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Mobile Connectivity Phenomenon
Štangl, Rastislav ; Toman, Prokop (advisor) ; Čandík, Marek (referee)
Bakalářská práce je zaměřena na oblast mobilního připojení do sítě internet. Popisuje jednotlivé technologie mobilního připojení dostupné v ČR a analyzuje aktuální statistické údaje o trhu. Autor v práci porovnává a zhodnocuje nabídky služeb mobilního připojení v ČR a tyto závěry aplikuje aplikuje v konkrétních modelových situacích. Práce předkládá výsledky testů mobilního připojení spolu s praktickými zkušenostmi a doporučeními autora. V závěru shrnuje aktuální dění a trendy v oblasti mobilního připojení.

The phenomenon of "control" in accordance with IFRS with a closer focus on its loss
Ťápalová, Hana ; Vašek, Libor (advisor) ; Dvořáková, Petra (referee)
Nowadays, we can meet with the connection of businesses throughout the globalized world making the consolidation of an increasingly gains importance. The thesis focuses on a group of bakeries that shares are publicly traded on the capital market in EU. That is why they have to prepare the consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS at the end of the reporting period. The thesis is divided into two thematic parts. The first part is focused on explaining the process of consolidation. Readers will learn the definitions, how to prepare consolidated financial statements and its purpose. The second part, which I regard as crucial, is focused on explaining the problems of loss of control. Both parts are explained in the illustrative examples for better understanding.

The application of different types of substrate in the biogas plant
Support and investment´s subsidies of production of electricity from renewable sources after 2009 made a phenomenon from a biogas plants. This thesis specifies the most used feedstock for biogas production in the Czech Republic. Each substrate used in biogas plants, have different chemical composition, dry matter content, thus providing another volume of biogas. Specifications of elections of substrate, was made on the based on consultations with the operators of agricultural biogas plants. Stabilized anaerobic process increases the production of biogas and supports economic situation of farms.

Current feminist discussions: transgender phenomenon in the context of the writing of Judith Butler
Šaldová, Kateřina ; Vodochodský, Ivan (advisor) ; Hájek, Martin (referee)
The title of this paper is: Current feminist discussions: transgender phenomenon in the context of the writing of Judith Butler. The author of the paper concentrates on a discussion of selected terms from Butlerian terminology - such as subversion and agency in the context of the lived experience and agency of transgenders. In a broader context, feminist theories are taken into account in respect to these terms as well. Can transgender perspectives be used as a useful and inspirational contribution? Can agency of transgenders challenge feminist thought in any sense? What is the role of Butler's thought in relation to effective feminist action? Having introduced the theoretical framings and critical discussion of important terms of Butler's theory in the first chapter, the author continues in discussing the strategy of subversion in the context of transgenderism in the second chapter. Both discussions are brought together in the third part of the paper, focusing on a qualitative research completed in Prague in 2003. The author concludes that certain challenges and inspirations arise when studying the transgender phenomenon and that the theory of Judith Butler can be used as an effective (feminist) tool. However, there should be a closer cooperation between feminist and transgender community in order to...

The Phenomenon of the Countryside
Novotná, Eva ; Bláha, Jaroslav (referee) ; Kornatovský, Jiří (advisor)
Collecting ofthe old and time-branded things madefor a working out ofthe table-landscapes. Fascination of these things was a stimulation for the paintings. The aliance with a some zvorks ofan artists and my own reflection ofachieved objects and paintings are the principlefor the theoretical part ofthe diplomu xvork. Didactic part is a reflection ofpractise and proposing further elaborating of a theme ofthe landscape.

Influence of gardens in nurseries and garden natural and artistic artifacts on the psyche and development of preschool age children.
Balucha, Antonín ; Šmíd, Jan (advisor) ; Sýkora, Ondřej (referee)
BALUCHA Antonín: The influence of gardens in nurseries and garden natural and artistic artifacts on the psyche and development of preschool age children. / Bachelor's thesis/ Prague 2011 - Charles University in Prague, Faculty of education, Institute of Professional Development of Employees in Education Focus of work: theoretical study Objective: A Treatise on a garden as a form of real transformation of the natural world into a "new" forms of rational perception and relationship to education, and esthetic needs of the world through the art and creativity. To present the phenomenon of gardens in the historical development and underscore its importance for the development and creation of man. The contribution and findings : a focus on the development of gardens and garden artifacts from the perspective of history to the present and its importance for development of small children. Keywords: garden, history, culture, aesthetics, nursery school, preschool age. The paper deals with the phenomenon of gardens and garden artifacts from the aspect of historical development up to now. It describes not only the positive effects of the influence of "the natural principle" on a person as such, but also the philosophical basis for the "design" and creation of gardens in terms of social needs and cultural...

