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The perspectives of tourism in the Canary Islands (with special focus on Gran Canaria)
Pazderová, Monika ; Abrhám, Josef (advisor) ; Havlíčková, Blanka (referee)
The Bachelor´s thesis is aimed at discussing tourism and analyzing diffferent perspectives of developement in the Canary Islands, namely in the island of Gran Canaria. The goal of this thesis will first be to evaluace the current situation of tourism in Gran Canaria. It is necessary to find the various perpectives of developement for this area, while also assessing strategic proposal plans in order to increase the competitive ability. The theorical section of this thesis is focused on tourism determination, and destination of tourism. In addition, the origin and developement of tourism in the Canary Islands is discussed. The practical part of this thesis is focused on tourism in Gran Canaria; the life cycle is applied to the destination of Gran Canaria, and there is a complete description of the attractions and infrastructure of the destination. Additionally, a SWOT analysis will take place analyzing the strengths, weakeness, opportunities and threats of tourism in Gran Canaria. In the final chapter, suggestions and solutions for tourism in Gran Canaria will be made based on strategic plans from the Canary institutions of tourism.

Orienteering club support system
Buk, Jindřich ; Vojíř, Stanislav (advisor) ; Sklenák, Vilém (referee)
Nowadays, an increasing number of processes and life situations is getting IT support. Often the use of the Internet aims to accelerate and simplify existing processes. In addition, there is a big area of social networking that can be complementary. This thesis deals with the possibilities of using web technologies to support the running of a club and its subsequent development. Indeed, the club has the potential to simplify and automate many processes which previously have been carried out by someone in person. It has also a potential to use social networks for its publicity and development. The aim is to first determine what areas of the clubs operations are the most appropriate to be supported by any information system. Another objective is to find out how other clubs already integrate any information systems. The final objective is to design and create a specific application. The first two objectives are addressed through a survey among the leaders of the biggest Czech clubs. Indeed in these clubs, the use of automation and simplification of existing processes could have a great potential. The proposal for a specific application is then based on the previous survey and the field experience of the author. While serving many existing processes in running the club, the proposed application adds many elements of social networking.

The use of assistive devices for patients with Bechterev disease
The theoretical part of the thesis describes the actual disease. It is a rheumatic disease which includes inflammatory processes located in the spinal area. The disease is also called Ankylosing spondylitis. Typical symptom of the Bechterew's disease is stiffness and consequent back pain. Successful treatment must include use of nonsteroidal antirheumatic drugs and pain-relievers. However, the most crucial element is regular physical training, which must not be avoided otherwise the client may become permanently disabled and need assistance. The successful treatment also in cludes repeated spa stays. The thesis also deals with the role of a nurse, who together with a professional team, including physiotherapists, ergotherapists and social workers, care for the client's needs as well as for his/her education and his/her family members' education. The nurse should emphasize the importance of regular physiotherapies and use of prescribed drugs to the patients with such diagnosis. The most crucial part of the thesis deals with compensation aids which allow the clients relieving pain when moving and which get the patients back in their common lives. The patients start to use the compensation aids, such as walking sticks, wheeled walkers, and hygienic aids with long handle, in advanced stages of the disease, when common movements are difficult and painful for them. Furthermore, I am writing about the possibility of renting or purchasing such aids. There are compensation-aid rental companies and shops which offer such aids. Another part of the thesis deals with compensation allowance, which the clients may receive from their insurance companies.It also describes changes in the patient's life and environment, which may occur after receiving the compensation aids. The major goal of the thesis is to describe the possibilities of usage of compensation aids by the Bechterew's patients. To reach that I have chosen two survey questions. The first one reveals the type of compensation aids the clients prefer using and the way how they get these. The latter question explores influence of the compensation aids to the clients' lives. The survey was done by qualitative research method. For this purpose, semistructured in-depth interview was conducted with clients who suffer from the Bechterew's disease and who use compensation aids for their everyday routines. The obtained information shows that the most used aids are those which we are typical for people with movement disorders. Mostly, the clients pay for their aids by themselves. Vouchers prescribed by doctors are only used to get the forearm crutches. The Bechterew's disease is still an incurable disease. It may have very serious consequences for the patients unless they execute regular physiothe rapy, repeated spa curative stays and use the medicaments. The thesis may be used as a source material for special brochures created for mobility-impaired clients.

Development of electronisation of local administration of Zábřežsko micro region in relation with e-government
Filipová, Lucie ; Ulman, Miloš (advisor) ; Martin, Martin (referee)
Thesis "Development of an electronisation of local administration of Zábřežsko micro region in relation with eGovernment"examines the issues of the development of electronisation of autonomy in relation to legislation and eGovernment. The topic of the public administration has been increasingly discussed in recent years not only in the context of increasing demands for processing speed and information, but also to facilitate transparency and sub-processes in public administration. Theoretical part describes the role of eGovernment in the public administration, the process of electronisation of public administration and individual services of eGovernment (Czech POINT, data boxes, basic registers, communication infrastructure of public administration), which are being in place with municipalities. The practical part evaluates the situation of software and hardware equipment, legislatively bound on a contract software and service of eGovernment on a sample of villages Zábřežsko. On the basis of the results of the questionnaire researches are determinated recommendations for sample of 20 micro region Zábřežsko.

