describes the usage of goals and their setting, circadian rhythms and their influence on our productivity and the most common factors that steal our time. Based on the analysis of time frames and half-structured interviews, the empirical part follows the lives of six university students for two weeks. Our goal is to find out how the respondents use their time, what is their knowledge of time management and also to cover the difference between students living in a room alone and students sharing a room with one or multiple roommates.

The impact of the economic cycle to finance the defense of the Czech republic in years 2004-2014
Heres, Ondřej ; Chmelová, Pavla (advisor) ; Strejček, Ivo (referee)
This bachelor work examines the impact of economic performance on financing the defense sector in the Czech Republic in the years 2004-2014. The main questions are whether this influence is clear and the extent to which is essential for funding this sector. The work also provides a basic overview about development and structure of the Ministry of Defence budget in these years. The theoretical part contains theories of business cycle and public sector and briefly introduces the basic institutions that are tasked to provide a defense. The analytic part analyzes the expenditures and revenues of the Ministry of Defence and assesses their mutual influence and simultaneously the influence of GDP on these indicators. To compare with previous findings, the GPD growth rate and the growth rate of defense expenditures in selected countries of NATO are analyzed in brief in the last chapter. While findings based on data from the Ministry of Defence have rather anticyclical development of defense expenditures, in selected countries of NATO, the development is more procyclical. It highlights the very ambiguous impact of the economic cycle on expenditures in the defense sector.

Pre-Marital Agreement as a means of protection of marital property and business
Vávrová, Eliška ; Hejda, Jan (advisor) ; Kaczor, Pavel (referee)
This thesis deals with the possibilities of adjustment of marital property in the form of concluding marriage contract as a way to protect assets in case of divorce or business of one of the spouse. The aim of the work is to identify shortcomings in the current leg-islation. Based on these shortcomings suggest solution to improve the current state. According to this suggestion compile a model of marriage contract. The draft of rec-ommendation is compiled with the help of comparison with the Austrian statutory of matrimonial property relations and through questionnaire survey among students of University of Economics who have experiences with the adjustment of community property.

Comparison of accounting programs from the point of view of the use of information for management companies
Loušová, Petra ; Stejskalová, Irena (advisor) ; Pevná, Jana (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to compare accounting programs from the point of view of the use of information that are important for management companies. The theoretical part deals with the general approach to processing business information in the accounting. Next there is explained an overview of what information in the field of accounting are important and necessary for the job of financial manager. The practical part contains an analysis of at least three accounting programs, with the main focus on what information from the selected accounting program managers need in their work and what information is actually gaining from the program. In practical part, there are also compared results of individual organizations; information is gathered through in-depth interview with financial managers selected companies.

Pupils knowledges abou infectious diseases
Rančáková, Hana ; Drda Morávková, Alena (advisor) ; Erhart, Lukáš (referee)
A knowledge about infectious diseases and vaccination is very important in this time. The questionnaire, which is part of this thesis, is designated for 1st to 4th grade high school students and the upper grade grammar school pupils. The questionnaire was used to analyse pupils' knowledge and attitudes about infectious diseases and vaccination. Pupils' knowledge and attitudes are quite good and students are able to voice their opinion. Females have better knowledge than males and older students are better too. The thesis is further focusing on how are the infectious diseases included in the National Curriculum and examine the prevention programmes for schools. The other purpose is to follow up the threat of pandemic diseases and present state of knowledge and awareness about this topic.

Use of Interest Rate Models for Interest Rate Risk Management in the Czech Financial Market Environment
Cíchová Králová, Dana ; Arlt, Josef (advisor) ; Cipra, Tomáš (referee) ; Witzany, Jiří (referee)
The main goal of this thesis is to suggest an appropriate approach to interest rate risk modeling in the Czech financial market environment in various situations. Three distinct periods are analyzed. These periods, which are the period before the global financial crisis, period during the financial crisis and in the aftermath of the global financial crisis and calming subsequent debt crisis in the eurozone, are characterized by different evaluation of liquidity and credit risk, different relationship between financial variables and market participants and different degree of market regulations. Within this goal, an application of the BGM model in the Czech financial market environment is crucial. Use of the BGM model for the purpose of predicting a dynamics of a yield curve is not very common. This is firstly due to the fact that primary use of this model is a valuation of interest rate derivatives while ensuring the absence of arbitrage and secondly its application is relatively difficult. Nevertheless, I apply the BGM model to obtain predictions of the probability distributions of interest rates in the Czech and eurozone market environment, because its complexity, direct modeling of a yield curve based on market rates and especially a possibility of parameter estimation based on current swaptions volatilities quotations may lead to a significant improvement of predictions. This improvement was also confirmed in this thesis. Use of swaptions volatilities market quotations is especially useful in the period of unprecedented mone- tary easing and increased number of central banks and other regulators interventions into financial markets that occur after the financial crisis, because it reflects current market expectations which also include future interventions. As a consequence of underdevelopment of the Czech financial market there are no market quotations of Czech koruna denominated swaptions volatilities. I suggest their approximations based on quotations of euro denominated swaptions volatilities and also using volatilities of koruna and euro forward rates. Use of this approach ensures that predictions of the Czech yield curve dynamics contain current market expectations. To my knowledge, any other author has not presented similar application of the BGM model in the Czech financial market environment. In this thesis I further predict a Czech and Euro area money market yield curve dynamics using the CIR and the GP models as representatives of various types of interest rates models to compare these predictions with BGM predictions. I suggest a comprehensive system of three criteria, based on comparison of predicti- ons with reality, to describe a predictive power of selected models and an appropria- teness of their use in the Czech market environment during different situations in the market. This analysis shows that predictions of the Czech money market yield curve dynamics based on the BGM model demonstrate high predictive power and the best 8 quality in comparison with other models. GP model also produces relatively good qua- lity predictions. Conversely, predictions based on the CIR model as a representative of short rate model family completely failed when describing reality. In a situation when the economy allows negative rates and there is simultaneously a significant likelihood of their implementation, I recommend to obtain predictions of Czech money market yield curve dynamics using GP model which allows existence of negative interest rates. This analysis also contains a statistical test for validating the predictive power of each model and information on other tests. Berkowitz test rejects a hypothesis of accurate predictions for each model. However, this fact is common in real data testing even when using relatively good model. This fact is especially caused by difficult fulfilment of test conditions in real world. To my knowledge, such an analysis of the predictive power of selected interest rate models moreover in the Czech financial market environment has not been published yet. The last goal of this thesis is to suggest an appropriate approach to obtaining pre- dictions of Czech government bonds risk premium dynamics. I define this risk premium as a difference between government bond yields and fixed rate of CZK IRS with the same length. I apply the GP model to describe the dynamics of this indicator of the Czech Republic credit risk. In order to obtain a time series of the risk premium which are necessary for estimation of GP model parameters I firstly estimate yield curves of Czech government bonds using Svensson model for each trading day since 2005. Resulting si- mulations of risk premium show that the GP model predicts the real development of risk premiums of all maturities relatively well. Hence, the proposed approach is suitable for modeling of Czech Republic credit risk based on the use of information extracted from financial markets. I have not registered proposed approach to risk premium modeling moreover in the Czech financial market environment in other publications.