Problematics of factors influencing juvenile delinquency
The degree paper deals with the issues of juvenile delinquency and the factors which have impact on the origination of the juvenile delinquency. I have chosen this topic since it is a very serious problem and this phenomenon has been proliferating significantly. The crime in general, especially the juvenile delinquency, is a serious social-pathological phenomenon. Minors who do not reach the limit of criminal liability often became the offenders. In addition, the probability of threatening a young man by social pathological phenomena and his subsequent ``criminal career{\crqq} is currently much higher than ever before. To recognize the occurrence of risk factors among the youth in time it is necessary for the families, teachers, educators and all professionals working with the juveniles to acquire sufficient knowledge, information and experience and be able to work with the factors and fight against them in time. The theoretical part deals with the definition of the term ``youth{\crqq}, the personality of a young delinquent, structure of the juvenile delinquency, analyses of the risk factors which most frequently participate in the occurrence of juvenile delinquency, and outlines the possibilities of intervention against the juvenile delinquency and various kinds of prevention. The research is focused on the occurrence of risk factors among the young respondents and on protective factors and attitudes of the respondents in respect of the juvenile delinquency and the crime at all. Structured interviews were held with the youth which are placed in the reformatory or special correctional institutions in the territory of the Regional of Plzeň. The main objective of the degree paper is to describe the factors which significantly affect the occurrence of the juvenile delinquency and to map the occurrence and impact of such factors on the juveniles placed in the correctional and reformatory social retraining institutions in the Region of Plzeň. Hypothesis No. 1 is: The youth commit property crimes at the most. Hypothesis No. 2: The youth behave improperly namely when in groups. Hypothesis No. 3: The decisive factor affecting the juvenile delinquency is the family. I think that the objectives of the degree paper were fulfilled. Hypothesis No. 1 was confirmed. The respondents mostly stated that they were adjudicated treatment in special reformatory institution due to property crimes. Hypothesis No. 2 was also confirmed. The replies of the respondents mostly contained the possibility that they committed crime within a gang. Hypothesis No. 3 was confirmed, too: Analyses of the research proves that all factors participating in the occurrence of the juvenile delinquency are penetrated with the impact of the family and family environment on the juveniles. Results of the performed research will be used for further education of the students at the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, as well as for the students of other auxiliary professions at other universities. The results will be further used as the source of information for parents and pedagogical professionals working with the youth and as source materials for seminars about the given topic.

Relationship to Time and Strategies for Its Usage in Contemporary Czech Video Art
Žaludová, Klára ; Rakušanová, Marie (advisor) ; Novotná, Eva (referee)
Anotace: In my work i shall research the ways how the czech contemporary video artists reflect the phenomenon of time and how do they work with it. Further on i want to study the offset of this phenomenon to the related media.

The influence of oligopolistic structure on the performance of banking system from the point of game theory
Tisoň, David
The paper tries to grasp the phenomenon of procyclical behavior of oligopolistic banking sector using game theory models. The simulation is based on a Bayesian game that models the environment of a conflict situation with imperfect information. The result implies that the dominant bank strategy, regardless of the actions of other players, is very aggressive strategy with low risk aversion and therefore the choice of riskier and potentially more profitable portfolio in times of economic prosperity. In addition to the known causes of procyclicality comes into play also the oligopolist rivalry. Conclusion the paper provides is a starting point in the form of open banking cartels (co-operating oligopoly) to coordinate strategy. The goal may be appropriate choice of credit expansion of the banking system (credit restrictions vice versa) with an acceptable profit and risk for banks and manageable terms for borrowers suitable for the economic cycle.
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The phenomenon of refugees in the Syrian civil war
Durdisová, Marcela ; Lisa, Aleš (advisor) ; Prorok, Vladimír (referee)
This thesis deals with the current issue of refugees on the background of the Syrian civil war and its consequences for stability in the region. With regard to the fact that the crisis in Syria is felt throughout the entire Middle East region, the aim of this work is to map the impact of the conflict on neighboring countries of Syria. Based on the hypothesis, the effects of civil war and refugee phenomenon destabilize the whole region; therefore, my research question concerns political and social implications of the Syrian crisis in Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey. The work also reveals the vulnerability of these countries, which find themselves in a dangerous situation resulting from the Syrian events. In terms of methodology, this work uses a variety of methods. My research relies especially on the methods of research, description, comparison, analysis and synthesis, historical method and interview method as well. Based on these methods, I will answer the research question through a wide range of impacts, covering security, political, social, ethnic, and economic issues of the analyzed countries.