Political and social aspects of local government - public participation in the municipality affairs
Kučerová, Zuzana ; Kopřiva, Radek (advisor) ; Lenka, Lenka (referee)
The thesis deals with contemporary theories of the citizens involvement in municipal life and civic society. It works with Nekol s concept which is a typology of forms of participation. The aim of the thesis is to test the usefulness of this concept on two selected municipalities in the Czech Republic Týnec nad Labem and Krakovany. The thesis focuses mainly of the description of participation forms and it examines the factors which influence the differences in people s participation. It shows that Nekol s concept is a useful tool in the effort to understand these differences in the two selected municipalities. The decisive distinguishing aspect is the stability of political environment. In Krakovany, the political environment is settled and is connected with the mayor, who is an important initiator of development in the town.

The role of authority and form of partnership during creation of new choreographic dance piece
Radačovský, Mário ; KAZÁROVÁ, Helena (advisor) ; WIESNER, Daniel (referee)
In our dance life its very important that we meet time to time people who are so incredibly influencetial to us ether positive or negative ways. Some of them are able to influence us so much that we keep this impact which they have made on us for ever.Role of autority and partnership between these two elements is crucial.Its has impact on everyday of our working life.I ca not imagine what can happen if there is not existing somekind of form of partnership in the dance studio.To be dancer is very no simply just job .Is more ,its something truly special what not everyone can understand.The task of my work is to go back in my profesional past ,through out my own memories and profesional experiences to offer some situations when I truly felt presents of authority and partnership .Sometimes only autorithy .I this work Im trying to offer my small stories which I lived thourgh from my prospective and Im tring to analysed them through my own expierience of today.It always about something.We are creating because we want to say things.Journey is very important sometimes more then final outcome. Now important during this journey is able to see how things are done how we comunicate them and autorities will appear .

State - country - nation: The loyalty of Moravian Czechs and Germans
Řepa, Milan
This study traces in parallel the transformation of the collective consciousness and loyalties of the Czech and German populations in Moravia in the 19th century. It focuses on various forms of collective consciousness – provincial patriotism, Austrian state patriotism, Czech and German nationalism. It looks at how they relate to other forms of solidarity or loyalty, such as those based on class, religion, or region and at how their formation was influenced by important events and historical processes, beginning with Enlightenment absolutism, the Napoleonic Wars, the revolutionary years 1848/1849, the evolution of civil society in the 1860s and 1870s, the Austro-Prussian War (1866) and the Franco-Prussian War (1870), and ending with the diversification of political life in the late 19th century.

Use of grants and their influence on the urban development of Domažlice
The aim of the thesis "Use of grants and their influence on the urban development of Domažlice" is to evaluate the use of EU funds for the urban development. The theoretical part reviews scientific literature focused on sources and methods of using European funds. In the practical part the selected projects realized by the town Domažlice illustrate how the town uses the opportunity to draw funding from the EU funds for the urban development and for improving the quality of life.

Work in social integration process of adults with intellectual disability.
In my bachelor thesis, I dealt with the use of work activities in the process of social integration of adults with mental disabilities, the aim was to create, implement and evaluate regular work activities intended to a specific group of adults with mental disability and focused primarily on the development of social integration. The thesis is structured into six chapters. The first of them is focused on the definition of mental disability, characteristic of adulthood as an important developmental period in human life, and on adulthood of individuals with mental disabilities with a goal to find and identify the specifics that were needed to be taken into account when working with this target group of people. The following section is devoted to the social integration, its determinants and the environment in which it operates. I continued with the outputs in the third chapter, where I focused on key competencies, which them are the necessary basis for social integration, especially social and personal skills and communication skills, necessary basis. Targeted professional development can be realized through educational activities, but has to respect the specificities of the participants and voluntary participation. Both of these assumptions can be fulfilled within the leisure education using adequate pedagogical methods. For this reason, I decided to focus my attention on these areas at the end of the chapter. The fourth chapter is devoted to work and work activities, namely the definition of concepts, their characteristics and importance and role of work activities in human life, or a person with mental disability. Based on all acquired theoretical knowledge and using previous experience with the target group in the fifth chapter, I designed a specific training program based on the work and activities focused on the development of selected key competences. The educational program volunteered four participants, but I have decided to follow the development of competencies of three participants because one participant attended the program very irregularly. The program has been implemented three times a week, two and a half hours for seven months (from October 2015 to May 2016) in the premises of the training centre Mo-zai-ka. At the beginning of the realisation of the created educational program, the participants agreed that we will adhere and develop good habits necessary for good relations within the group and the results of the work. On a basis of the individual characteristics of the participants, I prepared the work, which should also contribute to the development of social and personal and interpersonal skills. I have continuously monitored and recorded them. During the implementation of the program, I put emphasis on repetition, patient negotiations with participants and creating a friendly atmosphere. After completing the training program, I evaluated the development of competencies in three selected participants. On that basis, I concluded that the biggest change was in the communicative competence. I also experienced a change in social and personal competencies, however, results varied widely among individual participants. Yet, I believe that the goal of the thesis was achieved. These results show that education in leisure time, based on work activities may lead to the development of social and personal and interpersonal skills that are for adults with mental disabilities necessary in the process of social integration. This thesis can be an interesting source of inspiration for the realisation of similar programs aimed at social integration of persons with mental disabilities.