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Řízení lidí v multikulturním prostředí
Moryc, Katarzyna Małgorzata ; Dvořáková, Zuzana (advisor) ; Vávra, Radovan (referee)
The main objective of the thesis was to define and analyze key aspects of managerial work in multicultural environment, in one of the Shared Services Center department, of multinational company based in Prague, Czech Republic. Further thesis aimed to define essential competencies of the successful manager and leader driving performance of multicultural department and provides recommendations to improve managerial performance in key aspects of manager s work such as communication, motivation, performance management and cross-cultural leadership. It is argued that presence of intercultural interactions between managers and their subordinates, impacts effectiveness of the managerial performance. Thesis consists of theoretical and practical part. First part of the thesis explores theoretical concepts regarding culture, communication, motivation and leadership with respect to multicultural environment specifics. In the second part, used research methods, conducted research analysis and outcomes are presented. Further in practical part recommendation towards analyzed aspects of managerial work that would lead to higher overall department performance are defined.

Non-contact measurement of specific elongation of the rubber specimen by means of properties of speckle correlation
Wagnerová, Petra ; Horváth, Pavel ; Šmíd, Petr ; Hrabovský, Miroslav
This paper presents the usage of speckle correlation for the measurement of specific elongation of rubber specimen.

Nursing care for patients with biliary tract malignancy.
This thesis deals with nursing care for patients with biliary tract cancer. The theoretical part focuses on the issue of biliary tract cancer, the needs of patients in the preterminal stage of the disease with introduced percutaneous transhepatic drainage and the role of nurses during their meeting. Biliary tract tumours cause gradual blockage of the biliary tract, thus preventing the flow of bile; there is also the progression of icterus and pain. The patient develops sepsis. In many cases the disease proceeds rapidly and death is inevitable. One of the possible methods of bile removal from the blocked biliary tract in patients with inoperable tumours is percutaneous transhepatic drainage. The operation will not prolong the patient?s life, but it will improve the quality of life, i.e. it has only a palliative effect. One objective a three research questions were set for this thesis; the questions were focused on specific aspects of nursing care for patients with biliary tract cancer. Objective: 1. To find out specifics aspects of nursing care for patients with biliary tract cancer. Research questions: 1. What are the specific needs of patients with biliary tract cancer? 2. To what extent are patients with percutaneous transhepatic drainage informed about the care for the drainage? 3. Are the patients informed about their disease? To achieve the objective, qualitative research was used in the form of semi-structured interviews with patients with biliary tract cancer having percutaneous transhepatic drainage, hospitalized at the University Hospital in Pilsen, the Department of Internal Medicine specializing in gastrointestinal diseases. The first research question of the thesis was to find out what the specific needs of patients with biliary tract cancer were. The identified specific needs can help nurses to understand better the problems of this disease and to improve the quality of nursing care provision. The results revealed a number of needs that patients in nursing care miss or that are neglected by the nursing staff The second research question was to find out to what extent patients with percutaneous transhepatic drainage are informed about the care for the drainage. As regards the informedness about the care of the drainage, it was found out that, despite the efforts of the nurses to educate their patients properly, the patients were not interested in such education. That was due, in particular, to the high age of the patients. Most of them cannot cope with the care alone and they rely on assistance from the nursing staff or family members. The third research question was to find out to what extent the patients are informed about their disease. The responses from the interviews concerning this question showed at what level the awareness of the patients about their disease is. The research indicated that the patients have information about their disease obtained from the nursing staff, but they do not understand it in most cases. The patient requests information from the nurses but such information does not fall within their competences but within the competence of the doctor. Based on the findings, a booklet was compiled for patients with biliary tract cancer.

Public awareness of drug problems in České Budějovice district
ABSTRACT Addictive drugs are all around us and they have become a part of our lives. The issue of drug abuse is of critical importance, global, and difficult to solve. Typically, drugs are categorized as tolerated or not tolerated by society, and more or less risky. It is vital, therefore, to know the attitude of public to the issue. Lots of drug abuse causes have already been revealed, just like the reasons why some users develop addiction while others do not. In all probability the abuse of drugs or the addiction development cannot be put down to a single background factor. Everything will depend on personality traits of the individual, on his or her environmental conditions, and on specific effects of the drug. Since I take much interest in these issues, I have chosen for my thesis the subject of Public awareness of drug abuse issues in the District of České Budějovice. I investigated what people knew about drug abuse at the District where I live; their opinions of drug abuse; whether they believed that drug abuse deteriorated social position of an individual; whether they believed it boosted the rate of crime; if people were informed about facilities assisting recovery from drug addiction within the District of České Budějovice; and, last but not least, whether they suspected what drugs could come in their way here. The thesis aimed to examine what people knew about the drug abuse issues in the České Budějovice District. This objective has been met. Fifty three percent of respondents were found well informed on the subject, while the remaining 47% lacked the information. The survey was to prove or disprove hypothesis that the public was unaware of organizations providing help to drug addicts - the hypothesis was not confirmed since 51% of respondents were informed about the relevant organizations and 49% were not. Another hypothesis predicted that the public could not tell the illegal drugs from the legal ones - it was not confirmed as the public was found sufficiently informed. The hypotheses expecting the public to believe that drug abuse drives crime and deteriorates the addict's social position were confirmed by the bulk of respondents living in the District of České Budějovice. Ninety nine percent of the respondents believed the drug abuse pushed up the crime rate and 95% were of the opinion that it affected the addict's social position. As follows from the survey, the public in the České Budějovice District was relatively well informed of the drug abuse issues, though the differences encountered between awareness and unawareness of the subject were just minor. I intend to release the thesis as an information source for the general public(in the form of brochures, internet publications or periodicals); moreover, I want to offer the results to organizations engaged in the drug abuse treatment and to students of the University of South Bohemia to serve as training material. The public will find a wealth of important drug-related information in the paper, while the addiction treating organizations will be prompted to fill the gaps still existing in information available to the general public.

