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Reading climate within family of origin and educational results
Gorčíková, Magdaléna ; Šafr, Jiří
This study examines the extent to which reading socialization (pro-reading climate in family) and reading in childhood account for performance differences between low-status and high-status children to educational results. We employ data from the survey “Distinction and Values” (2008) which surveyed cohorts ages 30–34 along with their parents. The findings of our analysis have shown that reading climate in family – especially if the child reads himself – plays a significant role in promoting elementary school success, graduation at the university and intergenerational educational mobility. In sum, parental reading socialization increases the likelihood of shaping children’s education attainment and even expands advantage in parent-child relations.

The prohibition of gambling in Czech cities and their economic efficiency since 2010
Lišková, Magdaléna ; Skopeček, Jan (advisor) ; Zeman, Martin (referee)
The bachelor thesis is about an evaluation of economic efficiency of prohibition of gambling in selected Czech cities since 2010. The theoretical part contains a definition of basic terms, a chapter about social costs and it also deals with a prohibition and the shadow economy. The practical part contains chapters about current legislation, about gambling market in the Czech Republic, next chapter is about methodology and at the end of this part there is the evaluation of economic efficiency. This chapter deals with an explanation why we can call the prohibition inefficient. It is also a resume of the thesis which is back up an argument of progress of total social costs and total revenues. The bachelor thesis, in spite of other Czech papers, works with presumption that the social costs are produced by pathological gamblers and it deals just with the original social costs. That is the reason why the thesis provides an original quantification of the social costs and new view on problems which are connected with regulation of gambling.

Analysis of the bitter spirits category and the perception of the brand Becherovka Original in the czech market
Michelík, Martin ; Machek, Martin (advisor) ; Kolouchová, Daniela (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyse the bitter alcohol drinks market and to evaluate the brand image of the Becherovka Original on the Czech market and to suggest appropriate recommendations for improvements in perception of the brand amongst the younger generation of customers. The theoretical basis is defined to understand the terms as customer behavior, consumers buying process, brand elements, brand equity, brand value and brand image. In order to achieve the main objective the primary research was carried out. The research was provided by online customer survey. Based on the collected data the whole Czech alcohol market was analysed, with emphasis on the spirits market, especially on the bitter spirits category. Also, the brands marketing strategy was analysed. At last, the perception of the brand Becherovka Original on the Czech market was analysed. The data for the analysis were obtained by the theoretical basis and by the research. The conclusion contains suggested recommendations for the future prosperity of the brand.

Clustering and regression analysis of micro panel data
Sobíšek, Lukáš ; Pecáková, Iva (advisor) ; Komárek, Arnošt (referee) ; Brabec, Marek (referee)
The main purpose of panel studies is to analyze changes in values of studied variables over time. In micro panel research, a large number of elements are periodically observed within the relatively short time period of just a few years. Moreover, the number of repeated measurements is small. This dissertation deals with contemporary approaches to the regression and the clustering analysis of micro panel data. One of the approaches to the micro panel analysis is to use multivariate statistical models originally designed for crosssectional data and modify them in order to take into account the within-subject correlation. The thesis summarizes available tools for the regression analysis of micro panel data. The known and currently used linear mixed effects models for a normally distributed dependent variable are recapitulated. Besides that, new approaches for analysis of a response variable with other than normal distribution are presented. These approaches include the generalized marginal linear model, the generalized linear mixed effects model and the Bayesian modelling approach. In addition to describing the aforementioned models, the paper also includes a brief overview of their implementation in the R software. The difficulty with the regression models adjusted for micro panel data is the ambiguity of their parameters estimation. This thesis proposes a way to improve the estimations through the cluster analysis. For this reason, the thesis also contains a description of methods of the cluster analysis of micro panel data. Because supply of the methods is limited, the main goal of this paper is to devise its own two-step approach for clustering micro panel data. In the first step, the panel data are transformed into a static form using a set of proposed characteristics of dynamics. These characteristics represent different features of time course of the observed variables. In the second step, the elements are clustered by conventional spatial clustering techniques (agglomerative clustering and the C-means partitioning). The clustering is based on a dissimilarity matrix of the values of clustering variables calculated in the first step. Another goal of this paper is to find out whether the suggested procedure leads to an improvement in quality of the regression models for this type of data. By means of a simulation study, the procedure drafted herein is compared to the procedure applied in the kml package of the R software, as well as to the clustering characteristics proposed by Urso (2004). The simulation study demonstrated better results of the proposed combination of clustering variables as compared to the other combinations currently used. A corresponding script written in the R-language represents another benefit of this paper. It is available on the attached CD and it can be used for analyses of readers own micro panel data.