Differences in spending leisure time of children living in the country and in the town
Svobodová, Markéta ; Pelikán, Jiří (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
1 Summary: At present our society faces the fact that children have been losing interest in activities that do not generate an immediate result and their free time is spent primarily passive. Overall values in society have changed. To obtain the various resources, experiences, property, we prefer the easier way to the effort and perseverance. Therefore we cannot value our own personality and know ourselves. Probably that is why current society is called consumer. This study consists of two parts - the theoretical and the empirical part. The study deals with the relation between physiological and psychological development of children, influence of environment and the use of free time. It detects options and ability of pubescent children living in the city and in the country to use leisure time offer. It also examines how much the place of living influences the way of spending their free time. The main objective is to find differences in the use of free time due to specific life in the city and in the country. Some problems in relation to the free time are also mentioned, e.g. specifics of life in the satellite towns, some sociopathological phenomena (crime, drug addiction or vandalism). The empirical part describes and summarises the entire procedure, the creation of non- standard questionnaire and its...

Cemented carbides and theirs effective use
Dembek, Jiří ; Sedlák, Josef (referee) ; Humár, Anton (advisor)
This diploma thesis is aimed on cutting tools made of cemented carbides. It characterizes marking, production and properties of non-coating and coating cemented carbides and describes the latest trends in coating. Target of this diploma thesis is comparison of assortment of two important world’s producers and one Czech producer in term of used productive technologies, products microstructure, coatings types, coatings methods and possibilities of their usage. Cutting data were evaluated and compared from obtained technical knowledge, which were recommended by chosen producers for effective turning application of their cutting tools. Recommended cutting speeds were found out for specific type of cutting material according to ISO, width depth of cut and for specific values of feeds per revolution.

Analysis of the management of health insurance company
Golovkova, Anita ; Zouhar, Tomáš (advisor) ; Svoboda, Michal (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with the issue of the management and accounting of health insurance companies, which belong to the non-profit sector and also rank in the government sector. The aim of these institutions is not primarily to achieve a profit, but the most efficient way to ensure universal health insurance. The work is divided into theoretical and practical part. The introduction describes the legal standards in public health insurance and its essence. Further work is focused on the characteristics of the health insurance companies, their management, cash funds and accounting. In the practical part is carried out the analysis of the management of a specific health insurance company -- Health insurance company of the ministry of interior of the Czech Republic in the years from 2011 to 2013.

The specifics of management (leading) personnel selection within the Czech education system compared with the management personnel selection within a non-educational field
Strejcovská, Barbora ; Krutská, Dagmar (advisor) ; Hamerníková, Dana (referee)
My bachelor thesis deals with the difference between the selection and subsequent allocation of human resources to managing posts within the educational sphere and commercial sector. The thesis is based on longitudinal monitoring of the described differences and uses basic knowledge of personal psychology including modern psychological methods of personality typology. The thesis works with the results of an elementary empirical examination of persons within the educational, noneducational, public and private sector, based on the outputs of MBTI personality questionnaire ((Myers-Briggs Type Indicator). The aim of the thesis is not only to describe the basic differences of both approaches. It also tries to offer elementary or rather basal solution proposals as a part of the currently in progress changes within the Czech educational system, using inspiring material of the so called White Book of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Practical use of this paper lies above all in the field of the optimalization of the use of school management human resources and that is in direct relation to schools established by the Prague City Hall.

Primary School Teacher - the Relationship Between Theory and Practice in the Professional Training
Urbanová, Radka ; Štech, Stanislav (advisor) ; Smetáčková, Irena (referee)
This work deals with permanent and yet actual subject of the relationship of theory and practise in education of teachers. The main subject is connected closely to professional identity of primary school teachers, as well. First of all, the theoretical part of this work focuses on the relationship of theory and practise. It's based on works of both Czech and foreign authors, specifically German and Swiss ones. Because there are different systems of teacher-preparation in these countries, the view on theory-practise relationship is different in many points, as well. Theoretical part is divided into five chapters. First one presents primary school teacher and shows his typical features which differentiate him from teachers in another levels of education. The second chapter describes a concept of pedagogical education of teachers. The third chapter deals with how differently may concept "practise" be percieved in context of their mutual relationship. The fourth chapter describes the relationship of theory and practise in pedagogy and the last, fifth one is the most comprehensive one and is further divided into three chapters.