The perspectives of tourism in the Canary Islands (with special focus on Gran Canaria)
Pazderová, Monika ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Havlíčková, Blanka (referee)
The Bachelor´s thesis is aimed at discussing tourism and analyzing diffferent perspectives of developement in the Canary Islands, namely in the island of Gran Canaria. The goal of this thesis will first be to evaluace the current situation of tourism in Gran Canaria. It is necessary to find the various perpectives of developement for this area, while also assessing strategic proposal plans in order to increase the competitive ability. The theorical section of this thesis is focused on tourism determination, and destination of tourism. In addition, the origin and developement of tourism in the Canary Islands is discussed. The practical part of this thesis is focused on tourism in Gran Canaria; the life cycle is applied to the destination of Gran Canaria, and there is a complete description of the attractions and infrastructure of the destination. Additionally, a SWOT analysis will take place analyzing the strengths, weakeness, opportunities and threats of tourism in Gran Canaria. In the final chapter, suggestions and solutions for tourism in Gran Canaria will be made based on strategic plans from the Canary institutions of tourism.

The Asian financial crisis and post-crisis development of newly industrialized countries of Asia
Panchenko, Victoria ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Černá, Iveta (referee)
This thesis analyzes the Asian financial crisis by providing a comprehensive view of the development of the economies of the Asian newly industrialized countries before and after the outbreak of the crisis. The aim of this paper is to explore and understand the causes of the crisis and derive practical lessons. The work is structured as follows. The first chapter is theoretical and defines newly industrialized countries by focusing on the characteristics of the economic and social status of these countries in a period of prosperity. The second chapter examines the financial crisis in 1997 - its origin, causes, indicators and progress. The last chapter discusses the impact of the crisis both on countries of Southeast Asia and on the world economy overall. Afterwards, summarizing of the lessons that can be learned from the Asian financial crisis and that remain urgent even nowadays is outlined.

Process Analysis As the Basis for the Implementation of a New Information System
Kmochova, Zdena ; Říhová, Zora (advisor) ; Svatá, Vlasta (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to analyze the processes in the company POP service, Ltd., also to analyze the current problem in this company and to recommend and propose measures which eliminate the causes of the emergence of the problem. The causes originate from the aspects of the management of people and processes are identified through the analysis of processes associated with the problem and eliminated on the basis of proposals metrics and responsibilities for these processes. The theoretical part of the thesis is devoted to concepts in the field of process management. The theoretical part characterizes these concepts process management, business processes, process analysis and process modeling methods, process maps, graphical notation for writing business processes, business process improvement and analysis organization. In the second part of the thesis is presented the examined organizations POP service, Ltd.. Based on the analysis of the current state are defined vision, mission and goals of the organization. Then there is described a procedure of the analysis of the current state, which is process analysis and proposal of selected processes, metrics and responsibilities for these processes. Methods of analysis are SWOT analysis, analysis of the activities, structured interviews and process analysis. The result of this thesis is to analyze the selection of processes of the company POP service, Ltd., proposal metrics, define jobs and responsibilities and suggestions for improving the selected process.

Potential of MIST and its influence on international trade
Gecko, Alexandr ; Bolotov, Ilya (advisor) ; Černá, Iveta (referee)
The thesis deals with the analysis of MIST markets (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea and Turkey) in comparison to BRIC countries. The aim of the thesis is to emphasise the attractiveness and potential of MIST economies for international business and investments relating to their growing competitiveness. The first chapter introduces world trends in international trade and it describes the origin as well as the development of the group. The carried-out macroeconomic and demographic analysis in the second chapter reveals strengths and weaknesses of the MIST. The third chapter describes trade activities of the MIST and its current position in international trade. The fourth chapter analyses the entrepreneurial and investment environment of the group as well as its level of competitiveness. The carried-out research in the thesis has shown that the MIST economies represent a perspective group of developing markets with potential for trade and investment activities.

Bulín, Tomáš ; Švábenská, Eva ; Hapla, Miroslav ; Ondrůšek, Č. ; Schneeweiss, Oldřich
Electrical steel M470-50A belongs to the most often used materials in electrical machines. Due to this fact, it is desirable to know the magnetic parameters after processing raw sheets into the required shape. Basic parameters of mechanical, electrical, and magnetic properties of the sheets are usually obtained from the producer but the magnetic properties are changing in dependence on additional machining processes. The aim of this study is to describe changes in parameters of magnetic behavior after punching, laser and spark cutting of the original sheets. The basic information of structure was obtained by optical and scanning electron microscopy. The magnetic parameters were acquired from the measuring of magnetic hysteresis loops in dependence on saturation fields and frequencies. The results are discussed from the point of view of applied\ncutting technology with the aim to obtain the best magnetic parameters and consequently a higher efficiency of the final product. Results can be used as input parameters in simulation of the electrical machine.

The anarchistic ideas according to FSA/FAS
Štec, Ondřej ; Charvát, Jan (advisor) ; Jeřábek, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis "The anarchist ideals according to FSA/FAS" talks about diferant approaches to anarchism in czech context. It summerises the origin of the anarchist idea and attend to the evolution of anarchist groups in czech lands from its constitution in the end of 19. century. The most important part of this thesis is dissertating about anarchist group "Federace sociálních anarchistů/ Federace anarchistických skupin" about its behaviour and view of society. This thesis defines what was the specificity of FSA/FAS in comparison with other czech anarchist groups. It marks the ideal's root which conduced to the foundation of FSA/FAS and publication activity of that. The end of thesis estimates being of FSA/FAS and its legacy.